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Full text of "Charles City County, Virginia, order book, 1676-1679"

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Abstracted and Compiled 

Margaret McNeill Ayres 



Copyright, 1968 
Margaret McNeill Ayres 


the many friends and acquaintances who, over the years, 
have been generous with their help and time. They have 
given me a fuller education, help on my lines, and the 
conviction that genealogy is an exact science, One of 
these said of her help, "It's just bread cast on the 
water; from somewhere it will come back. It might even 
be cake . " 

They have my enduring gratitude, and this book bears 
the hope it may give help to others. 


Our old records are not only mines of genealogical proof but 
are fascinating historical reading. Perhaps on one page you may 
be bored by the brief statement of one suit after another for debt, 
but then you will run into a juicy bit about Capt. George Jordan's 
now wife. It seems that she came to the colony to better herself, 
leaving a husband in England, She married (?) Richard Hill, left 
him and married (?) Jordan while her husband Daniel Coates was 
living. Of course scandalous talk resulted. She was accused of 
bigamy, but Daniel conveniently died. The Assembly kindly decided 
for their friend that the Hill episode was no marriage as Coates 
was living and since he died the Jordan one was legalj 

The Justices looked with disfavor on having bastard children 
if it were a bondwoman, and the penalty was harsh but to Indians 
and other non-Christians (as an Egyptian? ) the law did not apply. 

These Charles City Orders immediately after Bacon's Rebellion 
give us interesting aspects, A good impartial history of this 
period is needed, I wonder if we will ever have it? Our first 
stand against unjust taxation-::-, Berkeley's attitude toward his 
appointment of Coll, Edw, Hill, plainly shows his attitude and 
Hill's arrogance and the vindictiveness of other governor's 
adherents in these orders give us an idea of the trials of the 
Colonists o 

One can't go to England for impartiality, for letters and 
documents there reflect merely Berkeley and his cohorts. A foot- 
note in Henning is interesting — ■ "The death of Bacon has never 
been satisfactorily explained. From lack of any detail it may be 
inferred that Bacon, Hunt and Cheesman may have fallen by the hand 
of an assassin hired by the government " (II H, 371;.) 

The above rebellion was against Berkeley, but they had a just 
cause against the King also. Economic conditions were so oppressive 
that little money was seen in the colony. Almost all business was 
by barter, principally in tobacco, often by assignment of debt. 
Many tried to pay in inferior tobacco, others let debts run for 
years. Furs, corn, meat and other products were legal tender also. 

Writers have described Bacon's supporters as rough men of small 
means, but this is not so. As in our later Revolutionary War, 
Virginians of all classes were included, (Barradall p, ij.7; Cook, 
History of Va„), Some of our wealthy, prominent men were of obscure 
beginnings. In the light of our day we cannot interpret class then. 

John Smith, a shoemaker in Charles City, wasn't a lowly cobbler 
but in all probability a member of the Cordwainer's Guild, Later 
you will see that he had journeymen and apprentices and stood well 
in the community. If you had an ancestor who was a draper, a grocer, 

a merchant taylor (Prince Henry was one), a cooper, a carpenter, 
be proud of them. Often younger sons of the gentry and nobility, 
they had tremendous standing. Mancini, the Italian ambassador in 
London^ noted, "The merchants were no less proud and no less 
esteemed than the merchant nobles of Venice herself? (Halsted. 
Richard III p„ 28l. ) Read a good history of the Guilds — it is 
fascinating. In many instances the bond-servants were of a good 
class also. William Buckland, architect, who designed and super- 
vised Gunston Hall, was brought over by George Mason as an inden- 
tured servant. His portrait by Poole is at Yale University, Don't 
sweep such ancestors under the rug, investigate them fully. 

If these orders are not quite as abbreviated as some, it is 
due to my wish to give you a bit of the historical interest also. 

Margaret McN„ Ayres 

632 So, McLean Blvd. 
Memphis, Tenru 38IOI4. 

2l|3 Tillman 
Memphis, Tenn, 38112 

19 September 1968 


Order Books abounded in them and this book may seem to follow 
their example. However, only a comparatively few words are abbre- 
viated — the ones most used. 

There was a choice of abbreviating, simplifying the impressive 
court headings or eliminating part of the book. I think a book 
should be pub±ished as a whole, in this case all of the remainder 
of these Charles City Orders. 

Where tobacco was used it was always "tob & csk" (cask). Its 
use was numerous so I cut the "& csk." Understand it is meant. 
The cooper's business must have been important and prosperous. 
If you have a cooper ancestor don't be ashamed of him. 

acct. •- account 

adm. -- — — - administrator 

admin. — administration 

admx. -----=- administratrix 

agst. .__-= against 

attachmt. --- attachment 

atty. — — — - attorney 

bbls. ------- barrels 

capt. ■— captain 

coll. - — .— - colonel 

csk, —-.-—--. cask 

deft. -= — >- = - defendant 

extr. executor 

extrx. ■-- executrix 

His Maj. His Majestry 

judgmt. ■ — ■-- judgement 

lbs. -■ — pounds 

maj. ■ major 

par. parish 

sd. ----- — -- said 

sherr. ■ — - sheriff 

ster. --- — >-- sterling 

tob. • =- tobacco 

vs. • - versus 

Charles City Order Book 
1677 - 1679 

Pages 1 - 162 are missing,, 

and the next court Mr, Minge appeared and presented a petition which the 
sd, worshipful gentlemen took into serious consideration and after 
deliberation it was thought fit that the Court business not be neglected 
to employ one Mr, Field as Clerk and that the records be turned over to 
him and an order was made wherein Mr. Minge and your petitioner were 
referred to the next Gen'l Court. 

By the Governor & Capt. Gen'l of Virginia. It appearing to me and the 
Council that by an order made 16th of April last by the County Court 
of Chas. City the matter between the petr» and Mr, J as. Minge concerning 
the Clerks place of sd. County Court is referred to the determination 
of the next Gen'l. Court. I do therefore appoint that the sd. Mr 
Minge 3hall have notice thereof and he (and) the petr e are both to attend 
the first day of the next Gen'l Court where the matter shall be fully 
heard. In the meantime Mr, Peter Field is to excute the place of clerk 
of that Court, 

3 May 1677 Herb a Jeffreys 

Rec. 16 June 1677 

Upon the petition of Mrs. Frances Drew agsto Mr. E(lias?) Osborne 
concerning the orphans of Mr, Phill. Limbrey she is ordered to appear 
at the next Court to prove claim, (torn and indistinct.) 


Hester the wife of Edwn. Foster, decd e petitions that Maj. John Stith 

is to take accto of what estate there is and report, 

Administration is granted Yurt (?) Harris upon the estate of Thos, Harris, 
dec'd, she to return to the next court a true inventory with security. 

Administration granted to Sarah Gatley of her dec'd husbends estate, she 
having good security and presnting an inventory. 

It is ordered that Mr. Rich'd Bradford and Sanjl. Phillips be appraisers 
of the s ame , 

To be sworn by Maj„ John Stith, 

Petition of Wm Gaimer for administration of the estate of Jno, Harwood, 
dec'd*, he marrying the relict, Robt, Short appears and offers to prove 
a will and testament of the sd. Harwood. Proof to be produced at the 
next court and the appointment wait. 


p «, X6ij. cont. 

Difference between Dr. Jno. Coggan pit and Jones Crossland, deft about 
a horse, referred to a jury. Mr, Nevet Wheeler foreman; Mr. Wm. Jordan: 
Mr. Win. Harrison: Mr. Jas. Thrale: Mr. Henry Harmon: Mr. Jno. Hodges: 

Mr. Thos. Boothe: Mr. Thos. Gregory: Dawson: Mr. Jno. Hardaway: 

Mason: Mr. Rich. Wathen: 

p. 165 

June k.» 1677 

By the Governor and Capt. Gen'l of Virginia a testemonial to Lt Col. 

Edw. Hill for his integrety and loyalty to his most sacred Majesty and 

His Majesty's government in the late rebellion. 

Signed Wm. Berkeley 

Recorded 16 June 1677 to which was "writ" by the Governor's hand his 
feeling that Col. Hill was "yet persicuted by the rebellious party." 
(It would have made it easier for Hill if Berkeley had kept quiet 
feeling was so against him then. Ed. ) 

John Billings servant to Jno. Hardaway adjudged llj. years old. 

Edw. Bland is indebted to Maj. Jno. Stith for 1;00 lbs tob., payment is 

Wm. Lambert, servt. to Robt. Boiling of Appamatock is adjudged 18 years 

John Drayton having taken up a white stray horse the owner can have him 
by coming to his house and proving ownership. 

Rec. 16 June 1677 Pet. Field Clk. 

p. 166 

Pox^er of atty. from John Powd of the Par. of St. Bartolf's without 
Aldgate, London, Cooper, to his beloved friend and kinsman Wm. Powd of 
Willminton Par. in Virginia to recover from Jno. Drayton, Jr. of 
Westover 1800 lbs. tob.. 

Rec. June 16 wit. Wm. Humpe 

Pet. Field Clerk. Mathew Tyler 

Wm. Gibson 

p. 167 

Power of atty. from Jno. Ruttland and Jno. Clapham merchants of London 

to Jno. Drayton, Jr. of Charles City Co. in Virginia 9 Apr. 1677. 

wit. Rich. Carlile 
Rich. Suffolke 

CC o^x 

p. 167 cont. 

James Gun shows that Thos. Blayton who married the "relique" of Jeramyah 
Woodhall is indebted for 14-90 lbs tob by account The sd. Blanton pleeds 
discount of all save the cure of a mare. The court considers 200 lbs 
tob justified. 

Difference between Thos. Blayton pit, and Jno. Terry deft, referred to 
next Court. 

Rich. Hill confesses judgment to Barnaby Kearny for 3108 lbs tob.. 
Nevet Wheeler requests that the difference between Thos. Blayton pit. 
& Rich Smith deft. ref. to next Court. 

p. 168 

Admin, is Granted Rebecca the relicque of Abraham Giles dec'd upon 

his estate. She"putten in" security for same. 

Wm. Jordan of Merchant's Hope confesses Judgment to the sum of 100,000 
lbs tob. for the security of the extrx.. 

Accto of Jno, Coogan pit. against Rebecca Giles deft for 200 lbs. tob.. 

Geo. Guillman servant to Capt. Robt. Lucy is judged 13 years old. 

Edw. Bland confesses Judgment to Jno Coogan pit. for 250 lbs. tob, a 
good new hog skin saddle, kirb briddle, and good saddle cloth. 

Judgment granted Coll. Thos. Swann pit. agt. Jas. Thrate deft, for 1708 
lbs. tob. provided that sd., Thrale's bill of exchange for 5 pds. Sterj 
comes back protested. 

Judgment granted Jno. Drayton, Sr pit. agt. Jas. Thrate for 639 lbs 
tob. found due. 

The difference between Rebecca Giles pit. and Jno. Coogan deft concerning 
a horse, referred to next court. 

The case between Geo. Marble pit & Henry Harwian deft, is dismissed. 

p. 169 

It appears that Henry Newcomb is indebted to Coll. Edw. Hill for i4.117 
lbs. tob. returned by the sherr.. Attachmt. is granted to Coll. Edw. 
Hill for sd. sum. 

It appears that Henry Newcomb is indebted to Geo. Marble for 3832 lbs 
tob. by sherr. returned; attachment granted Jno. Marble for sd sum. 

p o 169 oont 

The case of Jno. Drayton s 3r. pit. & Rich. Hill deft, is referred to 
next court and Wm, D\xke appointed to take evidence of Martin Quetch 
or any other in sd case 

(9 June 1677) 

Upon motion and testimony of Dan. Clarke sherr and Jas Mings that it 
was order of the Rt c Hon Herbo Jefferys, Esq: Governor etc; that 
Barnard Sykes & Mr Thos. Grendon be sworn as Justices they being present 
but the court considered that the sd. Mr. Sykes had not been an inhab- 
itant of the colony the necessary time, decided to suspend the oath until 
further instructions from the Governor, Mr. Grendon refused the oath 
until the whole matter was learedo 

p. 170 

Abraham Heath (extr, named in the will of Sarah Savage) and Elizabeth 
his wife presented inventory with appraisment. 

Elias Osborne confesses Judgment to Coll, Edw. Hill for 3183 lbs, Tob. 

The sd. Elias Osborne acknowledges an assignment of a bill on Tobias 
Hallford for ij.80 lbs tob. unto the sd. Coll, Edw, Hill, 

The case between Coll, Edw, Hill pit, & Jno, Baxter deft, referred to 
next Court. 

The difference between Rich. Wathen pit and Mary Rose deft, referred 
to a Jury. 

Jury: Mr. Nevet Wheeler s foreman; Mr. Henry Harm an; Mr. Thos. Boothe; 
Mr. Alex. Danison; Mr. ¥m. Jordan: Mr. Wm. Harrison: Mr. Jas. Thrate: 
Mr. Jno. Hodges: Mr. Thos. Gregory: Mr. Jno. Hardaway: Mr. Rich. Dodd: 
Mr. Wm, Lamb 3 on, 

Nicho Wyatt testified in the action of Rich. Wathen pit, and Mrs. Rose 
deft declared it abuse by Mrs Rose's servantman Wm. Ledford, There 
were signs of blows but no evidence. Booth under peace bond. Jury 
find for pit. damage at 20 lbs tob.. 

Bond of Mary Rose to pay unto the King 10,000 lbs, tob. upon demand. 
26 March 1677- Terms being that if Wm. Ledford the sei'vant shall 
conduct himself peaceably and Rich. Wathen be free of molestation 
anywhere, the bond shall be void. 

p. 172 

Richard Wathne testified that Wm, Ledford at instigation of his mistress 
on 25 March last did violently assault the petr. and also did kick the 
petr's wife. No provocation by the pit.. On complaint to Capt. Nich. 
Wyatt, Justice the sd. Ledford was bound to the peace., his mistress 
giving security, yet Ledford did continue his abuse and promised more. 

p, 1?2 cont« 

On May 2l|,th Ledford did beat Ruth Pulley a woman servant of the pit. 

severely. Wathen prays damages. 

The court decided that Mary Rose has forfeited her bond of 10,000 lbs. 
tob. to the King and 20 lbs tob e damages to the pit.. 

Robt . Ireland fined for non-appearance as a witness in the case of Marm- 
aduke Browne, pit, & Bernard Sykes atty. of Roland Place Esq. deft. 

Judgm. granted Jno. Drayton, Sr. pit. against the sherr. for 11015 lbs. 
tob. & csk found due from Rich. Williams deft who did not appear. 

p. 173 

The case between Lidia Nowell pit. & Jas Mason deft, concerning a 

servant is referred to next Court . 

John Lowmanp joyner, confesseth judgment to Jno. Goggan for as much 
as Joyner ! s worke goods as shall be valued to be worth 1000 lbs tob„ 

Judgm. granted to Thos Blayton as attorney of Wm Sherwood, the att- 
orney of Capt. Edw. Gosseling pit. against Jno. Holmwood deft, for 
738 lbs. tob. found due sd. Gosseling. 

Judgm. granted to Capt. Edw. Gosseling pit. agst. Edw. Bland on for- 
feiture of a penalty of 3000 lbs tob.. Edw. Bland asks an injunction 
in Chancery. Granted but sd. Bland ordered to pay 1800 lbs tob. 

Action of Dr. Geo. Lee pit. and Capt. Pr. Poythress deft, referred to 
next court. 

Action of Dr. Geo. Lee pit. agst. Wm. Harrison pit. attorney of Coll. 
Thos. Swan is dismissed the sd. Harrison not proved so to be. 

Judgment granted Mr. Jno. Drayton.j, Jr. as the attorney of Coll. Thos. 
Swan pit. agst. the sherr. for 1756 lbs tob. & csk. due from Roger 
Green deft, who has not appeared. 

Attachmt. granted the sd. sherr. to indemnify him from sd. judgment. 

P. 17l|. 

Non~suit granted Capt. Robt. Lucy deft. agst. Davidson pit. for not 
prosecuting the suit. The case betwen Dr. Geo. Lee pit. & Jno. Hamlin 
deft is referred to the next court. 

Judgm. agst the sherr. is granted Mrs. Frances Drew pit. for I4.OO lbs. 
tob. found due from Jas. Sonaker deft who has failed to make his 


p 17lj. conto 

Attaehm. is granted the sherr. to save him harmeless from the sd. judgmt. 

The action of Jno. Coggan plt„ and Allen Jenkings deft, is dismissed. 
Peter Field pit, against the estate of Wm. Jenkings, deed, attachement 
upon a horse by order 16 April last, sd. horse appraised by Jas. Wallis, 
Jno, Poythress & Roger Reese and valued at 1000 lbs tob.. But Jenkings 
was indebted to Field for 1368 lbs. tob.. Judgm. granted unto Field on 
the horse also for 368 lbs. tob.. 

A non-suit is granted Marmaduke browne deft agst. Jno. Bishop pit.. 

Attachmto granted Jno. Drayton, Sen. pit. upon the estate of Meredith 
Davis deft for 390 lbs. tob.. 

The case between Jno. Decent & Jeffery Mumford dismissed. 

The action of Ed. Redish pit & Jas„ Gun ne deft, r eferred to next court. 

Jno. Powd. pit. & Jno. Drayton deft, the deft pleading that he can prove 
at next court, part of the debt paid is referred to next court. 

P. 175 

Judgmt. agsto the Sherr. is granted Jno. Drayton, Jr. attorney of Coll. 

Thos. Swan pit. for 83^ lbs tob. due from Thos. Mudgett. 

Jno. Coggan pit. agst. Bernard Sykes attorney of Roland Place Esqr. 
deft referred to next court. 

Request by Edw. Jordan, sloopman, to pay Mrs. Lillian Nowell 12^.00 lbs. 
tob. out of money due him by the county for transportation. 

3 Feb. 1675» John Drayton, Sr. confessed Judgment to Wm. Sherwood 
(who married the relict of Richard James, dee'd.) for 8/4.8^4. lbs tob. 
due by bond Unpaid, so the court renews Judgm. granted for the full 
amount . 

Coll. Edw. Hill is licensed by the Court to keep an ordinary of victuals 
and drink at We stover for the accomodation of all persons at the next 

Roger Green indebted to Geo. Marble for 957 lbs. tob., failing to appear 
Judgm. is awarded against the sherr. 

The Court Adjurned until the 3rd of August. 

p. 176 

At a Meeting of rhe Right Worshl. 

Justices of this County at Westover 

12 June 1677 

Pres o 

Coll. Edw. Hill: Coll. Jno Eppes; Maj. Jno. Stith: Capt. Thos. Mallory: 

Capt. Fran. Poythris: Capt. Danl. Lewellin. 

It is ordered that a list of tithables of this county be taken by the 
20th day of this instant June by these persons herin nominated. 

To Mr. Win. Duke the Par. of Martin Brandon. 

To Mr. Jno Drayton, Sen. his former precinct. 

To Capt. Fran. Poythri3, at Jordans. 

To Capt. Thos. Mallory Appamatock. 

To Maj. John Stith, Wayonoke. 

To Capt, Daniel Lewellin the northside of Westover. 

By a Comission nominated to execute a dedimus from the Rt . honb. 
Comiss'rs for Virginia affairs, this day to examine witnesses concerning 
the greviances of this county. Col. John Eppes: Maj. John Stith; 
Mr. James Bisses Capt. Nich. Wyatt. 

Whereas Mr. Daniel Clark is p'sent Sherr. doeth request the opinion of 
the Comissioners whither he ought to arrest the body of any p'son 
(summoned to be there and give evidence about the greviances) during 
the time of executing the sd. dedimus. The opinion of Col. Jno. Epps, 
Capt. Nich. Wyatt, Mr. Jas. Bisse is that the Sherr. should not arrest 
the body of anyone so summoned, Maj. Jno. Stith dissents. 


At a Court at Westover 
3 Aug. 1677 


Col. Edw. Hills Maj. Jno. Stith; Mr. Wm. Duke: Capt. Thos. Mallory: 

Mr. Jno. Drayton. 

Upon the petition of Hester Foster, a poore widow woman, Maj. Jno Stith 

at the last court was requested to take an account of the estate of Edw. 

Foster dec'd husband who having made return there of to the court and 

the same being found to inconsiderable it is ordered to remain in the 

widow's custody for her own and her children's relief. (This is not 

an abstract but a good comment on the times. Ed.) 

Abraham Underwood servt. to Mr. Thos. Gregory was judged to be 13 years 
of age. Gregory produced an assignment whereby Underwood was sold to 
him for 9 years. Recorded. 


Fo 178 

Deed from Thomas Short to Thomas Gregory of a man servant "neere" the 

age of 13 year for the full term of his bond, 9 years. 

17 July 1676 

John Short petitions the Court for approval of the sale of a bond ser- 
vant* Approvedo Deed below. (but no deed. Ed.) 

John Niickleman belonging to the Ship Rebeccah do sell and assign unto 
Jno. Short 1 man servant Francis South "neere" 12 years old for term 
of ten years » 

29 July 1676 

(These were evidently the waifs who were sent over from London on cons- 
ignment of the ship owners or officers. Ed.) 

p. 179 

Administration granted Ann Price in her own right and James Mayo for 

the orphans of Rich. Price, dec'd of the Par. of Marcht Brandon., 

(Marcht is plainly the spelling in the O.B. though it must be Martin. 

Ed ) 

Whereas in those late miserable distractions and rebellions the courts 
were totally interrypted and hindered, much of the business being 
mutually decided by litigants and on resumption of the Courts may do 
not answer when called, it is determined that these be dismissed with- 
out prejudice. 

A probate of the will of Hammon Woodhouse, dec'd of We stover Par., is 
granted Rachell his wife sole Extrx. pr. by Walter Hinde and Geo. Buttler, 

Admin, granted Eliza,, Barnet upon the estate of Jas, Barnet her dec'd 
husband of Par. of Marcht brandon. Security. 

Elias Osborne & Henry Preston give security for the admin, of Eliza. 

p. 180 

Mrs. Elizabeth Tatem petitions for admin, of the estate of Thos. Winter, 
dec'd as greatest creditor, being for 5225 lbs. tob.. Hubert Farrel 
named extr. of sd„ Winter's estate and sd. Parrel being since dec'd. 
Wm. White his extr„ relinquished admin, of sd. Winter. Admin, granted. 

Administration granted Jeffery Mumford of the Par. of Waynoke upon the 
estate of Peter Johnson dec'd. Security given. 


p. 181 

Prances Drew by her petition shows that Eliza, the petr's youngest 
daughter the wife of Mr. Philip Lymbry dec'd and did leave at her death 
three poor motherless children, one since dec'd., the other two fall 
in to the hands of the second wife of sd. Lymbrey, Jane now wife of 
Elias Osborne. The sd. Limbry having left a good estate part of which 
by will was left the orphans it is now in the hands of sd» Osburne who 
is dissipating it without making any account to the Court nor security 
for same. Jane until her marriage to Osborne was kind an< ^ good to the 
children but Osborn being of well known temper, her treatment has 
changed and sd. Drew has been forced to put the children in the hands 
of Capt. Wyatt from whom yr. petr c has obtained leave to keep them 
until such time that right might be don© and she humbly prays that 3he 
might have the keeping of them. Osborne having threatened her she 
prays that he may be stopped and some honest, able person may be app- 
ointed to examine the condition of the sd» Limbry 's estate and secure 
that due the orphans. (Women and children had a hard time in Colonial 
days with little recourse. This is in full to show it. Ed.) 

p. 182 

The deposition of Nich. Wyatt aged 30 years or thereabouts „ Early in 
last July a year ago, Mrs. Joane Osborne the wife of Elias Osborne 
came to his house with two orphans of Phillip Limbrey and requested 
protection for herself and the sd. orphans from the cruelty of her 
husband,, Wyatt kept sd„ orphans about three weeks some time after sd» 
Osborne and his wife had another quarrel She sent the children again 
with clothes for yr. deponent to keep them Mrs. Osborne gave him 
possession of the children as she had power to do. Mrs. Drew the 
children's grandmother and Mrs. Lucy came and requested that they might 
keep the children until Mrs. Drew could petition the court for custody. 

Authorization of Jane Osborne to Nich. Wyatt. Jane deposes that acc- 
ording to her former husband's will she has power to dispose of the 
children as she deems best and protect their estate. For this reason 
she gives the orphans to Capt. Nich. Wyatt one of his Majesty's justices 
for lawful recourse. 

1 Nov. 1676 

Petition of ffrances Drew. Out of the natural love and affection which 
she bears her grandchildren John & Eliza. Lumbrey the orphants of Phillip 
Lunbry and my daughter Eliza, requests Nich. Wyatt to let her have the 
tuition and care of them until the law settles them or sd. Wyatt requ- 
ests their surrender. 

2k Nov. 1676 

Upon the petition of Mrs. Frances Drew concerning the orphans of Phillip 
Limbry, the Court having seriously considered the case order that the sd. 
Mrs. Frances Drew take John & Eliza. Limbry into her care and that she 
take a true inventory of the estate of the sd. Limbry. And that Elias 
Osborne give security for sd. estate. (It was hard to get an estate from 
step-father^ , Ed. ) 


p. 18< 

Persons appointed to take the list of tithables for this year, summon 

all orphans and their guardians for the next Orphan's Court. 

Thos. Hamlin has presented an inventory of the estate of Anthony Wind, 
dec'd and complained it was not justly appraised. Ordered Maj. Jno. 
Stith and Mr. Thos. Gregory to reappraise same. 

Mr. Thos. Grendon appearing in Court to take the oath of Justice by 
Mr. Jas. Ming© who asserted that it was ordered by Governor was reminded 
that by law there should only be 8 Justices and the Governor should be 
asked if they should yield to his Commands. Mr. Minge violently moved 
it be put to vote but Mr. Wm. Sherwood objected claiming it no Court as 
it had no commission from the present Governor. Coll. Edw. Hill moved to 
adjourn until the Governor should be consulted and the sd. Sherwood's 
misbehavior reported and the honor of the Court be preserved. 

At a Court at We stover 

13 Sept 1677 
Pres. Col. EdWo Hills Maj. Jno. Stith; Mr. Jno. Drayton, Sr.s Capt. 
Dan'l Lewellin. 

Admin, of the estate of Thos. Harris dec'd is granted Jno. Eckles 
and Jno. Hardaway, jointly both of Westover Par.. 

p. 107 

Sam'l Phillips enters as security for Jno. Ekles and Jno. Hardaway. 

Jno. Turner & Noell Hutchison are appointed appraisers of the estate 

of Thos. Harris. 

The same appraisers are appointed for the estate of Ben. Davis. 

Upon petition of Thos. Cocke concerning the estate of Thos. Hill, 
Jno Smith of Turkey Island and Cuthbert Williamson are appointed to 
appraise same. 

Upon petition of Mr. Anth. Wyatt (concerning land bought of Col. Edw. 
Hill) agst. Wijio Crab atty of Col. St. Ledger Codd, being unprovided to 
answer the Saint craves a reference. Granted. 

Capt. Nich. Wyatt & Capt. Wm. Rollinson ordered to take inventory of 
the estate of Phillip Limbrey dec'd and that Mr. Wm. Duke swear Mr. 
Eli as Osborne to give a true inventory. 

Inventory of the estate of Rich. Martin dec'd, is presented by Thos. 
Cocke and Jno. Smith. 

Inventory of the estate of Thos. Hill dec'd is presented by Thos. Cocke. 


p. 187 cont. 

Probate of the last will of Rich. Welbeck, late of the Par. of Westover 

dec'd is granted to Maj. Wm. Browne sole extr. named. Pr. by Mr. Wm. 

Crabbe: Capt. Robt. Lucy & Mr. Wm. Crab, Security given. 

p. 188 

Thomas Blayton sueing Nevet Wheeler has produced a bill due Personer 
Barton dec'd unto the sd. Blayton asks a non-suit. Granted with costs. 
Blayton appeals. 

The action of Thos. Blayton pit. & Rich Smith referred to next Court. 

Whereas Edw. Richards has presented a gun to the court which he pretends 
that he took from an Indian upon his land. The court orders him to 
keep the gun until they can hear from the Governor and council. 

Attachment returned upon the estate of Hen. Newcomb deft, for lj.000 lbs. 
tob. due to Coll. Edw. Hill pit.. Judgmt. granted the pit.. They order 
the goods appraised, if insufficent another attachment be executed on 

Attachmt. granted Eusb. King pit. for 6069 lbs. tob. agst. Henry Newcomb 
deft, which is returned non est invct. 

p. 189 

Return of attachm. granted Geo. Marble agst. Henry Newcomb for 3832 lbs. 

tob.. Goods to be appraised and more of the estate attached if necessary, 

Thos. Home confessed judgment to Coll. Edw. Hill for 270 lbs. tob.. 

Mrs. Lidia Nowell pit. and Jas. Mason deft, request impartial men be 
chosen to arbitrate the difference between them. Capt. Robt. Lucy, 
Capt. Nich. Wyatt and Jno. Hamilin are chosen. Bond for 20,000 lbs. 
tob. each to assure Litigants abide by the decision. 

Richard Hill confeses judgment to Geo. Marble for the sum of 320 lbs. 
tob. due. 

p. 190 

An action for trespass between Capt. Arthur Allen plt„ and Mr. Nevet 
Wheeler deft, claims that during "the late most horrid rebellion" the 
deft, took Jno. Pinley one of Allen's servants locked him up to per- 
suade sd. Pinley to join the rebels. Refusing to comply when released 
he was weak and sick: it was I4. mos. before Pinley could work and sd. 
Allen suffered monetary loss. The pit. prays 10,000 lbs. tob. damage. 




11*'/ 7 

p. 190 cont. 

Rich. Jackson aged about 23 years deposes that he was held prisoner 
with the sd. Pinley for about 11 weeks and heard Nevet Wheeler try to 
persuade the sd. Finney to join the rebels. 

p. 191 

Jno. Pinly aged 2i\. years deposes that about 16th of Sept, 1666 last he 
was among a group brough to Nevet Wheeler's in Martin Brandon. All 
put in confinement and urged to join the rebels. Refusing he was 
continued in confinement longer became ill and was dismissed. 
Referred to a jury, Mr. Thos. Cocke, foreman; Mr. Jas. Gunns Mr. Wa. 
Randolph; Mr. Sampson Ellis: Mr. Tho. Hamlin; Mr. Tnof May tons Mr. Jno, 
Poythress; Mr. Rich. Pace; Mr. Thos. Gregory; Mr. Jno. Marshall; 
Mr. Henry Burton; Mr. Jno. Hamlin. 

p. 192 

An order of the Governor and Council Mr. Wm. Sherwood read a public 

acknowledgement of his fault. 

Mr. Antho. Hanyland (?) did in open court on his knees acknowledge his 
scurrilous language to Coll. Edw. Hill and ask pardon. 

P. 193 

Admin, of the goods & chattels of Sam'l Johnson dec'd is granted Thos. 

Mudgett of Martins Brandon 

Jno. Harrison & Jno Niblett stand security for Thos. Mudgett" s admin. 

Ordered that Anthony Havyland's petition to the Rt . Hon. Herbert Jeffrys 
Gov. etc. and the result be entered. 

p. 19ij. 

Where Anthony Havyhland petitions that your unfortunate petitioner was 
one in arms was under command of those who so wickedly prevailed and were 
possessed of all the arms and command in Virginia except that in Acco= 
macke and yr. petr. after 12 weeks in prison was brought to trial before 
the then Governor and Council at Green Springs, the sentence being that 
yr. petr. should pay so much tob. and acknowledge his offense in cert- 
ain courts with a rope about his neck but upon consideration the sd. 
Governor & Council remitted the sd. coming into any court in such a 
posture and the tob. only to be paid to give security for his future 
loyalty and good behavior which has been given. Now though yr. petr. 
has with loyalty, peace and obediance demeaned himself, yet causeless 
complaint has been made against him and the order given that since the 
original sentence was not rectified upon the record, that yr. petr. 
should come into court. If it is the will of the Gov. and Council yr. 


p. 19l(. conto 

pet. will do so to his great mortification but he does not believe such 
shame is intended except by some malicious persons who have a personal 
malice. He prays abatement. 

Upon this pet. I am directed to order that the execution of the sent- 
ence against Hvyland which required his acknowledgement in court be 
suspended until the next Genl. Court when he is to appear and the record 
compared with the petition e 

Signed Thos Ludwell, Seer. Rec. 
Peter Field, Clk. 

(This full account was included to show the petty spite of many in 
power. The court at Green Springs was Berkley's) 

p. 195 

At a Court at We stover 
Sept. Uj., 1677 

Pres. Coll, EdWo Hill: Maj. Jno. Stith: Capt. Thos. Mallory: Mr. Jno. 

Admin, granted Daniel Hickdon on the estate of Rich. Raines late of 
the Par. of Jordan, dee'd. Security. 

Admin, granted on the estate of Jno, Harwood late of Flowerde hundred 
dee'd to Wm. Gardner who married the relict. Security. 

The jury's verdict, Capt. Allen vs. Nevet Wheeler: Find for Capt 
Allen pit. and give damages according to act of assembly. The deft 

p. 196 

Elias Osborne informs that Mr, Nevet Wheeler, Mrs. Tatum, Jno Barker, 
& Capt. icho. Wyat have given one less than their true tithables. 
To be proved at next court. 

Maj. Theoph: Hone pit agst nevet Wheeler, Jno. Tate, & Jno. Harrison 
deft. reff. to next court. 

Judgm. granted Col Edw. Hill pit agst. the widow Mary Balland deft, 
for 2lj.6 lbs tob, & csk. 

Mr. Jno. Coggen confesses Judgm. to Coll. Edw, Hill for 1617 lbs, tob.. 

An action for trespass depending between Capt. Arthur Allen pit. agst. 
Jas. Mumford, Wm. Tompkins, Auth. Havyland, Jno. Tate, Rich, Heller, 
Jas. Barnet, Robt. Rowse, Jno. Harrison, Wm. Cooke, Edw. Norwood, V/m. 
Sandbourne & Henry Browne, all deft, in sd. action, referred to a Jury, 


p„ 196 cont 

Mr. Wm, Randolph, foreman: Mr. Hen, Burton: Mr. Jno. Poythris: Mr<, 
Sampson Eliss Mr. Thos. Gregory: Mr, Jno, Mayton: Mr. Jno. Marshall: 
Mr. Eicho Pace: Mr, Jno. Hamlin: Mr. Hen Blanks, The action withdrawn. 

Whereas it appears to the court that Jno. Drayton, Jr. deft is indebted 
upon the balance of a bill found due to Jno. Price pit for 1).|.00 lbs„ 
Judgment granted pit. 

p. 197 

Mr. J as. Wallis promises & oblige hijnself to pay to Mrs. Mary, the 
relict of Coll. Thos. Liggon dec'd the sum of 1^.00 lbs. tob. & csk due 
from Thos,, Morgan, dec'd unto the sd. Colo Ligon. 

Gilbert Plat pit. agst» Mr, Bernhard Sykes deft,, referred to next 
court . 

Coll. Edw, Hill pit, agst. Jno. Smith Shoemaker & Henry May referred 
to next court, 

Judgm. granted to Mary the Extrx, and relict of Coll, Thos. Liggon, 
dec'd agst Wm, Harrison, Jr. for Slh lbs tob. due the sd, Mary as 
Extrx by bills, 

Mr. Edw. Cole agst, Mr, Thos, Mallory for l\.$0 lbs tob. the balance 
due on acct of 300 lbs, pork, but Mr. Mallory declares lj.00 lbs tob. 
due him for sheriff's fees. Judgmt. to pit. 50 lbs tob.. 

Ordered that Nathaniel Jordan pay Henry Blankes for 3 days as witness, 

p. 198 

lij. Sept 1677 

Pre So Col, Edw. Hill: Maj. Jno. Stith: Mr, Jno, Drayton, Sr,: Capt. 

Thos, Mallory: Capt. Dan'l Lewellin. 

Judgm. granted Geo. Marble pit. agst. Mr. Dan'l Clarke sheriff for non- 
appearance of Wm. Pride deft, arrested for trespass. Marble shows dam- 
age of 2000 lbs tob,. If deft appears at next court judgement is void, 

Gilbert Piatt pit agst. Rich, Goffe deft whom the sd. Piatt claims is 
his servant, andsuch proving to be is the case, the sherr. is ordered 
to return Goffe to his master. 

Mr, Gilbert Plat promises the sd. Goffe that if he serve his time of 
12 mos well then he shall forgive all offenses, Goffe accepts. 


p. 199 

Depositions in the case of Piatt agst. Goffe, as taken by Coll. Edw. 

Hill 6 July 1677. Edward Stratton deposes that he was at Mr. Rich 

Platts and heard Rich. Goffe say that he was (one) Wilkinson's servant 


Will. Parr True Pet. Field, Clk. 

Jno Farrar 

Wm. Melton aged 30 years deposes same as above. same witnesses. 

Richard Withers aged about 1|0 years deposes that working with Rich. 
Goffe for Mr. Piatt, he told me he was one Wilkinson's servant who 
left him with Capt. Jno. Goffe to sell. Same wit. 

John Pleasant aged about 30 years says that he had a servant of Mr. 
Jas. Biss named Rich. Goffe, who had no indenture. 10 July 1677. 
wit same: vera cop. ditto. 

p. 200 

Francis Eppes aged about I4.9 years says over a year ago Mr. Gilbert 
Piatt was at the house of depont., with Capt. Jno. Goffe & Rich Goffe 
who was servt. to the sd. Piatt a dispute arose as sd. R. Goffe had 
an indenture but Mr. Piatt differed and desired Capt. Gof f e ' s oath 
for the same which was refused. 

8 June 1677 wit. Fran. Epes 

Wm. Farrar 
Vera. Cop. 

Walter Vannham, 50 years or upwards deposes. In March 1671 he was 
abord the Prince, Mr. Jno. Goffe commander and the depont did hear 
several of the ship's company say that Rich. Goffe was one Wilkinson's 
servent, which Jas. Bise after bought. 

27 Apr. 1676 wit. Jas. Bisse 

Vera cop 

Judgm. to Mr. Jno. Drayton, Sr. pit. agst. Lt. Coll. Dan'l. Clark 
sheriff for the non-appearance of Rich. Williams in June. Judgment 
is again confirmed to pit agst. the sherr. for failing to produce the 
body or sufficient estate. 

p. 201 

Attachmt. granted to Lt. Col. Dan'l Clarke sherr agst the estate of 

Rich. Williams deft, for indemnity. 


p. 201 cont. 

Power of atty. from St. Ledger Codd of Little Wickacomico river in 
Northumberland to Wm. Crabb of Jordan's Par. to manage his 2 plantat- 
ions in Charles City co., at Westover and at Jordans to discharge and 
hire overseers , and to have sole charge of servants, transact all 
business, if Codd himself were present. 

18 Aug. 1676 wit. Edw. Bland 

Nich. Hill 
pr. by Edw. Bland 

p. 202 

Deed of Mary Rose of Wayonoke Par. in Charles City co., widow because 
of her impending marriage for love and motherly affection gives to 
son James Laurence of sd. par. & county 2000 lbs. tob. & csk. to be 
his demand within 2 months after her decease to Mary Laurence wife of 
the above James one suit of her own clothes from head to foot; to 
daughter Sarah Bishop wife of Jno. Bishop of the aforesd county the 
remainder of the sd. Mary Rose's clothes. To grandchildren Henry 
Bishop, Sarah Bishop and Elizabeth Bishop bequests. If son James 
Laurence should die before me, then the aforsd. 2000 lbs. tob. to be 
equally divided among John Bishop's children. All gifts to be deliv- 
ered to devisees within 2 months of sd. Mary Rose's demise without 
hindrance of her intended husband Wm. Leedford or anyone. 

17 July 1677 wit. Henry Harman 

Ann Lizer 
pr. by Hen. Harman 13 Sept. 1677 

p. 203 

Acknowledgement of a deed to 161 acs. of land from Maurice Burcher & 
Joan his wife to Jno. Weaver recorded in last April's Court (15U:155) 
again acknowledged in court and surrendered 13 Sept. 1677. 

Ordered that the following information of Capt. Wm. Rollinson be 
entered in the record. 

That the grand assembly taking into consideration the mischief arising 
from the great numbers of ordinaries and tippling houses for private 
gain did by an act of 17 Sept. 1668 order that the commissioners of 
the county courts should use restraint in the number of these, only one 
or two allowed near the Court house and persons keeping an unliscensed 
tippling house be fined 2000 lbs. tob., one half to the informer & one 
half to the county. Now Nevet Wheeler of the Par. of Martin's brandon 
about last October and at other times before and after has kept a 
common tippling house, not being on any great road has exposed to sale 
and sold rum and other liquors to any person. 

Information is presented so the sd. Wheeler shall have proper punishment, 
Payment of 1000 lbs. of tob. for the information is requested. 


p. 205 

In June court last Judgmt. for 957 lbs. tob. was granted to Geo Marble 
pit agst. Lt. Coll. Daniel Clark., sheriff failing to produce the appear- 
ance of Roger Green deft.. The Sherr. failing now to produce the body 
or sufficient estate of the deft, to pay judgmt. it is confirmed to the 
pit. agst. the sd. Lt. Coll. Clark, sherr.. 

Attachmto granted the Sherr. to indemnify him from the judgmt.. 

Mr. Thos. Blayton as atty. of Mr. Jno. Sadler pit. presents that Henry 
Preston deft, as for himself and as Extr. of Thos. Stevenson dec'd both 
have forceibly entered and used a parcel of land of $0 acs. belonging 
to John Sadler and for 26 years, kept him from its possession. Damage 
asked for ij.000 lbs. tob. and restitution of the land. Referred to a 
Jury: Mr. Wm. Randolph, foreman; Mr. Hen. Burton: Mr. Thos. Hamlin: 
Mr, Jas... Gunn: Mr. Jno. Hamlin: Mr. Jno. Mayton: Mr. Jno, Poythris: 
Mr. Henry Blanks: Mr, Thos, Gregory: Mr. Robt, Boiling : Mr. Jno, 
Marshall: Mr. Wm. Harrison. The Jurors return their verdict. (see 
p. 209 if you can't wait. Ed.) 

p. 206 

At June court an attachm. for 390 lbs. tob. was granted to Mr. Jno. 
Drayton, Sr. pit. against Meredith Davis it never beeing served nor 
executed, attachm. renewed. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Jno. Drayton, Jr. atty. for Jno. Ruttland & Jno. 
Clapham pits. agst. Mr. Dan'l Clark, sherr. JjJLlj. lbs. tob. due sd. 
Rutland & Clapham from Josh. Meacham deft, by bill who fails to make 
his appearance. If Sherr. produces the body or sufficient estate, 
Judgm't. voided. Attachmt. granted the sherr.. 

p. 207 

Ordered that Marmaduke Brown pay Curtis Land for 3 days as witness. 

Edw. Gibson has similar order granted. 

Judgemt. granted to Coll.. Thos. Swan pit. agst. Mauvis Burcher deft, 
for 32l(. lbs. tob. found due pit.. 

Judgmt. granted to Mary the relict and Extrx of Coll. Thos. Liggon 
dec'd. pit. agst. Isaac Croswell deft, for lj.20 lbs. tob. found due by 

Alexander Davis pit. sues Mr. Robt. Lucy for trespass about a horse 
the pit. pretends the deft, did unlawfully take, carry away for militia 
use and was never returned and is lost. The pit. and asks 2000 lbs. 
tob. & csk.. The deft, pleads that legally impressed the horse, by 
warrant to him directed and signed by Jas. Minge, then Clerk of the 
Court and by order of the Justices, Burgesses & commission officers 
of the Commonwealth? to impress for the Country. It appeared the deft. 


p. 20? cont. 

legally impressed the horse by warrant and an act of the assembly. 

Acquittal for the deft. 

p. 208 

Mr, Rich. Moseby pit. shows that Harman Bosman deft, did for one day 
borrow pit's boat and kept it 21 days and damaged it so the pit could 
not use itc The pit. asked Allen Jenkins & Jno. Kayton to view the sd. 
boat but the deft, or agents took it to repair and have not returned 
it (which was last April) and the pit. is without a boat, (In those 
days that was like being without an auto is now. Ed.) damages of li;00 
lbs tob. asked. The deft, not denying damage, Maj. Jno. Stith & Gustis 
land were ordered to value the boat. Value at 300 lbs tob.. Judgmt. 
granted pit. . 

Allen Jenkins aged about ij.0 years deposes that Robt. Curryford brought 
a boat belonging to Mr. Rich Mosby to sd. Jenkins landing and being 
asked by sd. Mr. Moseby he testifies. (Jenkins then recites in detail 
the damage which was excessive and made the boat unfit for use. Ed.) 
Ik Sept. 1677 

p. 209 

Judgm. granted at the June court to Jno. Drayton attorney of Col. Thos. 

Swan pit. agst. Lt. Coll. Dan. Clark sherr for 1750 lbs. tob. for 

failing to produce Roger Green deft or sufficient estate. The sd. Green 

deft.j, pleads that the petition agst. the sd. Green was not legally 

entered but in a wrong pretended office by one Thos. Scot who at that 

time had no authority. A non-suit is granted. 

(Strange this was not discovered sooner. Berkley's political allies 

had it their own way. Ed. ) 

Wm. Dabson deft, returned non-est inventus in an action for debt to 
the suit of Jno. Ruttland pit. for 14-72 lbs. tob.. Attachmt. granted. 

The Jurors returned the verdict between Blayton as attorney aforesd. 
pit. and Preston deft.: We find the deft a trespasser and for the pit. 
8^6 lbs tob. damage which is in all 900 lbs tob & csk. (See p. 205 Ed.) 
Judgmt. awarded pit. appealed. Bond entered by appealant and appealee. 

p. 210 

Judgmt. agst Lt. Coll. Danl. Clark sherr. failing to produce Thos. 

Mudgett deft at June court last in a suit for debt of Coll. Thos Swan 

pit for 83I4. lbs. tob.. The sherr. having produced Mudgett, judgmt is 


Thos. Mudgett deft, confesses Judgmt to Coll. Thos. Swan pit. for 
8324. lbs. tob. 


p. 210 cont. 

Jno Coggan defto arrested in the suit of Robt. Boiling pit. who in Feb. 
1675 obtained judgmt. agst. the deft, for Ij.20 lbs. tob.. An order to 
ThoSo Moriton sub=sherr. to Coll. Jno. Eppes, was executed but later 
Coggen was released & discharged. An investigation is ordered and Coll. 
Eppes is subpeoned to next court. 

Robt. Flint confesses judgmt. to Maj. Jno. Stith for l\)\)\ lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Thos. Blayton did ask the court if he should enter his son a 
tithable but the court took no cognizance. 

Upon the pet. of Win. Harrison, Jr. it is ordered that before Christmas , 
Mr. Jas. Minge with Coll. Edw. Hill make survey of land in dispute be- 
tween Wm. Wilkins & sd. Harrison, otherwise to employ Mr. Ligon. 

Pres. Sept. If?. 

Coll. Edw. Hill: Maj. Jno. Stith: Mr. Jno. Drayton: Capt. Fran. Poythris 

p. 211 

Admin, is granted on the estate of Tobias Hallford late of the Par, 

Westover dec'd, to Ann the relict. Securety. 


Thos. Strong & Joan his daughter with her consent, indenture of apprent- 
ship to Coll. Edw. Hill for 8 years until 21. Hill to furnish clothes, 
lodging and diet, at the end of the time she to have 2 suits of apparel, 
2 barrels of corn, a cow and a calfe for which she shall perform any 
and all services ordered. 

signed Thos. Strong (seal) 

Joan Strong, her mark 

wit: Jno. Loweman 
Jno. Ens all 

p 212 

Appraisers of the estate of Tobeas Hollford dec'd to be chosen & sworn 

by Maj. Stith. 

Admin, of the goods & chattels of Jno. Crabb dec'd late of the Par. of 
Waynoke is granted Rich. Smith who married the relict. Security. 

Mr. Steph. Hamlin & Mr. Jno. Hamlin are appointed to appraise the 
estate of the sd. Crab. 

John Hix complaint agst. Thos. Green for non-appearance at the last 
Orphan's Court being summoned. Ordered that the sherr. arrest him 
and produce him at next court . 


, \kll 

p. 212 cont. 

The inventory of the estate of Jno. Decent, dec'd is presented to the 
court and is found inconsiderable. Ordered that the relict have sd. 
estate for herself and child, 

Edw. Redish pit. agst. Jas. Gunne deft., from the evidence it is order- 
ed that the Gunn deft, deliver to Redish one cow proved to be the 
possission of Brighthood the wife of the pit also one iron pot, 2 wooden 
charyes and 2 platters belonging to Brighthood provided the sd. judgmt. 
shall not debarr Gunn from his action agst sd Redish (as marrying the 
sd. Brighthood) as Redish is indebted to Gunn as marrying the relict 
of Jeremy Woodhall dec'd whose admx. Gunn's wife is. Pit. ordered to 
pay own costs. 

p. 213 

Mr. Thos. Blayton, atty. of Jno. Sadler has sued Hen. Preston on the 
acct. due from Thos. Stevenson dec'd. (whose extr. sd. Preston is) 
to Mr. Jas. Minge for the sum of 752 lbs. tob. being on a Judgmt. 
obtained by the sd. Sadler agst. the sd. Stevenson and which the sd. 
Blayton declares he has allowed and disbursed. Ordered that the acct. 
be presented to next court and that Mr. Minge appear and audit it. 

Thos. Blayton pit agst. Hen. Preston deft, the accts. being examined 
and same acknowledge by deft.. Judgemt granted for 2132 lbs. tob. to 

Jno. Hackley pit. agst. Jas. Mason deft, for defamation the deft, 
having accused the pit of hog stealing. Both freely agree to abide by 
arbitration of Coll. Edw. Hill and each agrees to stand by sd Hill's 
decision,. Bond given. 

p. 211; 

In the opinion of the Court Jno. Hackley is an honest person with good 

repute by his neighbors „ 

Judgemt. granted Hen. Lashly pit. agst. Lt . Coll. Dan'l Clark, sherr. 
deft. Hen. Leare not appearing though arrested in pit's action for 
trespass. Pit. awarded I4.8O lbs. tob. provided the sherr cannot produce 
sd. Leare at next court. 

Jno. Weaver pit. and Wm. Colgill and Joane his wife, defts. the pit. 
charging that about February i+th last Joan did carry away from Weaver's 
plantation a number of things to the value of 20l|.0 lbs tob & csk. with 
Wm. Colgill' s knowledge and concealment. This Joane denied to Mr. Wm. 
Duke, a member of the Courc, though Mr. Duke believed the defts. guilty, 
Referred Jurys Mr. Rich. Dodd foreman: Mr. Hen. Blankess Mr. Jno. 
Dranes Mr. Curtis Lands Mr. Hen Prestons Mr. Jno. Hixs Mr. Jonas 
Lyscomb: Mr. Jno Harrisons Mr. Jno. Tates Mr. Jno. Whits Mr. Jno. 
Turbyfields Mr. Nevet Wheeler. 


p. 215 

Hen. Burton for comission of admin, upon Michins estate deferred to 

next court. 

Judgemt. granted to Rich. Hill pit. agst. Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clark, sherr. 
for I4.OO lbs. tob. for non appearance of Jno. Browne deft, in an action 
for debt.. Void if Sherr. produces deft.. Attach, gr. sherr. on Jno. 

Attaehm't granted the Sherr.. 

Jno. Coggan deft, returned non est. investus to the suit of Rich. Hill 
pit. for 1600 lbs. tob. & csk. & 2 cows.. Attachmt. granted pit. agst. 

p. 216 

Mr. Thos. Blayton promises to appear at the next court for Jno. Banks 

deft to answer the suit of Mr. Wm. Duke pit. 

Action of Rich. Hill pit. agst. Jno. Gallows deft, is referred to next 

Upon the petition of Susannah, a free negro woman that she be exempted 
from taxes and the court being informed of her strength and ability- 
refuses petition. 

Non-suit granted Elias Osborne deft. agst. Nevet Wheeler pit. failing 
to file his pet. according to law. 

In the suit of Jeeter Weaver pit. & Colgil and Jane his wife defts. 
verdict for the defts.. Judgm't awarded the defts against which the 
pit. appeals. 

Upon the pet. of Nevet Wheeler agst. Capt. Wm. Rollinson upon a bill 
for 1 hhd. tob. weighing J4.OO lbs. due 19 Sept. I676 provided that Will 
Sanders was still living, which is acknowledged by sd. Rawlinson. 
Judgmt. is granted sd. Wheeler if it is proved Sanders was still living 

P. 223 

(Pages 217-222 torn away and we won't know if Will Spencer was alive 

and Rollinson lost the wager for it sounded like one. Ed.) 

Having had council of Honorable Governor & Council with general character 
& the loyalty and ability of the bearer hereof Wm. Archer I do there- 
fore appoint the sd. Wm. Archer to be the Clerk of the County Court 
& direct you to receive him. An in so doing you will oblige. 

signed Thos. Ludwell 


p. 223 cont o 

The latter was directed as follows s 

To the Worsho His Magst. Justices of the Peace for Charles City Co./ 

per sevt. 

(I am sorry for the change, Peter Field wrote a better hando Ed.) 

Richard Hanson gives to his son-in-law Alexander ffowler one bay mare 
filly with her increase 1 Oct. 1677. Acknowledged 3 Oct. 1677. 

Rebecca Harrison acquits Thos. Epes, Jr. of liability arising from the 
Judgm't of I4.OOO lbs. tob. & csk against the Rebecca's son Gabriel 
Harrison, and which penalty Rebecca assumes 21 Apr. 1675« 

Signeds Rebecca Harrison 
Wit.s Christopher Harrison 
Mary Malloone 

p. 221; 

26 Sept. 1677s John Stith & Jeane Stith, his wife, deed of sale to 
Thos. Gregory & Joseph Parsons Jointly, a tract of land held jointly 
between Samuel Eale dec'd and the af oread. Stith until divided by sur- 
vey of Mr. Jas. Minge of sd Stith 1 s part. Jno. Stith lets unto Thos. 
Gregory & Joseph Parsons the land within his survey, to have and to 
hold, by Jno. Stith and Jane his wife as fully as recited in the pat- 
ent o (and so on for two pages. Ed.) 


Wit.s Walter Hines 

Jno. Stith, Jr. 

p 226 

Court at Westover 
7 Nov. 1677 

Pres. Col. Edw. Hills Maj. Jno. Stith; Mr. Wm. Dukes Capt. Thos. Mallory: 
Capt. D0U0 Lewellins Capt. Fra. Poythress. 

This court having information from Mr. Wm. Archer the pres. G©nt. Clerk 
through Secy. Thos. Ludwell, Esq. of the decease of Sir Wm. Berkley, Gov, 
& Capt. Gen B l of Virga., that the Justices ought not to sit until new 
commissions are issued and Mr. Archer cannot attend this court, the 
court chooses Peter Field to serve this present court as so the business 
will be authentick to keep the records in his custody, and that all 
action & summons be served by Sherr. and the security stand in power 
until further order. 


p. 227 

A Court at We stover 
19 Nov, 1677 

Pres. Col. Edw. Hills Maj. John Stiths Mr. Thos. Grendons Capt. Thos 
Mallorys Mr. Jno. Drayton? Capt. Fra. Poythresss Mr. Wm. Duke: Capt. 
Dan. Lewellin. 

The commission for the Justices of this Court issued by Gov. Herbert 
Jefferyes, Esq. bearing date 5 Nov. 1677 was read and ordered to be 

p. 228 

The commission by Gov. Herbert Jeffreys of the Gentlemen Justices for 
Charles City county recites the orders of King Charles I of 28 June 
1622 for the establishment of inferior courts; the Act of Assembly of 
2 Mar. 1661 for their continuance; the order of the Gen'l. Court that 
two persons more be added; therefore because of confidence in the last 
appointed Justices they are re-appointed and commission issued for 
Coll. Edw. Hill, Coll. Jno. Eppes, Lt . Coll. Dan Clark, Capt. Thos. 
Mallory, Capt. Francis Poythres, Mr. Thos. Grendon, Mr. Wm. Duke, 
Maj. Jno. Stith, Mr. Jno. Drayton, Capv. Dan. Lewellin. 

signed: Herbert Jeffreys 

p. 229 

Mr. Thos. Grendon being added to the commission had the oath of alleg- 
iance & supremancy with the oath of a Justice of the Peace administer- 
ed to him. 

Present Coll. Eppes also. 

Probate of the last will of Edw. Ardington, dec'd., late of the Par. 
of Jordans, proved by oath of Jno. Burge & Thos. Browne, is granted 
Anne, the relict. 

Upon pet. of Robt. Ireland, it is ordered that Henry Blanks deliver 
Joseph Burnet, orphan of Jno. Burnet, dec'd, to sd. Ireland to whose 
guardianship, tuition & care the court commits him and orders Ireland 
to report the estate, at next court. 

Mr. Jas. Bisse was granted the admin, of the estate of Thos. Turringham, 
he being greatest creditor, it to be sold at public outcry to pay the 
debts o 

Ordered that Jno. Coggan & John Howell appear at next court to prove 
the will of Wm. Winkfield, dec'd, and that Wm. Dobson be summoned to 
give security for the estate of the orphans. 

Pc 230 

Probate of the last will of Sam. Phillips , dec'd, late of the Par. of 
Westover p proved by Walter Hinde & Nich. Lilly is granted to Susannah, 
the relict. 

Admin, of the estate of Rich, Smith, dec'd, late of the Par, of West- 
over is granted to Thos. Bodinall as greatest creditor. 

Henry Newcomb complaining that Abr. Colson owes him 717 lbs tob. and 
has moved out of the county. An attachm. is granted agst. Colcon's 
estate 9 sd. Newcomb to have admin. 

Wm. Sans ordered to examine the estate of Isaac Creswell and present 
a true inventory & account to the next court. 

Mrs. Francis Drew affirms that on order from the court Mr. Nich. Wyatt 
& Mr. Rollinson met at the house of Mr. Elias Osborne to inventory the 
estate of Philip Limbrey., dec'd, as presented to them by sd. Osborne, 
Nothing is left of sd. estate of any value. An inventory was taken 
in behalf of the orphans that Elias Osborne may give account of the 
estate which he had and immediately to pay in tobacco for the land 
and past rent. Mr. Osborne pretending an acct. agst. the sd. estate, 
it is ordered that he pay Mrs. Drew all rent that is due from the plan- 
tation of Mr. Limbrey 's estate, according to an inventory declared by 
Osborne in court and recorded. Several horses and mares running loose. 
Mrs. Drew is to take. Mr. Osborne is to exhibit his acct. to the next 
court and if justified, be deducted from Limbrey' s estate. 

P. 231 

Jno Bridges P servant to Jno Baxter , is judged llj. years old. 

Chas. Hill r servant to Capt. Dan. Lewellin s is judged llj. years old. 

Upon pet. of Jno. Leigh showing that he came into the county a servant 
to Capt. Thos. Mallory for the term of k years, and having served 2 
years longer than by the agreement he being sold by Capt. Mallory to 
Mr. Jno. Poythris who yet claims a longer time of service. The court 
having considered a certificate from the Corp. of Virginia produced 
for ij. years it is ordered that Jno. Leigh remain with Mr. Mallory 
until the next court when Mr. Poytress & Capt. Mallory may appear & 
show reason for his longer service; if no reason sd. Leigh to be free. 

Po 232 

Hester Poster complains of Wm. Crabby attorney, of Rowland Place, Esq. 
Under pretense of debt due from her dec'd. husband, seized her house 
& tob. that nothing is due sd. Place but one year's rent. The court 
orders that last year's rent be paid out of this crop and that sd. 
Hester have the remainder. 

An inventory of the estate of Dorrill Yong being produced in court is 
adjudged not worthy of notice. 


p. 232 cont. 

Wm. Irby serving Doct. Jno. Coggan with a scire facias, one nickell 

is granted,, 

Coll. Edw. Hill serving Jno. Smith with a scire facias to renew judgm't 
by court in l67ij. for 5>85 lbs tob. in all 6±l+ lbs. tob.. Smith knowing 
no reason why judgm't should not pass, the court ordered sd. paid. 

p. 233 

Col. EdWo Hill having sued Jno. Smith for debt, Robt . Boiling security, 

judgem. is granted against sd. Boiling. 

Judgm't granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst. Robt. Boiling as security for 
Wm. Gower for 900 lbs. tob. & csk. with costs. 

Coll. Edw. Hill pit. & Jas. Howard deft., Judgm't confirmed upon a 
Scire Facias agst the deft, for 627 lbs. tob.. 

Samuel Neale complaining of hard usage from Jonas Luscum, and waste of 
the estate left him by his father, etc. petitions to name his own guard- 
ian and chooses Maj. Jno. Stith. Maj. Stith is ordered to take into 
his tuition & care sd. orphan and his estate. Security. 

Mr. Wm. Duke informing agst. Mr. Osborne for words spoken by sd. Osb- 
orne, is dismissed with a warning. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton having proved the importation of 20 pers. into the 
colony on oath of Mr. Thos. Grendon, Listed: Pet. Wyke: Jno. Kebssall; 
Ann Presthood: Mgt. Drownwells Jno. Walton? Jno. Browne t Wm. Ethridge: 
Christo. Crisp: Ann Chuewge: Epher. Coomess Jno. Shaw? Jno. Smith: 
Susannah Raye: Jno. Byrds Isaac Baitess Rachell Baitess Jno. Hedgepath: 
Jno. King: Ann Walton: David: these being assigned by sd. Grendon to 
sd. Drayton. Jno Drayton has also proved 3 more rights on oath of 
Edw. Richards: vz. Robt. Athornes Jno. Brockes Wm. Laws. 

p. 23k 

Jno. Turner has proved rights for importation of 6 per. assigned by 
Capt. Thos. Mallory: vz. Christian Addams: Wm. Lambert: Jos. Perry: 
Margaret Case: Jno. Stanleys Thos. Mallory. 

Anne Yong gives to her 3 sons, Dorrill, Jno., Thos., a heifer, a mare 
and a gun each. Registered. 

Wit: Pra. Poythris 
Jno. Stith. 


p. 235 

Power Attorney from George Marable to Wm. Randolph to do all things 
necassary in the suit pending in the next court at Charles City, 
27 Oct. 1677. 

Wit: Wm. Farr 

Thos. Cocke 

Power of Attorney from Mary Ledford to Wm. Randolph in anything depend- 
ing agst. her husband, Wm, Ledford, and as custodian of his estate 
20 Sept. 1677. 

Wit: Jno Stith 

Jno* Clough 

pgs. 236: 237: 238 

Where as at the death of Jno Barker of Plowerdew hundred all the tract 
of land known as Plowerdew hundred did descend to Sarah then the wife 
of Richard Taylor, dec'd, and now the wife of Robt. Lucy, and to Eliz- 
abeth the wife of Phillip Lymbry, sister and co-heir with the sd. Jno. 
Barker who since sd. Barker's decease have held the land in co-partner- 
ship at incovenience to themselves and detriment of the land. Now 
the sd. Lucy & wife and the sd. Lymbry & wife do wish the land divided 
and have appealed to the court by mutual consent. Coll. Robt. Winn 
& Lt. Coll. Geo. Jordan are empowered by court order dated 3 Apr. 1677» 
to do so. Jas. Minge , surveyor, has been instructed to lay out the 
bounds dividing sd. Plowerdew hundred into two equal parts, the north 
land bordering the James River and Macock's land belonging to Dorothy, 
wife of Hubbert Parrel; the other being a line of stakes parting the 
sd. Plowerdew hundred in two parts. The south part is bordered by the 
east side of James River by Plowerdew hundred Creek, by Macock's and 
by the above line of stakes. A p] an was drawn of the two halves, 
these 2 plans framed, put into a hat, a child drew them out and gave 
one showing the north part to the sd. Robt. Lucy & Sarah, his wife, 
and the south part to Phillip Limbry and Elizabeth, his wife, the 
parties having agreed to abide by the division 5c the drawing. 
k April 1673. 

Wit: Robt. Wynn 

Thos. Liggon 
Jas. Minge 
Thos. Blayton 

p. 239 

Pay out of Minchin's estate ordered to Edw. Gilley & his wife for 

k days in giving evidence on the will of Wm. Minchin, dec'd. 

Rich. Dodd acknowledges Judgm't to Coll. Edw. Hill for 250 lbs. tob, 
per, acct.. 


p„ 239 contoThe difference between Coll. Edw. Hill & Redish(?) Corder 
& Blanks referred to next court. 

Attachm. granted Pet. Field upon the estate of Tobias Hallford, dec'd, 
for I4.96 lbs. tob. . 

James Mason & his wife summoned as witnesses in the suit of Gilbert 
Plat r pit. & Bernard Sykes, deft., not appearing are fined. 

The difference between Mr. Gilbert Piatt pit. & Mr. Bernard Sykes 
defto concerning a servant man is by joint consent referred to the 
arbitration of Coll. Edw. Hill & Mr. Tho. Grendon, and in case of 
difference 9 to chose an "umpire. 

Judgm ! t granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst Henry May IOI4.2 lbs. tob.. 

p. 2I4.O 

The difference between Coll. Edw. Hill pit. & Henry Maye deft, about 
plundered goods is by mutual consent referred to the aroitration of 
Maj. Jno. Stith & Mr. Thos. Grendon at next court. Pit. & deft, agree 
to abide by the judgm't and give 10,000 lbs. tobacco each. 

Wm. Lambson acknowledges judgm't to Coll. Edw. Hill 91+9 lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't granted Colic Edw. Hill agst. Jones Luscomb for 1981+. lbs. tob. 
& csk. for bill due. 

Judgm't granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst Wm. Gower for 902 lbs tob. by 
bill. If paid before next court Coll. Hill is to pay costs. 

Judgm't granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst Henry Harman for i+i+5 lbs. tob.. 

Attachmt. granted Coll. Edw. Hill on the estate of Anne Hollford for 
1003 lbs. tob.. 

The difference between Coll. Edw. Hill & Capt. Pra. Poythres & Jno. 
Woodlif is referred by mutual consent to arbitration of Maj. Jno. 
Stith & Capt. Thos. Mallory. 

Judgm't granted to Elias Osborne agst. Rich. Smith for 5>20 lbs. tob.. 

p. 214-1 

Mrs. Mary Ligon pit. & Mr. Jno. Drayton deft, for 966lbs. tob.. 
Judgm't granted unless Drayton show next court reason for discount of 
kOk lbs. tob.. 

The difference of Walt Shipley & Gower referred to next court. 

Mr. Jno. Randolph petitions the court that 2 witnesses be sworn in 
his suit agst. Michael Ross. One not appearing fined. 

Attachmt granted Geo. Woodlif agst Ralph Poole for 1000 lbs tob.. 

2 o, i^f 



p, 2i|.1 cont. 

Judgm't granted Mr. Rich. Hill agst. Jno. Galles for 2068 lbs tob. 

according to bill. 

Capt. Robt. Morris complaining that Wm<, Carleton, his carpenter mate, 
had left the ship, the court orders sd. Carleton to return to his 
employment and should he refuse the Sherr. to keep him until he agrees 
to return. 

p. 2k2 

Thos,, Chappie agst. Capt. Fra. Poythres for land Poythres' possession. 


Judgm't agst Sherr. for l±00 lbs. tob. in action of Mr. Rich Hill agst. 
Jno. Browne, sd. Browne not appearing. 

Non-suit granted in case of Adam Ivey pit & Rich. Wathen deft., a 
jury finding no cause. 

Jno. Tate granted attachmt. agst the estate of Hen. Lashley for lj.00 
lbs . tob. . 

Attachment granted Ralph Poole agst. the estate of Wm. Ludford for 
Hi! lbs. tob.. 

Attachmt. granted Jno. Harrison, agst the estate of Wm. Ledford for 
890 lbs tob.. 

Upon the pet. of Jno. Bishop for the cattle given by deed of Mary Rose 
to her grandchildren, the children of sd. Bishop, Mr. Wm. Duke, Mr. 
Those Blayton & Mr. Nich. Wyatt are to take the record and accordingly 
set apart sd. cattle for the deed and report. No attachment be served 
agst. sd. estate until the deed of gift is secured. 

Attachmt. granted Jas. Gunn agst. the estate of Capt. Griffin for 700 
lbs . tob. . 

p. 2k3> 

Thos Grendon showing himself greatest creditor to the estate of Wm. 

Wilkinson, admin, is granted sd. Grendon. 

Geo Marble pit. & Wm. Pride deft, concerning oxen killed by order of 
sd. Pride, he denying it, a jury was impaneled. Verdict; Pound that 
by order of Wm. Pride the oxen were killed and sd. Pride shall pay 
2200 lbs. tob. damages. Deft, appeals. 


p. *hk 

Ruth Pully petitioning for her freedom as having served her time, the 
record shows she had a bastard child and was sentenced to 2 more years 1 
for that, She is ordered to complete the 6 years , l± by indenture and 
2 for sd. bastard childo 

Thos Hernison granted an attachmt. agst. Wm. Ludford for lj.00 lbs. 
tob. & csk, . 

Eli as Osborne pit. on behalf of the Par. of Martin's Brandon agst. 
Jno. Drinkwater referred to next court, deft, giving security for app- 

Difference of Turner agst. Epps referred to next court. 

Thos. Goodgam pit. & Wm. Wilkason deft., it is ordered that deft, pay 
one-half of all costs according to a bond. 

Coll. Edw. Hill renews attachmt. for a colt that came of a mare of 

P. 2kS 

Morgan Meching pit claiming that Jonas Luscomb deft, has taken a horse 
of pit. which he uses and pit. has never seen since and prays damages. 
This the deft denies so a jury is sworn, hears the evidence and returns 
a verdict for the pit. with damages of 800 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Crosse, Zacheus Ellis & Harman Bosman being summoned as witness 
in the case of Meching & Luscomb are allowed 5 days pay. 

p. 2^6 

Rowland Place of Buckland, James River, Va. appoints Mr. Bernard Sykes 
of James River his lawful attorney to collect all accounts due him in 
Virginia & Maryland and to receive payment in money, wares, "Merchandize", 
tobacco, pork, corne, Beaver, furrs, skinns, hides, pipe staves and all 
other affairs of sd. Place and tosue, attach, imprison as if done by 
sd. Place and to execute any business. 6 Aug. 1677. 

Wit: Robt. Morris 
Wm, Moore 
Dan'l Parke 
Jno. Conset 

Nov. 22, 1677 

Ordered that Capt. Dan'l Lewellin be paid 500 lbs. tob. out of estat* 
of Wm. Wilkinson, for coroner's inquest. 


p, 2lj.6 cont. 

Curtis Land asks guardianship of the orphans of Jno Burnet. Granted. 
The overseers of Burnet's will & Mr. Rich. Moseby are ordered to give 
Curtis land the orphans' estate and he to give an account with security, 

Ordered that Capt. Mallory be paid 500 lbs. tob. out of the estate of 
Capt. Thos. Grendon for coroner's inquest. 

p. 2J4.7 

An acct. of 800 lbs. tob. in default of Coll. Jno. Epps when sherr., 
which else must be borne by Coll. Epps or by the public and toavoid 
precedent by the one & to ea3e the other it is ordered that the Justices 
of the bench (vz) Col. Hill, Capt. Mallory, Capt. Poythres, Maj. Stith, 
Mr. Grendon, Mr. Duke, Capt. Dan Lewellin & Coll. Jno. Epps, do each 
person bear equal amount being 100 lbs. tob. each. 

Also that Capt. Mallory take an acct. of the tob. damified and take 
it into his possession to be accounted for (if requested) under oath. 

Upon petition of Wm. Carlton, mariner, ordered that Carlton give security 
for his appearance at next court to prosecute Capt. Robt. Morris. 

Ordered that Capt. Wyatt be paid 500 lbs. tob. out of the estate of 
James Thomson for coroner's fee. 

Ordered that Capt. Pra. Poythress be allowed his disbursement for several 
things imprest in the late troubles by the Parrish. 

Ordered that Mr. Thos. Grendon have certificate to the first assembly 
for a wherry imprest in the late trouble. 

p. 214-8 

Jno Baxter having given evidence agst. Artho. Haviland before the 
Governor & Council, attending 3 days and 2 days going & coming. Ordered 
that Arthur Haviland pay unto sd. Baxter for his loss of time. 

Admin, of the goods & chattels of Wm. Minchen, dec'd, is granted Hen. 

P o 2I4.9 

Ordered that 196 lbs. tob. per pole (poll?) be levied upon each tithable 

in the county there being in all 687 according to the lists and the 

sherr., collect same & pay to the several person according to their 

disbursements mentioned in the following lists of the levies, he giving 


p. 21+9 cont. 
The Levies; 


lbs. Tob. 

Coll. Edw. Hills Salary as Burgess & Misc. 

Capt. Nich. Wyatt, Salary as Burgess & Misc. 

Mr. Minge 3 Misc. 

Ma j Stith: Salary as Burgess & Misc. 

Wm, Wilkinss 1 insolvent 

Lt. Coll. Dan Clark; Salary as Burgess 

Capt. Wyatt; boat used as Burgess 

Mr. Thos. Grendon; Salary as Burgess 

Capt. Wm. Byrds Salary as Burgess 

Capt. Mallory to repay lost shortage 

Jno. Hobbs; 1 Wolf's head 

Thos. Huckaby; for sweeping court house 

Peter Field: acct. 

Jno. Lowermans for the Gibet 

Isaac Perkins; 1 Wolf's head 

Cuthbert Williamson: 1 Wolfs head 

Henry Blanks 

Edw. Jordan 

Capt. Wyatt; as coroner twice 

Thos. Woods 1 Wolf's head 

Rich. Paces 1 Wolf's head 

Wm. Thomkins; 1 Wolf's head 

Coll. Epps 

yrs. ferriage 

1 wolf's head 

Thos. Huckabys 2 
Jno. Cumberland; 
J as . Gunn 
Coll. Edw. Hill; 

for prosecuting Sherwood 

Maj. Stith for prosecuting Sherwood 















p. 250 

Coll. Hill attendance at association 
Capt. Wyatt, charges as Burgess 
Mr. Blayton, half charges as Burgess & boat 
(Secretery for prosecuting Sherwood 
(Abated for public's credit of boarders 
( to salary of 52706 







The public's levey ratified by the assembly this year is 110 tob. per 
pole, the county levy 86 lbs. tob. per pole is in whole 196 lbs tob. 
per pole 

p. 251 

At a Court at We stover 
3 Dec. 1677 

Pres.s Coll. Jno. Epps: Capt. Thos. Mallorys Capt. Pra. Poythress 
Mr. Thos. Grendon: Maj. Jno Stith. 


p. 251 cont. 

Upon petition of Maj. Jno. Stith showing that Edw. Emison being a poor 
man & by your petitioner supported near 20 years, has lately died and 
left a small estate, Maj. Stith desires the benefit. Granted and all 
persons having aclaim shall give name to Maj. Stith. 

Meredith Davis declared that Edw. Emison did make a verbal will and 
bequeath unto him, sd. Davis, his estate. Witnesses affirmed no such 
matter. Estate produced and examined given to Maj. Stith. 

Coll. Edw. Hill pit. & Jno. Smith deft., the deft, not appearing, order 
was granted agst. Robt. Boiling security. He requests respite until 
next court. 

p. 252 

On 3rd Oct. last Mr. Robt. Boiling pit. obtained Judgm't agst. Mr. Jno, 
Coggan deft, for lj.26 lbs. tob., provided sd. Coggan did not appear at 
next court. The deft, not appearing Judgm't confirmed. 

Coll. Edw. Hill nominates Mr. Wm. Randolph his attorney and desires 
it be recorded. 

The difference between Mr. Piatt pit. & Sykes deft, referred to next 

Ordered that the suit between Hen. Lesard pit. & Hen Lashley deft, 
be dismissed. 

The suit between Walter Shiply, pit. & Mr. Wm. Gower being referred 
to this court it is ordered that if the deft, does not bring suffic- 
ient evidence to next court to refute the suit that the pit. have Jud- 
gm't agst. the deft.. 

Difference between Jno. Turner & Coll. Jno. Epps referred to next 

Suit of Jas. Barrett pit. agst. Mrs. Eliz. Tatum deft., the deft. 
not appearing Judgm't is granted agst. the sherr. 

Judgm't granted Maj. Jno Stith pit. agst. Wm. Irby deft, for 919 lbs. 
tob. upon account proved. 

Assignment from Meredith Davis to Mr. Thos. Grendon of 3 pair of 
handcuffs & ij. pairs of bolts for the county prison. Ordered assig- 
nment be confirmed for next levy court. 

p. 253 

Roger Pointon not appearing when summoned to give evidence in the suit 
of Addam Ivey pit. & Rich. Wathen deft, is fined 300 lbs. tob. to be 
pd. to Ivey. 


p . 253 cont . 

Judgm't granted to Coll« Thos. Swann pit. agst. Jas. Thrale deft. 

for 1900 lbs tob & Mr. Jno. Drqyton,, Jr. appearing the same is due. 

Judgm't granted Ralph Poole pit. agst. Edw. Norwood deft, for I4.I8 
lbs. tob. due by note. 

Attachment granted Mr. Jno. Drayton, Sr. for 87I+. lbs. tob. agst. Anne 
Hollford admx,, of the estate of Tobias Hollford, dec'd. 

The suit of Isaac Hill pit. agst. Mr. Rich. Cocke deft, is dismist, 
pit paying costs. 

Difference between Edw. Richards pit. & Nevt Wheeler, referred to next 
court . 

Difference between Edw. Reddish pit. and Jas. Gunn, deft, is referred 
to next court. 

Admin, having been granted Thos. Mudgett on the estate of Sam 1 ! Johnson 
dec'd and Wm. Vaughn petitioning for sd. admin, and to void Mudgett 's 
order, the court having considered the evidence confirms Mudgett as 

P. 2$k 

Mr. H, Batt & Jno Maye to take an acct. & inventory of the estate of 

Sam. Johnson dec'd and report to next court. 

Nevt Wheeler arrested Elias Osborn (as marrying the relict of Phillip 
Limbrey, dec'd) to show reason why a Judgment should not be executed 
by the Wheeler agst Limbry dec'd. Osborne not appearing to show rea- 
son Judgm't is granted Wheeler agst estate of Limbrey, dec'd. in the 
hands of Elias Osborne. 

Sam Willock pit. petitions for discharge from the service of Nath. 
Jorden deft.., claiming that pit. not being able to read signed an 
agreement for a longer term than agreed and the small consideration 
paid. The pit. exhibited the writing showing that a valuable con- 
sideration was paid. Willcock ordered to serve his time. 

Wit: Rich Moseby 
Jno. Willson 

P. 255 

Article of agreement exhibited between Sam Willcock & Nath. Jordan: 
Sam Willcock agreed to live with Nat. Jordan from the l^th June 1677 
until 25th Dec. I678 as a hired servant, to do anything the sd. Nath. 
Jordan assign him which is lawful to do to satisfy a debt of 1500 lbs, 
tob. owed by sd. Wheeler to sd. Jordan. 1| June 1677 o 


p. 255 cont. 

Wits Rich. Moseby 
Jno. Will son 

Eusebius King Power of atty. to Wm. Randoph for any and all business 
at Westover Court in Charles City Co. 2 Aug. 1677. 

Wit: Robt. Boiling 

John Piggott power of atty. to Wm. Randolph to prosecute Jno. Smith 
in an action for debt at next court at Westover 1 Dec. 1677 o 

Wits Henry Gee 
J as. Eke 

Ordered that Nath. Jordan deliver the whole estate of the orphans of 
Jn. Burnet to orphans' several guardians appointed by the court. 

p. 256. 

Attachmt. granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst. Thos. Thring for I4.IO lbs. tob. 

and 36 lbs. due by 2 accts.. 

Attachment granted to Jno. Drayton, Jr. attorney for Thos. Swann for 
890 lbs, tob„ agst. the estate of Wm. Ludford. 

Attachmt. granted Mr. Jno. Drayton, Sr. agst. Capt. Wm. Rollinson 
deft, for 331 lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't granted Mr. Wm. Duke agst. Richard Wathen deft, for 6 bushels 
of wheat, 1 bushel and a pocke (This was still used in my childhood by 
the farmers who drove to town with produce to peddle, pronounced poke. 
Ed.) of Indian corn and one new sack-bag due Mr. Duke and sd. Wathen 
as he was so much short in the grain ground at his mill. 

Judgm't granted Mathew Turner pit. agst. Henry Preston deft, for a 
cow & calf left the pit. by Geo. Barefoot dec'd (whose relict the sd. 
Preston married), also for 70 lbs. tob. due by acct.. 

p. 257 

Elizabeth Barnet pit. sues Thos. Mudgett deft, for 300 lbs. tob. being 
12 days work at 25 lbs. per day but Mudgett claiming that Barnet had 
agreed to build a house but being by the hand of God taken away before 
he had proceeded further than above sd. where by the deft, was damaged. 
The court compromised and awarded 100 lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't awarded Wm. Haskins pit. agst. Jno. Lee deft, for lj.92 lbs. tob, 

3»" "' 7 

p. 257 cont. 

Thos Ledbiter deft, being returned in an action for debt for 1930 lbs, 
tob. and 166 lbs. of pork, attachmt. is granted Busebius King pit. 
agsto the deft.. 

Coll. Edw. Hill pit agst. Corder, Reddish & Blanks defts. referred to 
next court o 

Dec. k-9 1677 

Pres.s Coll. Eppess Mr. Grand on s Maj. Stith; Capt. Mallory. 

p. 2f>8 

The last court ordered Elias Osborne to be at this court with security 
and an inventory of Philip Limbrey's estate in Osborne's hands, he not 
appearing he is ordered arrested. 

An attachm't granted at the last court to Jas. Gunn agst. the estate 
of Robto Griffin executed in the hands of MaJT Jno Stitn'agst . sd. 
Griffin is extended to next court. 

Wirio Randolph pit. agst. Mich. Rosson deft, the deft, not appearing 
referred to next court. 

Smith pit. agst. Colgil deft. refd. to next court. 

Attachment granted to Coil. Edw. Hill agst. Nich Mosier deft for 
8I4.8 lbs. tob. due on a judgm't in Jan. court 1675 • 

Coll. Edw. Hill renews Judgm't agst Nich Mosier for 8I4.8 lb3. tob.. 

Wm Carle ton deft, has a non suit awarded for the non-appearance of 
Roger Garthj, deft.. 

p 259 

Rowland Place Esq. has judgm't agst. Jas. Cooper deft, for 754 lbs. tob. 

Jas. Howard deft, has a non-suit awarded agst. Elias Osborne. 

Roland Place Esq. has Judgm't agst Jonas Luscomb as marrying the relict 
of Thos. Balleston for payment of 901]. lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't awarded Sarah Gatley agst. Jonas Luscomb for Ij.50 lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't awarded Maj. Jno. Stith agst. Jonas Luscomb 317 lbs. tob.. 

Attachmt. granted Mr. Thos. Grendon pit. agst Anne Cole for 1766 lbs. 
tob. due by note of Edmond Cole dec'd. 


p. 259 conto 

Francis Hill plt in suit of debt. agst. Bernard Sykes deft, as atty. 
of Jnoo Bland but Sykes pleads that he is not Jno Bland's attorney. 
Suit dismist. But Pra. Hill pit. pleads that Jno. Bland's estate owes 
sdo pit. H4.OO lbs. tob. for work done by his predecessor. 

p. 260 

Wm. Minchin desired an attachment agst the estate of Jno. Bland. 


Judgm't granted Maj. Jno. Stith agst. Susan Phillips admx. of Sam 
Phillips dec'd for 986 lbs. tob.. 

Judgm't awarded Jno. Piggot pit. agst. Jno. Smith for 358 lbs. tob.. 

Attachment granted Capt. Dan'l. Lewellin pit. agst Jno. Smith deft, 
for 58 lbs. tob. & csk.. 

Attachment granted Mr. Chandler pit. agst. Jno. Smith deft, for 530 
lbs, tob. & ll|i(. lbs. tob. to be paid in shoes and 7 pairs of french 

Attachment granted Jas. Gunn pit. agst Jno. Cogan deft, for debt 
14.95 lbs. tob.. 

The difference between Jno. Turby pit. & Mr. Anth. Wyat deft, referred 
to next court. 

Roland Place Esq. has Judgm't agst. Jno. Drayton, Sr. for the penall 
sum of 18,166 lbs. tob. & csk. upon bond for payment of 9083 of which 
sum appears on the back of the sd. bonds to be paid 807 lbs tob & csk. , 

p. 261 

Difference between Rowland Place Esq. and Mr. Antho. Wyat referred to 

next court. 

Attachment granted Mr. Thos. Grendon agst. the estate of Mr. Sam Blades 
for 995 lbs. tob„ 

The suit of Mr. Thos. Grendon agst. Adam Tapley referred to next court. 

Coll. Jno. Epps granted non-suit agst. Mr. Jno. Pleasants pit., the 
pit. not appearing. 

Rowland Place , pit. awarded Judgm't agst. Wm. Hooper deft, for 1337 lbs, 
tob. & csk. 


p . 261 eont . 

Bernard Sykes denying that he is attorney for Giles Bland, granted a 
non-suit in action by Meredith Davis pit. but because of debt, grants 
pit. an attachment on sd. Bland's estate for 15*000 lbs. tob.. 

Win. Carleton pit. granted judgm»t agst. the sherr. for 5*000 lbs. tob. 
& csk due to non-appearance of Gapt. Robt. Morris. 

Wm. Carleton defto has non-suit agst Grovener Snees pit. for non- 

Wm. Carleton deft, has non-suit agst. Thos. Lodington pit for non- 

Wm. Carleton deft, has non-suit agst. Capt. Robt. Morris pit. for 
non- app e ar anc e . 

p. 262 

Attachment granted Rich. Wathen pit. agst. the estate of Wm. Ludford 

deft, for 1571 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Dobson s with consent of his wife, gives his two step- sons Jarvis 
& Robert Winkfield to their grnadfather Jarvis Dix for as long as the 
law provides and at expiration of their time to give them whatever the 
court considers "convenient." 16 Nov. 1677. 

The above deed was exhibited in Court and registered l± Feb. 1677/78 
Wm. Archer Ct. Clerk. Court adjourned to 3 Feb. 1678. 

p. 263 

Court At Westover 
k Feb. 1677/78 

Pres.s Coll. Edw. Hill; Coll. Jno. Eppss Maj. Jno. Stiths Mr. Thos. 
Grendons Capt. Dan'l Lewellin. 

Maxmilian Mansfieldj, Thos. Mansfield & Easter Mansfield appear and 
declare they have received their whole estate from their mother and 
guardian Mary A. Jones and acquit & discharge the Justices of the 
Court 9 their mother & Mr. Jas. Wallice, security. His bond to be 

Wm. Taylor p servant to Jno. Joan is adjudged 17 years old. 

Elizabeth Sharp petitioned the court that having paid her secruity 
prays release which the court grant? but reconsidered & refused. 

Whereas Jonas Lis cum has delayed delivery of the estate of Sam'l Hale, 
orphan P to Maj. Jno. Stith as by co-art order. Ordered that he do so 

p. 263 conto 

Ordered that the estate of Isiaah Crestwell be appraised by two honest 
men and inventory taken s 20 shillings worth of tobacco deducted for the 
burial charge & public dues and the remainder paid Mr» Rich. Liggon 
towards satisfaction of a Judgm't obtained by Mary the relict & extrx. 
of Collo Thos. Liggon agst. sd„ estate for 520 lbs tob., the above 20 
shillings to go to Wm. Sands for his trouble in Crestwell 's sickness. 

p. 26I4. 

Edw. Milton of Weynoke , dying and leaving an orphan daughters Jas. 
Lawrence petitions the court that he may have the tuition of her. 
Ordered that Lawrence take the estate of sd. orphan into his poss- 
ession & pay all just debts due and the orphan to be bound to Lawrence. 

Susan Phillips declares that she cannot give security as adrnx. for her 
dec'd husbands' s estate and petitions the children be bound out. It 
is ordered that Maj. Jno. Stith take the estate into his custody give 
an account and bind out the children. 

Granted to Elizabeth Draiton upon her husband's estate, admin. 

In the suit of Wm. Carleton pit. agst. Capt. Robt. Morriee, the plt.'s 
attorney requests a day's delay. 

Wm. Johns servant to Lt„ Coll. Dan'l. Clark adjudged lij. years old. 

Rich. Allen servant to Rich. Blank adjudged U4. years old. 

Coll. Edw. Hill offers information agst. Manus Callaham a servant 
upon the 125 Act of Assembly for stealing a hog from Mr, 

p. 265. 

Mr. Bernard Sykes asks for admin, of the estate of Edw. Melton, dee'd. 
but it has been given into custody of James Lawrence. Ordered that 
Lawrence give an inventory to the next court and reserve 100 bbls of 
corn and a suit of clothes for the orphan and the remainder to pay 
claims of Mr. Sykes declared to be II4.7I lbs. tob. & 1 bbl. of corn. 

The case of Capt. Robt. Morris pit. agst. Mr. M. Carleton deft, referred 
until the morrow so witnesses can be brought to court. 

Jno Black confesses judgm't in behalf of Jno. Peterson deft, to Mrs. 
Judith Randolph 1502 lbs. tob.. Awarded. 

Jno. Smith deft, confesses judgm't to Jno. Piggott pit. for IOI4.O lbs. 
tob.. Awarded. 

The difference between Gilbert Piatt pit. & Mr. Bernard Sykes deft, 
was referred tothe arbitration of Coll. Edw. Hill & Mr. Thos. Grendon. 
They award Mr. Gilbert Piatt pit. 1200 lbs. tob.. 


p. 265 cont. 

Ordered that Eli as Osborne forthwith give security for the estate of 

the orphans of Phillip Limbrey now in Osborne's possession and that his 

wife, Osborne, appear at next court to give guardians account. 

Mr. Wm„ Duke, Mr Thos. Blayton & Capt Niche Wyatt are ordered to 
examine the account and report and Capt Robt. Lucy to keep the orphans 
and sd. Osborne to remain in sherr. custody 

p • 266 

Jno Burge married the relict of Samuel Kilman dee'd., brother of Thos. 
Hillman lately dee'd. left a small estate but no will. The sd. Burge 
petitions the court in behalf of the orphans of Sam'l Hillman as being 
entitled to sd. estate of Thomas: But Jno. Hillman brother to Thomas 
& Samuel also claims a right unto the estate. The court decides, after 
debts are paid that the sd. estate be divided into 2 parts and one share 
be given Jno. Hillman and the other half be for the orphans „ 

Judgm't granted Coll, Edw. Hill plt agst. Jno. Highlady deft,, for 

lj.00 lbso tob*. The deft, appeals to Chancery but omits filing his bill 

so the sd. judgm't, is confirmed. 

Upon request of Mr. Rich. Clark atty, of Mr* Jno, Bland of London, 

all action brought against sd* Bland's estate be referred to next court. 

Non-suit granted Collo Edw. Hill deft, agsts Jno, Crowley pit the 
court finding no cause for act ion * 

The difference between Coll. Hill, Capt. Poythress & Woodliff is 
referred to the arbitration of Mr. Grendon & Maj. Jno» Stith. 


Chas. City Co. 
k Feb* 1677/79 

At a court at Southwark for the County of Surry, 1 Jan. 1677 
Pres.: Lt. Coll. Jordan: Capt, Barham: Capt, Swann: Mr, Harryson: 
Maj. Browne: Mr, Merywether, 

Judgm't confessed by Mr. Geo. Lee attorney for Mr. Elias Osborne to 
Collo Thos. (?blotted) Swann for 2715 lbs, tob.. 

vera cop: Wm» Edwards Ct . Clk. 
Surry Co* 
These are to certify that no execution has been issued forth of this 
County Court office upon the within specified controversy . Jan* ZS t 1677. 

Test. Wm. Edwards, Ct„ Clk. 


p. 267 cont. 

Admin, granted to Jas. Blasnour on the estate of his father Jas. 

Blasnour late in the possession of his mother, he giving security. 

Elizabeth Weeks orphan is bound out to Jas. Gunter for the term 
prescribed by law. 

Coll. Ed. Hill pit. agst. Wm. Gower deft for 1103 lbs. tob., Mr. 
Robto Bollin for the deft, confesses judgm't for sd. debt to be paid 
10 Octo next. 

Ann Halford admx. & extrx of her husband Tobias Halford cannot find 
security so the administration is transferred to Coll. Edw. Hill 
who give security. 

Mark Harker servt. to Mr. Jno Pleasants judged ll\. years old. 

The weather being very bad court adjourned until the llj. inst.. 

p. 268 

A Court at We stover 

li; Feb. 1677/78 

Preso! Coll. Edw Hills Mr. Thos e Grendons Maj. Jno. Stith: Capt. 

Dan Lawellin. 

Admin*, with will annexed granted Mrs. Hannah Duke on the estate of her 
late husband, Mr. Wm. Duke dec'd. proved by oaths of Jno. Terry & Thos, 
Stoner that Mr. Wm. Duke about four hours before he died did say he 
wanted Mrs. Hannah Duke to be his executrix. 

Mr. Antho. Wyatt, Sr. petitions that Mahone Obryan be discharged as 
guardian of the orphans of Sam'l. Taylor dec'd. and that management 
of the estate and tuition of the orphans be given to sd. Wyatt, Sr., 
he giving good security. 

Petition of Jno. Harding concerning the estate of Jno. Harris dec'd.. 
Ordered that Jno. Hodges, Nowell Hutchinson, and Maj. Jno. Stith 
appraise the estate and report. 

p. 269 

Wm. Jones petitions for the admin, of the estate of Jno. Maine dec'd, 
Ordered that the sd. Jones and the relict take inventory and report 
and if sd. widowdoes not object then the Jones shall have admin.. 

Elias Osborne desiring liberty to prosecute several accounts now 
depending it is ordered that he have liberty accordingly during this 
court time & no longer. 

-in- J ^1* 

p. 269 

Thos. Goodgam because of his poverty & disability petitions to be ex- 
cused from this year's levy. Granted,, 

Thos. Gregory showing that his servto Thos. Potter ran away and was 
absent about 2 months which Potter admits.. Ordered to serve 9 months 
longer than his term,, Other punishment withheld,, Potter promising 
good behavior. 

p. 270 

Jno. Daniell servant to Jno. Shard judged li|. years old. 

Admins, granted Mary Pace on the estate of Rich. Pace her dec'd 

The petition of Wm. Vaughan about the estate of Sam'l. Johnson is 
referred to the next court to allow time for an account & inventory . 

In the case of Mr. Elias Osborne about the estate of Phillip Limbrey. 
Ordered that Mr. Jno. Drayton & Mr Nicho. Wyatt examine and audit the 
account exhibited by Osborne and report. 

Jno. Pleasants pit. agst. Coll. Jno. Eppes deft, for 1358 lbs. tob. 
is due by a bill evidently assigned to Pleasants by Bland's estate: 
without Coll. Eppes knowledge. Eppes had a discount against the bill 
from Bland. Maj. Jno. Stith being collector of Westover Par. is 
ordered to pay the Colonel's fees and Pleasants to sue Bland's estate. 

p. 271 

Jno Nibble t, atty. of Jno Rooks, confesses judgm't to Mr. Thos. Blayton 

for 1170 lbs. tob.. 

Mory Davis has behaved rudely and insolently to the court. Ordered 
that the sherr. arrest him and keep him until he makes bond for good 

The difference bet a Mr. Wm. Randolph pt. and Michayell Rosser deft., 
Richo Dod obligates himself and accepts liability his appearance at 
the next court to answer „ Pit agrees. 

Jno. Smith has attachment granted agst. the estate of Wm. Colgill. 

Attachment granted Mr. Thos. Blayton in behalf of Wm. Odium pit. agst. 
the estate of Thos. Purford deft, for 800 lbs. tob.. 

At the last court Jas„ Gunn pit. obtained an attachment agst. the 
estate of Robt. Griffin deft, for 700 lbs. tob. which was executed 
Maj. Jno. Stith. Now the debt appears doubtful and the sherr, is ordered 
to retain the tobacco until it is clarified. 



p. 271 cont. 

The difference between Walter Shipley, pit. and Wm. Gowre deft.. 

Judgm't agst. deft, for 1*00 lbs. tob.. 

It has been discovered that if the sherr. goes to a house to execute 
a summons j and no one being home he leaves a note, has the sherr. 
discharged the duties of his office properly? It is the opinion of the 
court that he has done his duty if such should be the ease. 

p. 272 

Jno. Turberfield & Jno. Wheeler pits, bring suit agst. Antho. Wyatt 
deft, for the value of the estate of Walter Vaux dec'd.. The Charles 
City court granted admin. 3 June 1656 unto Mr. Jno. Flowers. The estate 
has appraised and divided between the two Vaux sisters,. The court did 
not demand security of Flowers and he was wasted the estate. The pits, 
having married the sd. orphans now demand recompense by the court. 
Antho. Wyatt having been Justice at the time (is included) in the suit. 
The pits ask the court to have the deft, pay Vaux's daughters according 
to the inventory as recorded. It is so done with costs. Nicho. Wyatt 
appeals and pledges double the value as security. 

Mr. W. Randolph is security for the appearance of Jno. Turberfield & 
Jno. Wheeler at the next court to answer appeal. 

Attachment was granted Geo. Woodliff agst. the estate of Ralph. Pool 
in December court and not being executed by the sherr. is charged agst. 
him. Default being for 1000 lbs. tob.. 

p. 273 

Jno. Turner pit. has judgm't confirmed agst. Coll. Jno. Epps deft, for 

2000 lbs. tob.. 

Capt. Robt. Morris pit. & Wm. Carlton deft., the pit. affirms that he 
shipt. the deft, his carpenter mate who has unlawfully departed from 
his service to his great damage. The deft, proves in court that Capt. 
Morris did have his boat and hands put the sd. deft, ashore with his 
bedding & clothes. It is the opinion of the court that such action 
was a sufficient discharge and the pit shoud pay the deft, all wages 

Capt. Robt. Morris pit. accuses Walter Shipley deft, theft of a hogs- 
head of tob.. Case referred. 

Win. Carlton pit. agst. Capt. Robt. Morris concerning a servt. man 
apprenticed by indenture and sold to Jno. Hodges then taken by Capt. 
Morris and conveyed away. The court finds pit. has no case. Dismissed, 

Wm. Avery confesses judgm't to Capt. Arthur Allen for 1*00 lbs. tob.. 

p. 273 conto 

Whereas Edw c Redish has humbly acknowledged his trespass agst. Coll. 
Edw. Hill and begged his pardon, Coll. Hill is pleased to acquit & 
discharge sd. Redish from every trespass . 

Jas, Mayer deft, confesses judgm't. to Mr Thos. Blayton for II83 lbs. 
tob. & csk. . 

Admin, granted Mr. Jos. Biss on the estate of Dennis Browne. Mr. Thos. 
Cocke security,, 

Thos. Kesler servt to Jno D Laneer is adjudged 16 years old. 

p. 271+ 

At a Court at We stover 
Ik Feb. 1677/78 

Pres.s Coll. Edw. Hills Coll. Jno. Epps; Mr. Jno Draytons Capt. Dan. 

Ordered that an attachment granted at the last court to Mr. Jno. 
Drayton agst. Moryday Davis be renewed. 

Joseph Madox prays to be excused from paying the levy, he being very 
poor. Granted. 

Judgm't granted Capt. Arthur Allen agst. Jno. Harryson for lj.00 lbs. tob, 

Judgm't granted Capt. Arthtir Allen pit. agst. the sherr. for the non- 
appearance of Wm. Wilkins deft, for 10,000 lbs. tob. damage. 

The sherr. prays attachment agst. the estate of Wilkins to indemnify 

Edw. Jordan stands security for Henry Martin's appearance in the action 
of Roland Place Esq. and Henry Martin not appearing, Judgm't granted 
the pit. agst. the sd. security for 6001bs tob. 

Marmaduke Brown confesses judgm't to Coll. Edw. Hill for 310 lbs. tob.. 

Sam'l. Wilcox confesses judgm't to Coll. Edw. Hill for 268 lbs. tob.. 

The court allows Sam'l Wilcox 200 lbs. tob. for keeping prisoners. 

Judgm't. granted Jas. Minge agst. Jno. Tate for 500 lbs. tob. & csk.. 
Acct. submitted by Mr. Thos. Blayton. 

p. 275 

Attachment granted Jno. Tate agst. the estate of Henry Rosser for I4.OO 
lbs. tob. „ 


p. 275 conto 

Ann Price being sworn in court says that Jno. Nibblet did call to 
Mr, Ousbowen and ask for a passage which he did not answer but sd. 
Nibblet did say "If you will not come I will fire at you and I will 
fire" and had a gun in his hand. 

The difference between Elias Osborne pit. and Jno. Nibblett deft, is 
referred to next court, 

Judgm't granted Rowland Place Esq. agst. Capt. Nath. Wyatt for 8,800 
lbs, tob, & csk. with costs. 

Judgm't granted Coll, Arthur Allen agst. the sherr, 
for non-appearance of Artho. Havyland. 

for 1200 lbs. tob. 

Attachm't. granted the sherr. agst. Havyland's estate. 

Jno, Turner pit, agst. Nath. Jordan deft, for debt for various goods 
'mentioned in an account exhibited for 1229 lbs. tob.. The deft, ad- 
mitted the debt but on oath declared that it was discounted for 200 lbs, 
tob,. The court deducts the 200 lbs. tob. and gives judgmt. for the 

Nath. Jordan deft, swears the account exhibited is true, the articles 
"listed were delivered to Joan Turner the wife of Jno. Turner and were 
valued correctly and he has received no satisfaction. 

p. 276 

At a levy court at Westover Nov, last 1000 lbs. tob. were raised for 
Coll, Edw. Hill as expenses for prosecuting Mr. Wm. Sherwood. Con- 
sidering the size of levy and the poverty of the county, Coll. Hill 
voluntarily acquits the county of payment. Thos. Huckeby lacking 
2000 lbs. tob. in payment of his dues. Ordered that, he be paid the 
1000 lbs. tob,. 

Nath, Jordan confessed Judgmt. to Coll. Edw, Hill for 595 lbs. tob,, 

Capt. Arthur Allen pit. agst. Jno. Hobbs deft, referred to a jury. 
Verdicts "We find for the pit. 60 lbs. tob,". Capt. Allen appealed 
to Gen ! l Court, 

Mr, Jas. Bisse is security in 10,000 lbs. for Capt. Allen's appearance 
to present the appeal. 

Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clark swears in court he did hear Robt. Coleman declare 
Jno. Barker was his attorney. 

Judgmt. confessed by Jno. Barker in behalf of Robt. Coleman, Sr. unto 
Capt. Jno. Rudd for Ij.70 lbs. tob.. 

Upon petition of Thos. Huckeby to the court it is ordered that he be 
allowed 200 lbs. tob. a month for keeping the prison (and to find them 
bread & water) . 


p. 277 

Rich Hill pit. agst. Jno. Coggan deft,. It is the opinion that Mr. 
Coggan has made good the cattle to the pit.. The other matters have 
been put in Coll, Edw. Hill's hands to settle. Deft, is fully dischar- 

Edw. Norwood has judgmt. agsto the sherr. for ii68 lbs, tob. & csk. for 
non-appearance of Rich. Smith. 

Jno. Terry confesses Judgmt for 1+68 lbs. tob. & csk. on behalf of Rich. 
Smith unto Edw. Norwood the sherr. being released from the above judgmt, 

The difference between Adam Ivey & Wathen is referred to next court. 

Nevet Wheeler has judgment agst. the sherr. for 366 lbs. tob. for non- 
appearance cf Robt. Dennis, Attachment for sherr. agst. Dennis. 

Lees suit agst. Nevet Wheeler for a hhd. of tob.. Geo. Lee has sworn 
that in prosecution of sd. debt he went twice to the Isle of Wight 
County. Judgm't granted Geo D Lee agst. Wheeler for I4.OO lbs. tob. 
plus. 5^4-3 lbs. tob. is renewed. 

p. 278 

Peter Field having a good horse taken by the soldiers and not returned 
asks for pay for it. Mr. Jas, Wallace, Loweman & Jno. Ens all swear to 
the facts, the horse was above the number to be provided from this 
County, he may be paid, the court orders a certificate to be presented 
at the next assembly & paid from public funds. 

Roland Place summoning the tenant of Thos. Hill dec'd and Mr. Thos. 
Cocke admin, of sd. lands? ordered if Mr. Cocke does not appear at next 
court judgm't will be for 114-53 lbs. tob. 

Rowland place Esq. has an attachment granted agst. Jno. Mayton estate 
for li4.ll lbs. tob. & csk.. 

The action between Tho. Booths & Dan'l Lewellin is dismissed. 

Judgm't granted Mr. Wm. Fisher assignee of Thos. Hone agst. Jno. Tate 
deft, for 10 bu. of wheat. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Wm. Fisher pit. assignee of Thos. Hone, agst. Jno. 
Harrington deft, for 1±$0 lbs. tob.. 

p. 279 

The suit of Edw. Norwood pit. & Mr. Thos. Blayton deft, is deferred 

for Coll. Epps' evidence. 

The suit of Jas. Lawrence pit. agst. Robt. Ireland deft, is referred 
to next court. 


p. 279 cont. 

The suit of Jno. Drinkwater & Rich. Wathen is referred to next court. 

A stray horse was inventoried in the estate of Mr. Jno. Drayton, Jr. 
is ordered to remain on inventory until claimed, then deducted. 

Attachment granted Coll. Edw. Hill agst. Mr. Wm. Hooper upon return 
by the sherr. for lj.00 lbs. tob.. 

Wm s Irby pit. vs. Jno. Wilkson, non-suit granted Wilkinson, the pit. 
mis-entring his action. 

All "accous" wherein Coll. Edw. Hill is pit. upon the "Docquet" not 
crost are referred to next court. 

Robt„ Coleman, Sen. deft, has non-suit granted Lewis Watkins pit., 

Jno. Harminson pit. vs. Ledbiter deft, neither appearing is dismissed, 

p. 280 

Mr. Thoso Blayton pit. has judgmt. agst. Mrs. Eliz. Tatum admx. of 

Thos. Winter for 1895 lbs. tob.. 

At the last Court Mr. Jas. Barrett had an order agst. the sherr. for 
the non-appearance of Mr. Eliz. Tatum, she now appearing the sherr. is 

Henry May has judgmt. agst. the sherr. for the non-appearance of Jno. 
Roach. Attachment granted the sherr.. 

The difference between Mor: Burcher & Thos. Robinson deft, referred to 
next court . 

Rowland Place pit. has attachment agst. Jno. Baxter for 100 lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. granted Jno. Clark agst. Jno. Green for 635 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Hobbs confesses judgmt. to Capt. Arthur Allen for I4.50 lbs. tob.. 

Jas. Corder confesses judgmt. to Coll. Edw. Hill for $16 lbs D tob.. 

Ronald Place Esq. has petition agst. the sherr. who is ordered to appear 
at next court to answer. 

Geo. Lee has judgmt. agst. the sherr. for lj.00 lbs. tob. for non-appearance 
of Rich. Hill. 

Geo. Lee has judgmt, agst. the sherr. for 600 lbs. tob. for the non- 
appearance of Rich. Hill. 


p. 281 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Wm. Randolph agst. Jno. Lawrence for his non- 
appearance, being summoned as a witness in a case agst. sd. Randolph 
and one Tero, an Indian, for what the law allows. 

Jas. Howard ordered to pay Elias Osborne 160 lbs. of tob. assigned to 
Coll. Edw. Hill. 

Mrs. Tatum has attachment agst. Robt. Rowse for 5>00 lbs. tob. as per 

Francisco Ferdinand Goire has a non-suit agst. Mr. Win. Thompson pit.. 

Nevet Wheeler has judgmt. agst. the sherr. for the non-appearance of 
Rich. Hill for payment of 21J.68 lbs. tob.. 

Jaso Gunn has judgmt. agst. Nick Lilly's bond for non-appearance to 
present his suit. 

The suit of Jas. Gunn agst. Jno. Coggan is referred to the next court. 

Memo: If the widow Price does not give an inventory of her part of the 
estate to the next court then Jas. Mayo to have whole admin.. 

The petition of Elias Osborne agst. Shapley's estate is granted. 

Court adjourned until 3rd. day of April next. 

p. 282 

This bill binds me, Wm. Grigg, my heirs, etc. --to pay or cause to be 
paid unto Robt. Boiling his heirs , etc. - the interest and entire 
quantity of I4.8OO lbs of good sound legal tob. & csk. at my now dwelling 
house -- upon the 10th day of Oct. next ensuing the date hereof - 10 
Feb. 1677. 

Signed Wm. I Grigg 

This was delivered and acknowledged in court the II4. Feb. 1677. 
(Pages 283-28ij. torn away) 

P. 285 

Memo; On the back of the above deed from Fran. Whitington to Jno. 

Smith was endorsed this following assignment: 

(vzt) I, Jno Smith, do hereby assign over unto Robt. Boiling of the 

Par. & county within specified, all my estate, right, title, claim 

& demand of, in & unto the within "Memconed" land and every parcel 


p„ 285 cont„ 

there of (excepting me Jno. Smith the tan pits and tanyard and free 
liberty of ingress, egress & regress for a cart-way to the same already 
there) to hold to him the sd. Robt. Boiling his heirs & assigns forever 
except before excepted,, 27 day of Jan. 1671. 

Wits Henry Batte 
Nich. Dison 

Signed Jno. Smith, Sr. 

Acknowledged by the sd. Jno. Smith in open court of Bristol Par. the 
day and year aforesd. and recorded. 

Test. Nich. Dison, Co. Clk. 

Mems Under the forewritten assignment upon the back of the deed from 
Whitington to Smith was this endorsed; 

I do hereby assign all my right & title of the deed here mentioned 
unto Wm. Grigg & his heirs as witness my hand this IZ4- Feb. 1677/78. 

Robt. Boiling 

This was acknowledged and delivered in court by Mr. Robt. Boiling, 
111. Feb. 1677/8 

p. 286 

Robert Lucy of Flowerde Hundred in County of Charles City & Sarah 
his wife on the one part and Benjamin Harrison of Surry on the other 
part - - -, the sd. Robt. and Sarah Lucy for the love and affection 
they bear unto John Richard Taylor son of the sd. Lucy for a necessary 
provision of lands, etc. for sd. Jno. Richard etc. have granted, bar- 
gained j, __^ & sold and do give, etc. unto Benj. Harrison - - - 

(End of transcription. Were they setting up a trust and the clerk 
recorded no further? Ed.) 

Power of attorney from Elizabeth Tatum to her son Edw. Wyett 


Henry Prosser 
Morris Burcher 

Wm. Archer, Ct. Clk. 

P o 287 

Court at Westover 
15 April 168-7* 1 % 

Press Coll. Jno, 
Poythresss Capt, 

Eppss Ma j Jno. 
Dan'l Lewellen, 

Stiths Mr. Thos. Grendon; Mr. Fra, 


p 287 cont. 

On an order of the Hon, Herb Jeffreys Esq. Gov. etc, Mr, Bernard 

Sykes was sworn a Justice of the Peace. 

Upon a petition of Eli as Osborne the court admitted him to plead his 
own business. 

Admin, is granted Mrs Eliz. Mallory on the estate of Capt. Thos. 
Mallory her dec 'do husband. Capt Pra. Poythres, security. 

Admin, granted Mr. Jno. Stith on the estate of Rich. Hanson. Mr. Bern- 
ard Sykes security? Mr. Rich. Moseby and Jno. Turner to appraise it. 

The orphans of Rich. Fowler are bound out until 21 years, Alexander 
ffowler to be with Mr. Rich. Scosebey (?) and Daniell Warrenor to be 
with Jno. Wilson. 

Admin, on the estate of David Thomas is granted to Thos. Lueson. Geo. 
Downing & Wm Harris security; Thos. Low & Wm. Vaughan to appraise the 
estate and inquire into the damage of the plantation. 

Mr c Thos. Douglasse and __ r ___ r __ Jordan are appointed to appraise the 
estate of Richard Pase in behalf of the orphan. 

Admin, granted Neomy Beningfield on the estate of Theophelus Beningfield, 
Thomas Stoner security 2 Mr. Harris appointed to appraise estate. 

p. 288 

Ord. that Mr. Thos. Blayton & Mr. Rich. Wyatt do set apart the estate 
of orphans of ? Lawrence & Jno. Bishop upon the 21+th of this month acc- 
ording to order. 

Thos. Lueson, adm. of David Thorns' estate confesses Judgmt. to Silve- 
ster Joules attorney of Maj. Gen'l. Abra. Wood for 791 lbs. tob„. 

Robt. Boiling proves right to 300 acs. of land for importation of 
Jno. Trumpers Wm. Lambert; Jno. Bowman; Edw. Corbin; Hannah Wilkinson 
& Mary Turnagen. 

Since Ann Churchman lately had a bastard child by a negro and she the 
servt. of Mr. Thos. Grendon, he petitions that she serve longer acc- 
ording to law. Ordered. 

David Deponee has order for 320 lbs tob. agst Henry Preston for 3 days 
as witness, 

Admin granted Sarah Mudgett on the estate of her dec'd husband Thos. 
Mudgett., she giving security. 


p. 288 cont. 

Admin, granted Mrs. EliZo Tatum on the estate Nevet Wheeler & Hannah 
his wife on behalf of the orphans of the dec'd., she giving security 
that the estate be divided equally after debts are paid. Mr. Thos. 
Biaycon & Gapt. Nich. Wyatt, inventory, appraise and divide the same. 

Admin, granted Mary Mumford on the estate of her dec'd husband, Jeoffry 
Mumford, she giving security. Mr. Rich. Moseley and Jno. Turner to app- 
raise the estate. 

Attachment granted Mr. Jno. Drayton at last court and not executed is 
not renewed agst. Meryday Davis. 

p. 289 

Judgmt. granted to Chas. Dyas pit. agst. Robt. Lucy deft, as adin. 

of ffrancis Lucy for I4.OO lbs. tob.. 

Rowland Place Esq. proves right for 750 acs. land by his own oath 
being for the importation of ffrs. Bacon; Wm. White; Ann Dawson: 
Math. Perry? Eliz. Smith: Rich. Pulem: Abrm. Bayley: Jonathan Gladen: 
Thos. Place: Sibran Johnson: Wm„ Hills: Henry Cabell: Isaac, a negro: 
Issabella Dobson. 

Ordered that Jno. Hood & Thos. Huckabey appraise the estate of Isaac 
Crestwell dec'do. Maj. Stith to administer the (blotted) & be assis- 
tant therein and possession given to Maj. Stith as formerly ordered. 

Robt. Netherland deposed that his mother, Mrs. Frances Drew dec'd had 
charged him on her death-bed with the tuition and care of the orphans 
of Phillip Limbrey dec'd & sd. Robt. petitions the court for them & 
their estate he promising that until he marries to place them in a 
good school for their care. Though having placed the orphans the court 
gives them to sd. Robt. with strict instructions to give account yearly 
at Orphans Court. 

Wm. Randolph pit. sues Michaell Koflord deft, for death of a steer 
which pit. said was used by sd. deft., which he denying pit. prays 
a Jury 9 this done and evidence given, award I|.00 lbs. tob 00 

p. 290 

Action between Elias Osborne pit. & Jno. Nibblett deft, is dismissed. 

Jno. Burge in behalf of the orphans of Sam'l Hillman, the court orders 
that Jos. Blaymour give a true inventory of the estate of Sam'l Hillman 
and that Jno. Burge show reason why Jno. Hillman may not have one -half 
of the estate as ordered by the last court. 


p. 290 cont. 

Geo. Woodliff pit. sues Ralph Poole deft, for debt by specialty under 
deft.'s hand for 1000 lbs. tob.. The deft, claims he was not properly 
summoned. Walter Shipley sub. sherr. states that twice he was at the 
deft.'s house and he not at home so he left a "noat" (the delightful 
freedom in spelling* Ed.). The court judges the sherr has performed 
his office. The court examined a witness to sd„ bill who affirmed it, 
and then gave judgmt. to the pit. 

Ordered that Bryan Mahone ( As Mahony 0' Bryan appears a number of times 
in these records I am sure that the first name is a clerk's error. Ed.) 
make good to the court the estate of the orphans of Sam'l Taylor acc- 
ording to the Will and the order of the court to Mr. Antho. Wyatt to 
have charge of sd. estate be void and Mahone Obryan to have full power 
to sue the sd. estate. 

16 April 1678 

Press Coll. Hills Mr. Drayton; Capt. Lewellin; Coll. Eppss Maj „ Stith. 

Ordered that the sherr. see that the doors to the barr are hung and 
bolts made and fitted before the next court and that he allow no one to 
come within the barr but those the court do appoint. 

Whereas the Court is void of the laws of the country both printed and 
written, therfore it is ordered that Mr. Peter Field transcribe the 
written laws and if he can procure the printed ones to copy them. 

Whereas the county is destitute of a law book, appointed for each court 

and the court finding the extreme need of one, requests Mr. Thos. 

Grendon to send for one and order the Clerk to allow an account for what- 
ever books the law requires. 

p. 291 

Admin, granted Jno. Harryson on the estate of Chas . Webb dec'd. it 
appearing proved by the testimony of Jno. Tate & Henry Whitt, he giving 

Mr. Bernard Sikes petitions the court for confirmation of a license for 
an ordinary at Westover granted to him by the Hon. Herb. Jeffreys, Gov. 
etc... The court confirms same but stipulates that it shall not injure 
Coll. Edw. Hill who has a bargain and agreement with the Justices. 

Ordered that Mr. Thos. Grendon have 537 lbs. tob. raised at next levy 
being in arrears last year for his allowance as Burgess. 

Ordered that the sherr. seize the estate of Elias Osborne and summon 
four able, honest and indifferent (impartial? Ed.) men to appraise 
and value same. The court will decide what is due and needful for the 
orphans of Phillip Limbrey. Ordered that Mr. Benj. Haryson have power 
to sue for any part of the estate and Mr. Osborne remain in custody 
until settled. 

0010655 ^AKECTTY.UTAH^o 


p 291 con to 

Memos Concerning the orphans of Sam'l Taylor dec'd. the court orders 
that they be instructed & educated according to their estate. Though 
Mahone Obryan delivered their estate to Mr. Wyatt he did so without 
the consent of the court,, Mr. Antho. Wyatt is invested with the guard- 
ianship, he having requested it and Obryan agrees if he be wholly dis- 
charged., Seciirity given. 

Hester Poster, a poor widow presented an inventory to the court of her 
dec'd husband's estate which being most inconsiderable the entire 
court moved that it be left in her possession for the use of herself 
& her children. 

Robt. Dennis a very antique and poor person petitions to be free from 
the levy, he having presented a certificate from Martin's (?) Par. 
it is granted. 

p. 292 

Judgmt. confirmed in Wm„ Randolph pit. vs. Michaell Rosser deft*, the 
deft, claims his witnesses absent, not being summoned by the sherr. 
and asks referral to next court. Granted and orders the sherr. to 
summon all persons. 

Ordered that Mary, the daughter & orphan of Sam'l. Phillips, be comm- 
itted to the guardianship of Capt. Dan'l Lewellin and that Ma j „ Stith 
make delivery of the orphan to the guardian. Security given. 

Adam Ivey pit. agst. Rich Wothen deft, about hog stealing is by consent 
of both pit. & deft, referred to the full determination of the court. 
Case dismissed. As pit. did not prove his case, he pay costs. 

Ordered that Maj. Stith take an inventory of the estate of Hosser ffoner 
and make return. 

Upon the petition of Elias Osborne it is ordered that no person or 
persons, truck, trade, barter, buy or sell any commodity or goods with 
Jane his wife. (Poor Jane she just tried to do her duty by her step- 
children. Ed. ) 

Ordered that pursuit be made after Jno. Scott an orphan boy having run 
away from Coll. Jno Epps, when seized, he must be returned to Coll. Epps 
to be punished. 

The case of Coll. Edw. Hill pit. agst. Mrs. Eliz. Tatum as admx. of 
Winters estate, if she does not appear before court rises, then Coll. 
Hill has judgmt. agst. the sherr.. 

The case of Coll. Edw. Hill pit. agst. Antno. Havyland deft, being for 
an account of 700 lbs. tob. disbursed by Coll. Hill in his attendance 
on the Govr. & Councell informing agst. sd. deft.. Referred to the 
Gen'l Court deft's security standing. 

Jas. Smith has Judgmt. granted agst. Rich. Wothen for 7 days as witness. 


P. 293 

The case of Jas. Lawrence pit. agst. Robt. Ireland deft, concerning a 
lease of land which the deft, holds of the pit but has demised the 
same to Mr. Jas. Bisse. The suit is for damage and disrepair. Mr. 
Biss alleges the fence is good and no trees are spoiled and no such 
damage appearing to the court it orders the property be maintained well. 

Dr. Jas. Tubb pit. vs. Giles Bland deft, referred to next court. 

Mr. Rich. Aubern enters ceveat agst. Giles Bland's estate for 252? lbs. 
tob. & csk. . 

Judgm't granted Mr. Bernard Sykes pit. vs. Maj. Jno. Stith adm. for 
Sam'l Phillips' estate for llj.02 lbs. tob. it being for goods delivered 
according to the account. 

Judgmt. granted Coll. Jno. Hamlett as extr. of Jno. Cordell for 1/3 
part of 700 lbs of tob. & esk. agst. Maj. Stith adm. of Sam'l. Phillips 

Jno Drinkwater had judgmt. agst Rich. Woothen for 2100 lbs. tob. which 
was made use of by Morrill Rose dec'd of whose estate Wothen is admn. . 

Non-suit granted Mr. Robt. Netherland deft. agst. Robt. Cross pit. no 
cause of action found. 

Coll. Hill vs. Maryday Davis referred to next court. 

Non-suit granted Mr. Thos. Cock vs. Esyt. Place being sued as tenant 

of land of Thos. Hill dec'd. which Mr. Cock denyed. No cause of action. 

Non-suit granted W. Gardner agst. Robt. Short for mislaying his action. 

p. 29k 

In the suit of Jas. Howard pit. & V. r m. Smith deft, about land is ref- 
erred to next court. It is ordered that the deft, enquire about a 
deed of sale which the deft, says was put in the Clerk's hand Mr. Jas. 
Minge is hereby required to make delivery of all bundles of papers, 
books or other concerns whicn appertain to the county & present clerk. 

The petition of Rowland Place Esq. agst. Coll. Dan. Clark high sherr. 
complaining that the sherr. did not make return of an action agst. 
Adam Tapley & prays benefit of law requiring true return on the penalty 
of 1000 lbs. tob. to which the sherr. pleads that no warrant according 
to law came to his hand and he was twice at the waterside to go over 
the river but the weather was too bad and considers himself not liable 
which the court thinks good & dismisses the petition. 

Judgmt. confessed to Capt. Robt. Lucy Attorney of Capt. Arthur Allen 
by Wm. Wilkins for I4.OO lbs. tob. & csk. 


p 29l\. cont. 

Rowland Place Esq D has judgmt. agsto Jas. Maye adm. of Richo Price 

dec'd. for 3000 lbs. tob.. 

Attachemtn granted Ro. Place Esq. (vs. Win. Green estate) as he is 
assignee of Rich. Hill for 1082 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Harryson confesses Judgmt. to Esq. Place assignee for Jno. 
Drayton for 6ij.3 lbs. tob.. 

Attachment granted Mr. Ro. Place vs. Coll. Jno. Epps for 156 3 lbs. 

Dosuah Meacham has order agst. Wm. Garner for 2 days as witness. 

Rowland Place Esq. has judgmt. vs. Jno. Baxter for 1100 lbs. tob.. 

Coll. Hill vs. Win. Barnett referred to next court. 

Coll. Hill vs. Wm. Hooper referred to next court. 

Judgmt. granted Maj. Jas. Biss vs. Jno. Baxter upon balance of account, 
376 lbs. tob.. 

p. 295 

In the case of Rowland Place Esq. pit. & Henry Martin deft., the pit. 
at February court obtained Judgmt. agst. Edw. Jordan security of the 
deft, for not appearing. Deft, again not appearing, judgmt. confirmed, 
3600 lbs. tob. . 

Attachmt. granted Rowland Place Esq. vs. estate of Jno. Mayton for 
Uj.17 lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. granted Jno. Grenow assignee of Mrs. Rebecca Giles agst. Adam 
Taply for 1050 lbs. tob.. 

Robt. Short has attachmt. agst. the estate of Jos. Bresford for I4.50 
lbs. tob,, 

Judgmt. granted Nath. Jorden pit. agst. Thos. Huckaby deft, for 1310 
lbs. tob. unless deft, appears at next court. 

Non-suit granted Auth. Havyland deft. vs. Robt. Potter pit. for non- 
appearance to prosecute. 

Jas. Lawrence pit. & Jas. Biss deft, about the estate of Turringham 
referred to next court. 

Henry May has judgmt. for 6 days as a witness agst. Rowland Place 
Esq. in the suit between Place & the descendants of Hill dec'd.. 


p. 295 conto 

Maj. Stith is security for Jas. Biss, as admin, on the estate of Thos, 

Terringham decd.o 

Jno. Roach confesses Judgmt. to Henry May for 595 lbs, tob. being for 
Jg part of a bond. 

p. 296 

Court 17 Apr e 16?8 

Press Mr. Thos. Grendons Maj. Stith; Mr. Bern. Sikes; Mr. Drayton. 

It is the opinion of the above Justices that the clerk may safely issue 
an attachmt. at any time within 12 months after it is granted. 

Rich. Spark, dying intestate and leaving a small estate without naming 
an executor, ordered that Maj. Jno. Stith take, manage same, appoint 
appraisers and pay creditors. 

Robt. Netherland pit. & Mm. English deft, the pit. affirms that the 
deft, agreed to build a house for an agreed price and the deft, has 
neglected to finish sd. house. The pit is damaged in spoiling of 
materials. Ordered that deft, immediately finish the work according 
to agreement make full satisfaction of sd. bargain. 

Mrs. Rebecca Giles pit. has judgmt. agst. Meryday Davis deft, for 
295 lbs. tob.. 

The suit of Mm. Carleton pit. & Jno. Hodges deft, about a servt. man 
pit. sold & delivered to the deft, for 2100 lbs. tob. to be paid. On 
demand Deft, refuses to pay P claiming that there was a hue & cry for 
a servt. by Capt. Robt. Morris & sd. servt. was taken so the deft, 
conceives he is not obligated. But the pit. pleads he sold Capt. 
Morris and it was decided that sd. pit. had right to sell servant. 
Judgmt. for the pit. of 2100 lbs. tob. & csk. but considering the 
trouble the deft, is to have to recover his servt. requests Mr. Mm. 
Randolph, the pit's, attorney, to delay execution. 

p. 297 

The case of Mr, 

next court. 

Horner pit. & Jno. Drayton deft, is referred to 

The suit of Mrs. Sarah Gattley pit. & Maj. Mm. Mhite deft., the deft, 
not appearing and the sherr. having taken no security, judgmt. is 
granted agst. the sherr.. 

Eusebius King vs. Jno. Smith referred to next court. 

The suit of Thos. Simmons pit. agst. Thos. Aycock for scandalous gossip 
about sd. plt.'s wife was referred to a jury. Verdict for the pit., 
30 lbs. tob.. 


p. 297 conto 

Judgmt* granted Mr. Cogin pit. agst. Win. Aldrige deft, for 513 lbs. 

tob„ „ 

Alice Mekinny has order for 3 days as witness agst. Wm, Aldrige, 

The suit of Wm. f fisher plto agst. Luke Roc deft, is referred to next 

All Collo Edw. Hill's actions are referred to the next court there 
not being enough Justices to make a court without him. 

p. 298 

Mr. Jno. Cogins allowed pay for 3 days as a witness of his servant 

Jno. Major. 

Wm. Tomlinson has pay agst. Thos<> Simons for 3 days as witness. 

Wm. ffloryday has order for 3 days pay as a witness agst. Thos. Simons 

Elias Osborne has judgmt. agst. Thos„ Simons for 3 days attendance as 
witness for 200 lbs. tob. & csk. . 

The suit of Elias Osborne vs. Henry Preston referred to next court. 

Mr. Elias Osborne has judgmt. agst. Thos. Robinson security for Jno. 
Elmy for 225 lbs. cob.. 

Elias Osborne pit. has judgmt. agst. Henry Preston deft, for 150 lbs. 

Mr. Jno Draiton vs D Morrice Burcher referred to next court. 

Mr. Jno. Draiton pit. has attachment granted agst. the Extr. of 
Lueford for 326 lbs„ tob.. 

Mr. Jno. Draiton has attachment agst. Elias Osborne for 2015 lbs. tob. 

Thos. Bird plt« vs. Jno. Elmey deft, referred to next court. 

Ordered that Ann Price & Jno. May give a true inventory of the estate 
of Rich Price dec'd. at the next court: Mr. Rich Hill & Capt. 
Rawlinson toappraise it and appraise the land. Poole & Henry Preston 
enter security for the widow. 

Ordered that Maryday Davis immediately deliver the estate of Emyson 
as ordered to Maj. Jno. Stith. In case Davis refuse the sherr. is 
ordered to arrest him. 


p. 298- a 

Whereas Mr* Jno. Drayton has exhibited an order of the Governor app- 
ointing Mr. Drayton high sherr. for the next ensuing year, and all 
the oaths of allegiances, supremacy & of sherr, have been administered 
to him,, he is declared high sherr., Mr. Thos. Grendon & Mr. Bernard 
Sykes security. 

Jno. Smith having taken the oath of an under- sherr. is admitted to 
the office. 

Court adjourned to 3rd of June. 

p. 299 

At a Court at Westover 

3rd. of June 

Pres; Coll. Eppss Maj. Stiths Lt . Coll. Clark: Capt. Poythres: Mr. 
Gredon; Capt. Lewellin. 

Wm. Dobsen confesses judgmt. to Win. Randolph attorney of Eusebius 
King for 20 pairs of men's french fall shoes. 

Admin, granted Wm. Vaughan on the estate of Samuel Johnson being 
partner and greatest creditor. Thos. Low & Jno. Woodliff security. 

Admin, granted Mrs. Hannah Duke (as greatest creditor as admx of Mr. 
duke dec'd) on the estate of Michaull Waterland, ordered that Jno. 
Tate give an inventory & acct. of the estate and admx to give, 

lj.50 lbs. tob. is allowed Thos. Lutson for several expenses as part 
of his account. 

Coll. Edw. Hill vs. Wm. Bernard referred to next court. 

Coll. Edw. Hill vs. Wm. Hooper referred to next court. 

Two Indian children, a boy, George, adjudged 6 years old and a girl 
Bess, 5 years old, were brought by Mr. Henry Batte. 

p. 300 

At a Court at Westover 
the 3rd June 16?8 

Presents Mr. Thos. Grendons Maj. Jno. Stith; Coll. Jno. Eppesj Capt. 
Poythres j Mr. Ber. Sykes t Capt. Dan Lewellin. 

Admin, granted Naomy the widow and relict of Theophilus Benningfield 
dec'd.. Security given. 


p. 300 cont. 

Admin granted Joseph Bradley on the estate of Guthbert Williams dec'd, 
Mr„ Thos 8 Grendon and Mr Bernard Sikes security Maj „ Jno. Stith 
and Capto Dan'l Lewellin to appraise the estate 

The will of Mr. Witio Huns being presented for probate, the court had 
read the following written on the backs 

This within will was proved in court by the oaths of Mr, Jas. 
Mings and Mr. Geo. Lee and probate desired but dec'd was att- 
ainted by Act of Asseine so the court refers same to the Rt. 
Hon. Governor and Counsello 

Test. Wm. Archer 

Admin* granted Rowland Place Esq. on the estate of widow Sharp dec'd. 
Security given c Jno. Hardeway and Jno. Hodges to appraise it, give 
inventory and reports, Surplas tobacco to be returned to Joan Davis to 
pay debts . 

The will of Edw. Beck is proved by Thomas Stoner and probate granted 
Ann the relict and extrx. 

p. 301 

Mary Pace asks to have the orphans of Hugh Kirtland as by a former 

court order o Confirmed,, 

Majo Jno. Stith, Mr„ Thos. Grandison and Capt. Dan'l Lewellin do all 
dissent in being concerned with the orphans of Phillip Limbrey. 

Geo. Hatton servant of Jas. Thwait judged 12 years oldo 

John Hamlett and John Loeman to appraise the estate of Jno. Fletcher, 
dec'd„ as by inventory 

Admin, having been granted Naomy Benningfield on Theo. Benningf ield' s 
estate, as on page 300, this is relinquished and desired by Mr. Peter 
good in his wife's right. Security given. 

James Binford showing that John Banister by will left land to Sarah 
Chappell daughter of Thos. Chappell after death of Banister's widow, 
Jas. Wallace secured the land on marrying the widow. She now dead 
Binford petitions for his wife Sarah Chappel. Wallace being willing, 
confirmed by court. 

Mary Copit was left a legacy by David Thomas because of her care in 
his illness. She asks for sd„ legacy and court grants same. 

p 302 

Robert Rouse showing a certificate from the vestry of Weyanoke relieve- 
ing him of parish dues because of poverty and great age (almost 60 years) 
he is freed from all levys. 


p. 302 cont, 

Wm. Vaughan asks that the motion on the estate of Johnson Redford be 

deferred until June for Thos. Mudgett to be present. 

Thos. Keggon an orphan apprenticed to Jno. Elmery is to remain with 

Mr. Jas. Bisse until next court for Elmery to answer the boy's complaints 

Attachmt. granted Coll. Hill on a colt of James Peabright's, which not 
being served is renewed. 

Jno Sumers, servt. of Mrs, Eliz. Tatum judged 18 years old. 

John Scott an orphan bound to Coll. Jno. Epps, left his master who 
raised a hue and cry. Both agree that Scott is free but Coll. Epps 
asks indemnity from judgmt. and Mr. Pebles release from his security. 

p. 303 

Rowlant Place Esq. has attachmt. renewed agst. Wm. Gowre for 1082 lbs, 

tob. as assignee of Rich. Hill. 

Petition of Mr. Robert Boiling agst. Dr. Coggin for fees in a suit 
recently settled but of long duration, Mr. Bowling had an account 
of fees paid Mr. Jas. Minge of which the present clerk knew nothing. 
Dr. Coggin to pay fees. 

Judgmt. granted Maryet Horner pit. agst» Mr. Jno Draiton deft, for 
I4.OO lbs. tob.. 

The suit of Mrs. Sarat Gattley pit. agst. Maj. Wm. White deft., he 
not appearing Mrs. Gattley had judgmt. agst. Lt. Coll. Dan. Clark, 
high sherr.. The deft, not now appearing, judgmt. confirmed. 

The suit of Mrs. Sarah Gattley admx of Capt. Nich. Gattley, dec'd. 
pit. ag3t Maj. Wm. White adm. of Capt. Kubt .ff arrell, dec'd deft.. 
At the last court the pit. obtained judgmt agst. the then sherr. for 
E> 20 sterl. due by bond to Nich. Gattley as adm. of Rich Meers. Sd. 
sherr. still not appearing, judgmt a confirmed agnst. sd. sherr.. 
Lt. Coll. Dan. Clark. Maj. Jno. Stith asks Lt. Coll. Clark argue 
same at next court P granted. 

Judgmt. granted Mrs. Hannah Duke admx. of Mr. Wm. Duke agst Mrs. 
Eliz. Tatum admx of Nevet Wheeler's estate for 3233 lbs. tob. due. 

p. 302| 

Susannah a poor negro woman, very ancient prays to be levy free. 


2k June I678 

James Howard pit as guardian of the orphan of Thos. Porter dec'd sues 


p 30J4. come o 

Wm. Smith deft, as having lived on the land of sd. Porter dec'd and 
now claiming title, unrecorded,, Deft claims purchase of half the land 
for a valuable consideration, exhibits a receipt fully attested and 
claims Mr„ Nich. Wyatt, former clerk was to have recorded deed. Sd, 
deed not found, deft prays relief in equity. The court on oaths of 
Mr, Silvanus Stokes and Thos . Huckaby did judge the land held in fee 
simple by deft.. Deft to pay quit costs in arrears. 

Lt„ Coll. Dan'l Clark is desired to send for Mr,. Silvanus Stokes & 
Thoso Huckaby and take their depositions in writing in the above suit 
for the recordo 

Judgmt. granted Coll, Jno. Epps pit. agst. the estate of Jno. ffletcher 
dec'd. for ij.00 lbs. tob which appears due. Alice extrx. . 

John Black has a servant man sold to him by Humphrey Gwinn of Mock Jack 
Bay by the name of W. Ginnsa alias Wm. Garner havign by indenture 3 
years & 2 months to serve by his own confession, and sd» Wm, Ginsey 
realizing that he has put his master to expense by his absence is will- 
ing to serve 5 years in alio Allowed by the court. 

Poland Place Esq. renews attachmt. agst. Coll. Jno. Epps 15&3 lbs. tob., 

Michaell Kisler has judgmt „ agst Jno. Lawrence for non-appearance as a 
witness in suit of Rosier & Randolph. 

Capt, Nich Wyatt enters himself security for Jane Mayo ' s bond as admx. 
of estate of Rich,, Price dec'd.. 

Po 305 

Robto Short having formerly sued for an attachmt. agst. Jas. Benford 
for lj.00 lbSo tob.o Learning that it was irregularly filed he petitions 
to have it recorded. Granted. 

Jno. Harryson confesses judgmt. to Jno. Laneer for 8^8 lbs. tob. & csk., 

Lewis Watking plto agst. Robt. Coleman, Sr., deft., the pit. exhibiting 
his account & the deft another, the court auditing the accounts found 
193 lbs. of tob. is due in both the pit's, accounts and awards sd„ pit. 
judgmt . . 

Jno. Smith, a witness for L\. days in the case above prays an order for 
same. Granted,, 

Jno. Harryson servt. of Mr. Jno. Hamlin, having run away and been gone 
a considerable time, the sd. servant wishing to escape corporal punish- 
ment, declares he is willing to serve for 5 years. Jno. Hamlin accepts 
and it is so ordered. 


p, 305 cont. 

The difference between Coleman Lord & Win, Vaughn abt. (smudged) is 


p„ 306 

June 26 , 16?8 

Pres: Lt. Coll. Clark s Maj. Stiths Mr. Sikess Mr* Grendons Capt. 

The suit of Jno. Woodson pit. agst. Matthew Tyler., deft. 9 the sd. 
deft.'s witnesses not appearing he prays the suit be referred to next 
court. Granted c 

Mr* Eusebius King, pit. has judgmt. agst. Emanuel Alberry as marrying 

the relict of Wm. Traylor deft, for 7^0 lbs. tob, due by a bill, Granted, 

Jno. Peterson pit. agst. Jno. Cogan deft., the pit's witnesses being 
sick the case if referred to the next court, 

Jno. Sturdevant has non-suit agst. Francis Ledbeater pit, for wrong 
entry of petition. 

Ordered that Francis Ledbeater' s petition be referred to next court. 

Rich. Wothen pit. has judgmt. agst. Henry Preston security of Geo. 
Blaker deft, for 612 lbs. tob. for non-appearance of deft.. 

Rich. Wothen pit. agst. Thos. Blayton deft, about a hhd. of tob. which 
the court finds not worth notice is dismissed. 

Adam Ivey deft, has non-suit agst. Rich. Wothen pit. for wrong entry. 

Wm. Crabb deft, has non-suit agst. Wm. Drew pit for mislaying his action. 

p. 307 

The case of Adam Ivey deft. & Wm. Wilkins pit., the deft's. witnesses 

not appearing is deferred to next court. 

Mrs. Eliz. Mallory admx. of Capt. Thos. Mallory dec'd. confesses judgmt 
to Mr. Thos. Grendon for 12 9 308 (corrected 1238) lbs, tob. due. 

The suit of Thos. Goodgam pit. & Wm. Wilkins deft, is referred to Mr. 
Thos. Blayton to inquire into, settle & determine the same and report. 

The suit of Sam'l. Blaydes, Jr. pit. agst. Maj. Thos* Stith Admx. of 
Thos. Phillips est. deft, is referred to next court. 

Mr. Thos. Blayton has judgmt. agst. Henry Preston the security of Geo. 
Black deft, for 8I4.6 lbs. tob.. 


p. 307 sont 3 

Maj. Thos. Stith, Church Warden of Westover Par. pit. agst Mr. Thos, 
Cocke adm. of Thos. Hill dec'd. for klk lbs. tob. & csk being due 
from sd. Hill for levies. The sd. Mr. Cock says he has no affairs 
of Thos, Hill in his hands having paid all debts so far charged. 

The suit of Elias Osborne pit, agst. Walter Shipley late sub-sherr. 
deft.; the plt declares he began his action and gave the deft, orders 
to arrest Jno. Blanks. Shapley declares be arrested Jno . Blanks and 
Blanks declared he was in court but pit. appeared not. Mr. Thos, 
Blayton declares he had power to impose judgmt. but pit did not appear. 
Court considers no cause for action. Coll. Clark atty. for pit asks 
non-suit. Granted » 

p. 308 

Jno. Hix pit. & Steven Hamlin defto for plt.'s cattle which sd. deft, 

now has, having altered plt.'s mark on the calves. Referred to a jury 

which heard evidence and witness of Sikes (parts of several 

lines missing), Jurors: (not given). Verdict - due to pit. 997 lbs. 
tob. „ 

(Cattle theft did not receive as severe a sentence as later in West- 
ern States. Ed. ) 

Hix and Hamlin agreed that instead of the tobacco the deft, pay one 
breeding sow: one bull calf in place of one dead, return other calves 
& 160 lbs. of tob.. 

The suit of Maj, Stith, Churchwarden of Westover Pr. pit. & Wm. Crabb, 
attorney of Coll. St. Ledger Codd as marrying the relict & extrx. of 
Mr. Thos. Bland dec'd, as most of the court are members of the Par. 
and could be considered parties to the suit, it is ordered referred to 
the Governor & Council. 

p. 309 

Mr. Bernhard Sikes, sworn in the case of Hix & Hamlin deposes cattle 
were made to him for security, known of Maj. Stith. Mr. Sikes then 
asked to let the poor man (Hix) have them but deft, wanted pay in 
tobacco. Sikes then asked Hix why he marked them and pit. said they 
were his own. (This pertains to suit on 308. Evidently Hamlin needed 
something to pledge, used Hix's cattle and got caught. Ed.) 

Capt . Mallory by agreement with Coll. Dan. Clark sherr. had collection 
of Appomatock. Wm. Hoskins security for £250. Capt. Mallory dying 
before the collection was fully made, Hoskins is liable for sums Mallory 
received. Wm. Hoskins sues Eliz. Mallory, admx. of Capt, Mallory 9 dec'd., 
showing the bond. Admx. admits liability. 

Judgmt. granted Jno. Morehaen pit. agst. Eliz. Tatem admx. of Nevet 
Wheeler dec'd who was extrx. of Peacable Barton for 775 lbs. tob. by 
bill due. 


p. 309 conto 

The case of Maryday Davis pit. agst. Thos Christopher is referred to 

next court o 

The case of Ed. Redish plto agst Mary day Davis deft, is referred to 

next court. 

The case of Davis & Hooper referred to next court 

p 310 

(2 pages missing) 

Wm. Hooper deft, confesses judgmt. to Mr. Sam'l Blades attorney for 
Herman Rich. Brooke & Co. pit. for lj.37 lbs. tob.. 

Nicholas Lilly pit. agst, Jno Buxter, referred to next court. 

Elias Osborne pit. agst. Jno. Elmoy deft, for 225 lbs. tob. at last 
court. Deft, not appearing,, Judgmt. passed agst. Thos. Robinson, Sr. 
sec. if deft, did not appear at this court | not appearing, judgmt. agst. 
sd. Robinson. 

Rowland Place has judgmt. agst. Jno. Drayton, Sr, for non-appearance 
of Capt. Robt. Lucy. 

Rowland Place Esq. pit. agst. Those Booth deft, for a bill of 3568 lbs. 
tob. made Oct. last and not due until Oct. next. Court rules no cause 
of action. 

Rowland Place Esq. summoning tenants of Thos. Hill dec'd (Henry May 
being one) to show reason for not renewing judgmt. granted Jas. Wallace 
agst. Thomas Hill Feb. 16?^- » None given, judgmt renewed. 

Jas « Gunn deft, non-suit agst. Nich. Lilly pit., having no cause of 
action! ' 

Coll. Nich. Wyatt pit. has judgmt. on a penal bond agst. Morrice 
Burcher for breach of conditions. 

p. 311 

June 25th 
Capt. Nich, Wyatt has judgmt. agst. Morrice Burcher for 526 lbs. of 
tob. & csk. due. 

The case of Goodgame & Wyatt referred to next court. 

Wm. Wilkins has order for 15 days as witness agst. Rich. Wothen in case 
of Wo them & Ivy. 


Po 312 

Court held at Westover 

5 Aug. 1678 

Pres.s Coll. Edw. Hills Collo Jno. Eppes: Capt. Pra. Poythress: Maj. 
Jno Stith; Capt. Dan. Lewellin. 

Capt, Arthur Allen Plt agst Jno 8 Bishop deft, for trespass and plund- 
ered goods. Capt. Robto Lucy attorney for Allen reports Bishop confesses 
judgmt. for 2Gu lbs. tob. if Allen concurs, stop suit and withdraws ch- 
arges. The deft. 30 deposes. 

Ordered that the estate of the children of Jno. Bishop be set apart. 
Mr. Thos. Blayton and Capt. Nich. Wyatt see it done according to a deed 
of gift from Mary Rose to the children. Jno. Bishop states there are 
not cattle enough left to comply with the deed. Ordered that the cattle 
of the deed be valued and enough other effects set aside from the 
estate of Win. Ludford to make up the difference. (see p.2l|.2) 

Maj. Gen, Abra. Wood shows that Elizabeth Johnson dec'd was in his 
debt. Her estate is inconsiderable and he asks to be awarded it. 
Order sd. that Maj. Gen. Wood have 2 men appraise the estate, return 
an inventory if under the value of i>5 to be awarded to hom. 

In the suit Sarah G-attley Admx of Nicho. Gattley Adm. of Rich. Morris 
agst. Maj. Wm. White Adm. of Capt. Hubert ffarrell it is ordered that 
the confirmed judgmt. of the last court stand good agst. the sherr c for 
£20 no legal reason appearing. But Mr. Blayton attorney of Maj. White 
pleads the action wrongly entered agst, deft, as Extr. of Capt* ffarrell 
and that he is but Adm. . The record being produced it shows Adm. used. 
Sd. attorney then pleads the case falls into a court of law as the widow 
married before the judgmt. but this shown not the fact, judgmt. agst. 
the sherr. stands. 

Henry Newcomb confesses judgmt. to Jno. Ensull for 9 deer skins & 2 
buck skins. 

Deposition of Jas. Bisse as to a plantation he owned of Thos. Hallwood 
and then deeded to Edw. Gilly, Jr. and from him unto Jas. Mason, lij. 
Feb. 1675. 

Wit; Chase Hamlin Signed James Bisse 

Jno. f frost Rec. 5 Aug. 1678 

P. 314 

Jno. Barber pleads that he is falsely accused as failing to list as 
tithable one Susannah who he is accused of employing regularly, work- 
ing in the ground. He offers proof by witness of Mr. Ben j . Harrison' 
that she is seldom employed except for gathering corn or housing tob- 
acco. The court rules that John Barber is not subject to levy since 
she is not employed in the ground. 


p 3H4. cont o 

Upon petition of Wm. Shefield being very ancient, poor and having an 

afflicted son the court acquits him from levies. 

Attachment granted Coll. Hill agst. the corpse of Robto Plima, Sr. 

Coll. Edw„ Hill has judgmt. agst. Mr. Tatom's admx. for 787 lbs. tob.. 

Thos. Higgon an orphan making complaint of his master Jno. Elmoy, the 
court finding it untrue order his return. 

Jno. Turbyfield deft, has non-3uit agst. Wm. Crabb, attorney of Roland 
Place Esq. 

Admin, with will attached granted Thos„ Stoner on the estate of Sarah 
Mudgett . 

Ordered that the witnesses of Sarah Mudgett 1 s will appear at next court 
to prove same. 

p. 315 

Jnoo Peterson s pit. agst. Jno. Cogan, deft., the deft, declares on oath 
that the bill was assigned giving full satisfaction. The pit. calls 
Abrm. Odum and Henry Newcomb but they testify nothing to the contrary. 

Non-suit o 

Rowland Place , Esq. 9 p,lt. 9 claims by bill that Mr. Robt. Lucy owes 3 61 
lbs. of "biskett" and debts (?) to sum of 812 lbs. tob. and prays judgmt 
The deftc pleads the provisions were imprest for public use. Claim to 
the next levy court but the pit. appeals to Gen 8 . Ct... 

Judgmt. awarded Mr. Pra. Davis , plt, 9 agst. Wm. Hunt, deft., for 5390 
lbs. tob.. No execution issued until Oct. 10th next, 

Jno. Elmly confesses judgmt. to Mr. Thos. Blayton for 1206 lbs. tob.. 

Roland Place j, Esq,,, by his atty. Wm. Crabbe complains that the high 
sherr. Mr. Jno. Drayton has not served a summons for Coll. Jno. ? . 
He is much damnified and pleads Act of Assembly for 1000 lbs. tob. 
penalty for neglect. The sherr, claims Crabbe was to get security , 
so sd„ Drayton has none. Pit, must show him the def t ' s estate. The 
court considers no liability. 

p. 316 

Admin, on the estate of Thos. Sharp dec'd. is granted to Capt. Nich. 

Wyatt with authority to sue for possession within this or other counties. 


p. 316 conto 

Capt. Nich. Wyatt has judgmt . agst. Thos. Robinson for 265 lbs. tob. 

by bill. 

John Miles aged 23 swears that he was at the house of Jno. Tate when 
Michaell Water lands dec'd. asked the sd. Jno. Tate to bury the sd. 
Waterland decently and take the remainder of the estate and pay debts 

Jno. Amos has order for 7 days pay as witness in the case of Blaymowe 
and Burge. 

Thos. Gibbs & his wife have judgmt. agsto Rowland Place, Esq. for one 
day as witness in the case of Turberfield. 

Mr Elias Osborne asks that the admin, he now has on the estate of 
Sarah mudgett pay all court costs for admin, of Johnson's estate. 

Adjourned to Aug. 15. 

p. 317 

A Court at Westover 
15 Aug. 1678 

Press Coll. Edw. Hill; Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke; Mr. Bern. Sykes; Mr. 
Those Grendon; Maj. Jno. Stith. 

Memo; Jno. Smith having married the relict & admx. of Gattley, dec ! d„, 
freely acquits & discharges Coll. Dan'l Clarke, late sherr. from the 
judgmt o obtained agst him by Sarah his wife and admx. aforesd. for 
non-appearance of Maj. Wm. White adm. of Capt. Hubert farrell and 
from all damages, Maj. White having settled all charges. 

Maj. Gen'l Abrm. Wood showing that Elizabeth Johnson's estate had not 
the 901 lbs. tob. which she owes him, the court orders that Thorn. 
Ludson(?) be paid 200 lbs. tob. for a coffin & 60 for digging the grave 
and that Maj. Gen'l. Wood have the remainder for deft. (I think the 
above name an error and intended for Hudson. Ed. ) 

Jno. Harrison asks an order issued now for attachmt. in November for 
900 lbs. tob. agst. Wm. Ludford's estate. Granted. 

The action of Wm. Wilkins, pit., agst. Adam Ivey is dismissed. 

p. 318 

Jno. Woodson, pit., asks judgmt. agst. Mathew Tyler for "entertaining" 
a runaway servant of the pit. for 7 weeks less 3 days and asks 30 lbs. 
tob. a day as by Act of Assembly. The deft, denying the charges, the 
pit. prays for a jury. Granted. (No jury names given. William Archer 
was a poor clerk. The foreman asks the Justices if a servant evidence 
is legal. Assured it is, they find for pit. on 10 days in town. Berk- 
eley over ruled the recommendation of the Justices. Ed.) 


p, 318 cont. 

Wm. Range s dec.d having left, to be recorded to Henry Ledbsater, Jr., 
one mare filly delivered to sd. Ledbeater by Roger Rice. Mr. Jno. 
Sturdevant asks sd D mare be branded. Recorded. 

p. 319 

Mr. Sam'l Blaydes? pit.*, has order for 10i|. lbs. tob. agst. Ma j . Jno. 

Stithj, Adm, of Sam 8 ! Phillips estate. Granted. 

Susannah Banks, dying, did bequesth to the 2 children of Joshua Meacham, 
named Elizabeth and Mary Meacham, 2 cows & 2 heifers. Sd. Joshua prays 
they be recorded. Granted., 

Ordered that Jno. Amos be paid 100 lbs. tob. of the estate of Thos. 
Hillman, the same acknowledged due by Hillman in his lifetime. 

Ordered that llj.00 lbs. of tob. be paid Jas. Blaymore for the funeral 
of Thos. Hillman deducted with the above due Amos, out of Hillman 1 3 
estate, the remainder to be valued and divided between Jno. Hillman, 
the orphans of Sam 11 ! Hillman and Mr. Jas. Wallace. Mr. Thos. Douglass, 
and the sherr. make sure of division. 

Thos. Blayton, pit., assignee of Rich. Hill, and Jno. Woodson, deft., 
for ll;30 lbs. tob. which Mr. Nevt Wheeler, dec'd. had promised topay 
but did not. Judgm't. is awarded pit. for above sum. 

p. 320 

Attachm't granted Adam Heath agst. the estate of Wm. Ludford for 530 

lbs. tob.. 

Henry Rogers agst. Poland Redford referred to next court. 

In the case of r>an«l Sanborn deft. & Robt. Boiling, pit., the deft, 
prays continuance to next court. Pit. agrees. 

Wm. ffisher assignee of Mr. Lowell pit. and Mrs. Eliz. Tatum Admx. of 
Nevt Wheeler, deft, is referred to next court. 

Wm. Theobalds, pit., agst. Giles Bland, deft., referred to next court, 

Court adjourns for 1 hour. 

Presents Coll, Hill: Coll. Clark: Mr. Sikes: Mr. Grendon: Maj. Stith: 

Capt. Poythress. 

Peter Read, of Merchant's Hope, appointed by Capt. Wyatt to impress 
necessities in 1676 and having used 2 large casks of his own, never 
billed, desires pay. Granted. 


x v* 


p. 321 

Mr, Gilbert Piatt, pit,, agst Lt. Col. Dan Clark, last sherr. as sd 

Clark served an execution on Jas. Mason sued by pit. and allowed him 

to escape. Pit,, asks judgmt. for the whole sum for the default. Granted, 

Jas. Mason confesses judgmt, to Lt. Dan. Clarke for the whole sum due 
from him to Mr. Gilbert Piatt for the execution served on him. 

Alexander Davidson having summoned ffra. V.'iths as evidence in his suit 
agst, Capt, Lucy, Withs not appearing, lost and now sues sd, Withs. 
Davidson, ffra. Withs ordered to appear at next court. 

Meryday Davis, ptl., sold a horse to Thos. Christian, deft., he not 
paying, sd, pit, repossessed the horse. Davis owed for iron work. 
Ordered the horse be surrendered to pit, and he paying 700 lbs. tob, 
the cost of the iron-work is to be deducted & charge of suit to be 
divided. (Archer dees not express cases clearly. This is muddledo 
This is what I believe , Davis sued Christian for iron work. The 
court ordered cost of iron work deducted from the 70C lbs. tob. owed 
for horse, balance paid to Davis and he to surrender uorse to Christian. 

p. 322 

In the suit of Nich. Lilly pit., agst Jno. Baxter, deft., the pit. 
not appearing a non-suit is granted. 

The suit of Coll, Edw. Hill, pit,, agst, Wm. Hooper, deft., is referred 
by mutual consent to the judgmt. of Maj, John Stith, 

Jonas Lisemin (Liscumon?) has judgmt, for ll\. days as witness in the 

case of Meryday Davis & Thos. Christian, 

Ed, Gilley has judgmt, for 1 day as witness agst. Mar, Davis in the 
case of Davis agst. Christian, 

Pra. Hill judgmt. for 1 day as witness in case of Davis & Christian. 

Edw. Redish, pit., agst. Meryday Davis, deft., about a horse, judgmt, 
granted pit. for the horse with 50 lbs, tob. damages. 

Jno, Harwood, pit,, agst. Robt. Netherland, deft., about land. The 
pit, made a"saile" to Robt, Short of lapsed land after Robt. Nether- 
wood (?) had a patent granted the 15th June 1676. The court declares 
a non-suit. 

The case of Edw, Gilley, pit,, agst, Wm. Hind, deft., referred to 
next court, 

Judgmt. granted granted Elias. Osborne, pit., agst, Henry Preston, deft., 
for 329 lbs. tob. . 

The above 327 (?) lbs. tob, with another of 150 lbs. is assigned to 
Coll, Edw. Hill, (I have stopped clearing up Archer's mistakes. Ed,) 


Henry s nas judgmt . for 3 days as witness in the case of Rowl. 

Place agst. Thos. Hill. 

Thoso Cureton agst. his servant Joseph Pells for absenting himself 

and putting sd. master to great expense & trouble to find him. As 

sdo servto has \\ years more by indenture the court orders that he serve 
full 2 years. 

Ordered that the sherr, impress a boat & hands immediately & bring 
Jnoo Bonner & Wm. English to court as witnesses for Jno. Cogin. 

16 Aug. 1678 
Press Coll. Hill: Coll. Clark: Coll. Eppess Mr. Grendon: Maj. Stith. 

Pra. Ledbeater confesses judgmt. to Eusb. King for 1530 lbs. tob. and 
160 lbs. of dressed pork, Henry Newcomb to discount the proper amount 
with cost of sale. 

p. 321; 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Jno. Drayton agst. Joshua Meacham for 114-39 lbs. tob. 

The case of Edw Gelley, pit. & Jas. Mason, deft, is referred to the 
next Orphans Court. Pull records are to be "herd". 

Walter Hunt, pit. has judgmt. agst. Maj. Jno. Stith, Adm. of Phillips 
estate of tobacco due by bill. 

Sam'l Blades, pit. has judgmt. of 350 lbs. tob. agst. the estate of 
Rich Sparks where he can find it. 

Several stray horses taken up at the Palls of the James and left with 
Esq. Place at Buckland and by WM. Crabb atty. of Mr. Place to be sent 
to Barbadoes. Crabb was asked the reason, and it was by govermt. 
order to Mr. Place. Ordered Lt. Coll. Clark & Maj. Stith to go to 
Buckland, see strays, seize them and report to next court. Mr. Crabb 
bring the Government order. 

Pra Leadbeater says Henry Newxomb has lately bought a white-faced 
sorrel horse and a black-faced mare from the Indians, the latter being 
exchanged with Peter Rowland. Ordered Newcomb appear at next court to 
report . 

p. 325 

Jas. Barrett plantr. has judgmt. agst. Mrs. Tatum admx. of Dr. Winter 

for 2000 lbs. tob. . 

Capt. Arthur Allen, pit., has attachmt. agst. the estate of Jno. 
Gallows, deft., for damages to the value of 10,000 lbs. tob.. 


p. 325 cont. 

Wm. Coreby has judgmt. agst. the sherr. for non-appearance of Tho3. 


The sherr. asks attachmt. agst, the est. of Thos. Robinson to secure 

Maj. Gen'l. Abr, Wood, pit., has judgmt. agst. Fra. Ledbeater, deft., 
for 2387 lbs. tob. . 

Judgmt, granted Rich, Wothen, pit., agst. Geo. Blake, deft., for 612 
lbs. tob., Henry Preston, security, discharged from the order of the 
last court. 

Wm. Wilkins, pit., agst. Jno. Hamlin, Robt. Nether land & Jno. Cogan, 
defts., being for forgery. The court decides that the instrument ex- 
hibited is not a forgery. Suit dismissed. 

Geoo Blake confesses judgmt. to Mr. Blayton for 81^6 lbs. tob., Henry 
Preston, security acquitted. 

Mr. Robt. Lucy has judgmt for 3 days as a witness in case of Wilkins & 

p. 326 

Jno. Cogan, Jr., pit., has judgmt. for 3 days as witness in the case 

of V/iikins & Netherland. 

Maj. Jno. Stith, Adm. of Phillips 1 estate has non-suit agst. Rowland 
Place, Esq. for wrong entry. 

In the case of Ralph Pool, pit., agst. Lt. Coll, Dan. Clark, late 
sherr. whom pit. claims returned a false report last December in the 
suit of Geo. Woodlief agst. the pit. and he asks 1000 lbs. tob. acc- 
ording to Act of Assembly. Court is of the opinion damages from Wood- 
lief sufficient. Dismissed. Elias Osborne, atty. for pit., appeals. 

Ralph Pool, pit., agst. Dan. Clarke, late sherr., claiming failure to 
deliver summons to several witnesses. No recurd of such order exhisting. 
Suit dismissed, 

Judgmt, granted Ralph Pool, pit., agst. Morrice Burcher, deft., for 
1015 lbs. tob.. 

p. 327 

Miles Hobb has judgmt. agst. Ralph Pool for 7 days as witness in the case 

of Pool & Col. Clark. 

Judgmt. granted Ralph Pool assignee of Ed. Norwood, pit., for 108 lbs. 
tob„ due for balance of account. 

p. 327 cont . 

The suit of Sam'l Blades, pit,, agsto Mrs. Eliz Tatum is referred to 

next court . 

Judgmt. awarded Lt Collo Dan. Clarke agst. Mrs. Hannah Duke, Admx. 
of Mr. Win. Duke security for Jno. Niblett for 28,000 lbs. tob. being 
upon as personal obligation for Parish collection. 

Mrs* Hannah Duke, Admx. of Mr. Wm. Duke, petitions for admin, of the 
estate of Jno. Neblett, collector of the Par. of Martin's Brandon and 
for whom Mr. Duke was security of sd. office and for which security 
Coll. Clarke has sued Mrs. Duke. If no one with a better claim appear 
at next court to ask admin., it be granted Mrs. Duke. 

Mr Eli as Osborne showing that at the time of the levy he was a close 
prisoner and is now very poor, prays to be exempted for present year. 

The case of Jacob Hill, pit., & Mr. Sam'l Blades is referred to next 

p. 328 

Jas. Mays & Ann Price with the orphans of Rich. Price to appear at 
next Orphans' Court on 1$ September with a true inventory, all papers 
pertaining to the estate and security. 

Wm Gardner had 5 days as witness for Adam Ivey and Elias Osborne atty. 
for Ivey is ordered to pay Gardner. 

Robt. Short, deft., has non-suit vs. Win, Gardner, pit., for withdrawing 
his action. 

Jas. Minge, pit., has attachmt. agst. Wm. Wilkins, deft.. 

Jas. Minge petition agst. Harrison referred to next court. 

Non-suit granted Mrs. Eliz. Tatum, deft., vs. Thos. Bodynell for wrong 

Jno. Terry , pit., agst. Rich. Wothen referred to next court. 

Robt. Dennis, pit,, agst. Jno. Barker, deft., for various small services 
done. Barker claims that he has an account for "Dyet" and lodging. As 
the two balance close acquitted both, each payig his costs. 

p. 329 

Thos. King has order for 3 days as witness agst. Jacob Hill in Hill agst 


M -72- 

p. 329 conto 

Judgmt. granted Mrs. Eliz. Tatum, pit., agst. Jno D Harrison for 80C 
lbs. tob„ due by bill to Morrice Burcher 2l± Feb. 1677 » originally bro- 
ught by pit. agsto Morris Burcher for 1300 lbs. tob. due for horse bou- 
ght of Nevet Wheeler . Ordered that Burcher pay pit. the remainder of 
the debt. 

Ralph Rotchell, a poor, aged man, showing by certificate from Surry Co. 
his great age is exempted from all levies. 

Edw. Ross a disbanded soldier being poor and impotent is exempted from 
all levies. 

Mr. Wm. Randolph is atty. of Jacob Hill by acknowlegement in court. 

Mrs. Tatum agst. Robt. Dennis dismissed. 

Edw. Gilley has order for 7 days as witness agst. Meryday Davis in 
Davis vs. Hooper. 

Jno. Bonner , Wm. English & Dr. Jno. Cogin are ordered to appear at the 
Orphans' Court 15th of this inst (?) and the sherr. take bond for 
good behavior. 

Davis agst. Hooper referred to next Orphan's Court. 

p. 330 

Jno. Cogin, Jr. has order for 8 days as witness once agst. Capt. Archer 

alien in several cases & once in Havyland and Mumford. 

Jno. Hood has judgmt. for 3 days as witness agst. Edw. Gilley in Gilley 
agst. Hinds. 

Thos. Huckeby & his wife have order for each 2 days as witness agst. 
Wm. Dare in Dare vs. Crabb. 

Adjourned to 3 Oct. I678. 

P. 331 

At a court held at We stover 
3 Oct. I678 

Present? Coll. Edw. Hills Coll. Jno. Epps; Coll. Dan. Clarkes 
Maj. Jno. Stith. 

Mr. Wm. Archer presents a letter from the Hon. Coll. Dan'l Clark, 
Secretary of State, confirming him in the office of Clerk of the County 
Court Of Charles City Co. to which the Justices humbly and thankfully 
accede . 

-73- ^ 

p. 331 cont. 

Jno. Burnettj, the orphan of Jno. Burnett dec'd., is presented to court 
by Henry Blanks and is by the court and consent of sd„ orphan apprent- 
iced to him. 

Curtis Land presents Ann Burnett to the court and is, by the court and 
consent of sd orphan apprenticed to Land. 

Pra, Ledbeator presents a will (prentended) of Henry f foster which is 
found invalid but nevertheless the court grants him admin, as ffoster's 
last illness caused him trouble & expense. 

Capt, Win. Fisher assignee of Mrs. Rebecca Sorrell, pit. agst. Mrs. 
Eliz. Tatum admx of Nevett Wheeler, deft., judgment is awarded the pit. 
for 1000 lbs. tob. and one man servant due by a paper in the hand of 
Wheeler, Wheeler appeals to next Gen'l Court. Rich. Wathen security 
for defts Mr. Wm. Randolph for the pits.. 

p. 332 ;'b78 

Whereas, actions agst. Mr. Jno. Bland mercht. by request of Mr. Rich. 
Clark, his atty. were set for this court, but no ship having come from 
London they are referred to December court by order. 

Jnoo f fisher servant of Thos. Christian is adjudged 13 years old. 

Capt. Robt. Lucie atty. of Capt. Arthur Allen & Jno. Galloes, says 
that for 250 lbs. tob. & csk. paid by Galloes discharge all complaints 
agst. sd. Galloes during the late Rebellion. 

Thos. Robinson pit. confesses judgmt. to Wm. Coreby deft, for lj.00 lbs. 
tob.. Execution returned as sd. Robinson's estate is in the hands of 
Mr. Blaiton. 

Sam'l Blaies agst. Mrs. Eliz Tatum admx. of Nevett Wheeler's estate 
and Elias Osborne her atty. for 1123 lbs. tob. Osborne atty. aforesd. 
pleads Act of Assembly - no account pleadable agst. a dead man's estate 
which is allowed. Action agst. the deft, is then asked. 

The case of Edw. Gilley pit. agst. Wm. Hind deft, for taking away a 
hat belonging to pit.. Deft, to pay ~2.$Q> lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Minge pit. & Wm. Williamson deft., Mr. Minge was employed to lay 
out the lands of Win. Harrison according to the old bounds, requiring 
the exhibition of the old patents to sd. Minge and Harrison to settle 
a suit between Wilkins & Harrison. Harrison exhibits his patent but 
Wilkins refuses his. Minge works unsuccessfully 3 days to discover 
the lines so prays an order Wilkins. Granted. Court orders Wilkins 
pay Mr. Minge lj.00 lbs. tob. also. 



Po 333 

Ordered that Mr Rich. Moseby make an account and inventory of the 

estate of Ann fflenler (? blotted) appraise it and report. 

In the case of Mr. Jas. Bisse plto agsto Jno. Cumbler deft., he not 
appearing, plto asks judgmt. agst. the sherr. for 1060 lbs tob,, 

Jacob Hill pit agst. Sam'l Blades deft., the pit. and sloop were 
employed 16 days in transporting tobacco and he paying Robt. Cudeford 
also the deft, refusing to pay. Judgmt for 600 lbs. tob 8 . 

Colic EdWo Hill has judgmto agsto the sherr. for non-appearance of J as, 
Gunn. Sherr . prays attaehmt.. 

Mr. Jaso Minge has judgmto agst. Maurice Bourchier for 259 lbs. tob.. 

Ordered that Coll. Dan'l Clark show the last year and have power to dis- 
treive for all levies in arrears. 

Wm„ Wilkins plt agsto Wm Harrison, Jr» deft for fees of a former suit 
agsto Jas. Towner and another. For both the deft, proved payment . Case 

Mrs,, Mary Ligon pit. agst Wm. Wilkins deft, for payment of a judgmt. 
for 1000 lbs. tobo in a court for Bristol Par. and $$ lbs. tob. for 
fees which is proved by account of defto. Judgmt . confirmed but lj.39 
lbs. tobo discounted being paid to Coll. Ligon. 

Po 33i| 

Lidia Norvell pit. agst. Edw. Jordan deft, he having gone to Maryland, 

Mr, Crabb offers security for the deft.'s appearance at next court, 

Mr Jno. Cogin pit agst. Wm. English deft, the deft, not appearing, 
order given Mr. Cog an agst. the sherr. for 1200 lbs. tob. for no 
security. Sherr. prays attaehmt.. 

Wm. The ob alls agst. Harmon Bosman referred to next court. 

Ordered Mr. Nich. Wyatt and Henry Harmon to appraise as per the estate 
of Edw. CI ant home . 

Rich. Wathen pit and Wm. Ludford & his wife defts., referred to next 
court . 

Mr. Jas. Biss pit. agst. Eusebius King deft. Deft, not appearing jud- 
gmt. agsto the sherr. for 3^-5 lbs. tob.. 

Capt„ Poythers pit. agst. Jno. Hood deft., the deft, not appearing & 
no security, judgmt, agst. the sherr.. Attachmt. granted sherr.. 


p. 33I4. cont. 

Coll. St. Ledger Codd pit. & Mr. Ant. Wyatt deft, for things as per 
account, the deft, asks a referral to show payments. Granted but if 
no good proof then execution to be issued for 6853 lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Wyatt agst. Crabb referred to next court. 

Wm. Erby pit. agst. Rich. Bradford deft., deft, has non-suit for non- 
appearance of pit.. 

p. 335 

Ordered Nich. Walker be allowed 350 lbs. tob. for burial, etc. for 

Edw. Melton. To be paid David Jones. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Jas Minge pit. agst. Ed. Gilley deft, for I4.OO lbs. 
tob. due. 

Ordered the clerk write & present to the Burgesses a petition for a 
reward for Pra. Hill & Edw. Gilley, Jr. for capturing the murderer. 

Thos. Booth pit. & Jonas Liscum deft, referred to next court, 

Maj. Stith, deft,, has non-suit agst. Wm. Crabb atty. of Rold. Place. 

Complaint of Wm. ffrost, apprentice of Jno. Harrison, taylor, that he 
was beaten by fellow 'prentices and not taught the trade by his master, 
also he has been sent for by his mother in Ireland and wishes to be 
released. The neighbors denying any ill-treatment, the court calls 
it childish complaint and redraws his Indenture and charges that the 
art of taylor be carefully taught and at end of indenture his master 
to give sd. ffrost one good gun, two suits of apparel, linen & woolen 
from top to toe & one cow & calf. 

Ordered Christopher Hudnon Adm. of Cuthbert Williams 1 estate to pay 
Joseph Bradley his due from the estate he being of age. (I am sure 
this must be Williamson, Ed, ) 

The case of Edw. Gilley, Jr. who married Mary, the daughter of Roger 
Wamsley agst. Jas. Mason who married sd. Walmesley's relict, for a 
division according to will. The court orders Mason to have a true 
survey made & the division within a month and if not done then Gilley 
to have the right of so doing and the court to direct division of the 
personal estate. 

P. 336 

Henry Burton has order agst. Edw. Gilley, Jr. for 1 day as witness 

in the case of Gilley & Minge. 


p. 336 cont. 

In the case between Hooper deft, and Davis pit. the pit. is granted 

Qh bbls. corn in full satisfaction 

Court adjourned until 3 Dec. 1678 

P. 337 

At a court held at Westover 

16 Nov. 1678 

By His Majs Justices of Guardians 

(This is supposed to be an Orphans Court but records must have been 

in a separate book. ) 
Lt. Coll. Clarke, Mr„ Grendon„ Mr. Sikes^ Maj. Stith. 

Mr. Jno. Body presenting a letter of attorney from Mr. Buckei- 

of London prays it be recorded. 

Ordered probatt of the last will of Mr. Win. Hunt, Sr. be granted Mr, 
Win. Hunt, Jr. according to the Governor & Council. 

According to a letter of the Governor & Council Mr. Thos. Blayton was 
appointed a Justice for this county & took his place. 

Ordered that the sherr. summon Capt. Nich. Wyatt & Mr. Henry Batt to 
appear at Westover on the 3 Dec. next to be sworn as Justices by Gov- 
ernor • s order . 

Michael Talbot Adm. of Jno. Nibblet desiring that a capable person be 
appointed to settle the account between him, sd. Talbot, and Lt. Coll. 
Dan. Clarke, the court appoints Maj. Jno. Stith & Mr. Thos. Blayton to 
meet on 9 December next at house of Mrs. Hannah Duke, settle sd. account 
& report. 

Ordered that Capt. Nich. Wyatt & Mr. Rich. Hill do inventory & appraise 
the estate of Jno. Nibblet dec'd & report. 

Ordered that the levey court be referred to the 3rd December next at 
which time the justices are to bring in their lists and persons with 
complaints are to appear. 

p. 338 

At a Court held at Westover 
3 Dec. 1678 

Press Coll. Edw. Hill: Coll. Dan. Clarke; Mr. Thos. Grendon: Mr. 
Thos. Blayton. 

■77- N . 


p, 338 cont, 

Henry Wewsom presents an Indian boy which he claims as a slave for 
life and the court adjudges to be 7 years old» 

(The Indians could be legally sold into slavery by the Chiefs of 
their tribes or even given if times were bad but they could not sell 
or give any one from another tribe. If such were found, they had to 
be returned, though no attempt was made to impose colonial law on cap- 
tives the Indians themselves used as slaves. Infrequent instances 
appear in the order books. Ed.) 

In the case of Lydia Nowell pit. and Edw. Jourdan deft, the pit is 
granted judgmt. for H4.OO lbs. tob«. 

Mr. Henry Batt by Governor's orders is sworn Justice of the Peace. 

Mr. Robt. Boiling stands security for Mrs. Gillum, she having the estate 
of orphan Hugh Leaden in her hands. 

In the case of Mr. Jno. Coggan & Wm v English it is ordered that Mr. 
Jas. Wallace, Mr. Rich. Dods, and Wiru Sanders value enough of the 
estate of Wm. English as amounts to 600 lbs. tob. including a bed- 
ticking with costs. 

Ordered that the Justices in each parish take part of their warrants 
to clear the highways. 

In answer to Maj. Gen'l Wood's letter about the swearing of a constable, 
ask that he will issue a warrant to require his appearance. 

Wm. Tibballs pit. agst. Harmon Bosman deft., the pit. not appearing a 
non-suit is granted. 

p. 339 

Admin, granted ffra. Hill on Minshans estate. Edw. Gilley, Sr. & 

Edw. Gilley, Jr. security. 

Ordered: all actions agst. Mr. Jno. Bland referred to next court. 

Mr. Biss vs. King referred. 

Henry Newcomb proves right to 200 acs. of land for the importation of 
Wm. ffintch, Wm. Strong, Thos. Burcher, Ann Graunt, Wm. Strong but one 
not proved. 

Jno. Meacham confesses judgmt. for 200 lbs. tob. to Capt. Arthur Allen. 

Non-suit granted Mr. Thweet vs. Mr. Boiling no cause appearing. 

Judgmt. granted Mrs. Eliz. Tatum, Admx. of Nevet Wheeler agst. Tho. 
Stoner Adm. of Mudgetts estate for 7&0 lbs. tob.. 


p. 339 cont. 

Mr. Minge has judgmt. for 665 lbs. tob. and csk. agst. Thos. Stoner 

Adm. of Mudgett. 

Michaell Talbott has judgmt. agst. Thos. Stoner adm. of Mudgett for 
2J4.5 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Goode has judgmt. agst. Thos. Stoner adm. of Mudgett for 2l|5 
lbs. tob.. 

The case of Jno. Smith pit. agst. Jno. Weaver deft, is referred to Mr. 
Thos. Blayton & Capt. Wyett to settle. 

p. 3*J-0 

Thos. Turner acknowledges haveing received 1263 lbs. of tob. of ffra. 

Rea being 1/3 part of his portion. 

Judgmt. granted Henry Harman atty. of Jno. Nibblett pit. agst. Rich. 
Spencer for 321 lbs. tob.. 

Henry Debrowne confesses judgmt. to Capt. Lucy atty. of Arthur Allen 
for 250 lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Elias Osborne atty. of Thos. Robinson confesses judgmt. to Mr. 
Benj. Harrison for 1001 lbs. tob.. 

The judgmt. granted agst. the estate of Phillip Limbrey to Dan'l. 
Markeys for 578 lbs. tob. is revised to Robt. Lucy assignee of Dan'l 
Markey. Elias Osborne summoned could show no reason to the contrary. 

k Dec. 1678 

Pres: Coll. Edw. Hill: Mr. Bern. Sikes: Mr. Dan'l Clark: Capt. Poythres: 
Mr. Jno. Stith: Mr. Blayton: Mr. Tho. Grendon: Mr. Batt. 

Judgmt. granted Thos. Booth pit. agst. Jonas liscum deft, for 331 lbs. 
tob & csk. . 

Admin, granted Hester Poster on the estate of Hester Sharp. Ma j . Stith 
security and is given authority to administer estate for Hester ffoster, 

Judgmt. granted Coll. Hill agst. Thos. Stoner adm. of Mudgett for 827 
lbs. tob. by bill. 

Judgmt. granted Elias Osborne pit. agst. Wm. Wilkinson deft, for I|.00 
lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Elias Osborne pit. for 100 lbs. tob. agst. Mrs. 
Rebecca Giles, deft, and order her to deliver a bill of Jonas Liscum 
for 150 lbs. tob. forthwith. 


P. 3*4-1 

Roland Place, Esq., pit., agst. Rich. Kill, deft., Elias Osborne plt.'s 
atty. and Wm. Crabbe deft's attorney both show bills which when discou- 
nted and audited allows the deft. 50 lbs. tob.. 

Coll. Epps agst. Anthony Pryor the sd. Prior appears and promises him- 
self and Mr. Geo. Lee security for Coll. Epps agst. the judgmt of 2000 
lbs. tob. for non-appearance of Prior. 

Capt. N^ch. Wyatt, by order of the Governor, is sworn as justice. 

Wm. Hood pit. & Edw. Gilley, Sr., deft, petition to have a decision 
reversed. Refused. 

Henry Jonkings (?) pit. agst. Win. Pride deft, dismissed. 

Dr. Geo. Lee, atty. of Coll. Thos. Swan & Jno. Ludford pit. agst. Mr. 
Thos. Blayton deft, for debt of 600 lbs. tob.. The deft, shows a jud- 
gmt. assigned by Mr. Jas. Minge discounted for $$$ lbs. tob. leaving 
judgmt. of I4.I lbs. tob. is awarded pit.. Lee appeals to Gen'l Court . 

p. 3^2 

Ordered that Capt. Nich. Wyet & Henry Harman appraise the estate of 

C. Clanthorne and report* 

Thos. Pluckrose has an order agst. Emanuel Alveryes for 1 day as wit- 

Ralph Rachell pit. & Thos. Stoner Adm. of Mudgett, ordered that St oner 
pay deft, one cow & calf. 

Alexander Davidson pit. ffrancis Wilkes deft, sd. deft, did not answer 
a summons, pit. asks a penalty. But sd. Wilkes was on the country's 
service. No penalty. 

The case of Capt. Nich. Wyet agst. Stev. Hamblin referred to next court, 

Sarah James, servant to Mr. Jno. Drayton, having had a bastard child, 
must serve 2 years more. 

In the case of Mrs. Mary Ligon agst. Wm. Wi. cinson it is ordered he pay 
her i;00 lbs. tob. . 

Wm. Wilkinson confesses judgmt. to Wm. Harrison for 20,000 lbs. tob. 
to stand until the final judgmt. of Mr. Thos. Blayton and Capt. Nich. 
Wyet on several differences on land bounds can be determined and sett- 
led. Likewise Wm Harrison confesses judgmt. and stands for a like sum. 


p. 3U3 

5 December I678 

Pres: Coll. Epps; Mr. Poythreys; Coll. Grendon: Mr. Blayton: Mr. Sikes: 
Mr. Batt; Maj. Stith: Capt. Wyet. 

Mr. Jas. Minge & Mr. Wm. Archer agree in court to join issue at next 
court concerning the Clerk's place. 

ffra. Ledbeater, deft., confesses judgmt. to Tho. Harrison pit. for 
791+ lbs. tob. due. Execution 3 April 1679 by Jno. Drayton. 

Wm. Theoball, pit., agst. Thos. Body, Sr.. Referred to next court. 

Mr. Jas. Bisse, Adm. Torringham's estate brings his account and prays 
a quietus. Granted. 

Wm. Gardner agst. Robt. Short order agst. the sherr., Short not appear- 
ing no security is taken. 

Wm. Irby, pit., agst. Richard Bradford, deft., is referrec to the next 

Judgmt. granted Wm. Irby agst. Jos. Liscum for 36O lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. granted Jno. Turner pit. agst. Fra, Hill deft, for 365 lbs. tob. 

Mr. Jno. Coggan, Sr . has a non-suit agst. Thos. Booth pit. for non- 

The case of Jno. Coggan & Jos. Neednorse dismissed being an account 
shown & the 9i^th Act of Assembly pleaded. 

P. 3hk 

Non-suit granted Mr. Marshall agst. Mr. Wm. Theobold. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Osborne agst. Mr. Peter Good as marrying the extrx. 
of Theo. Benningfield for 200 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Harrison summoned as witness. 

Henry Preston, deft., not appearing in the action of Jno. Tate pit., 
order is granted agst. the sherr.. 

Thos. Boddenell agst. Thos. Cotton referred to next court. 

Anne Price widdow agst. Rolfe Pool referred to next court. 

Edw. G_lley, Jr., pit., agst. Jas. Mason, deft., about land, the pit. 
claiming the division is not according to his father-in-law's will. It 
is ordered that the platt made by Mr. Ligon be delivered to the pit. 


p. 3kh cont. 

with this order and that he compare bounds to see if it be according 

to the will of Roger Wamsley, and that Mr. Jno. Turner & Mr. Silvester 

Stokes accompany him and give an account to Coll. Dan. Clarke & Maj. 

Jno. Stith to make report. 

Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke & Maj. Jno. Stith to view and audit the account 

of effects due from Jas. Mason to Edw. Gilley, Jr. in right of his 


P. 31+5 

Ordered Mr. Blayton & Mr. Wyett audit & determine the differences 

between Jas. May & Ann Price and report,. 

Edw. G-illey, Jr., Pit. agst. Tho . Wallis, deft., he not appearing jud- 
gmt. is granted the pit.. 

Jno. Harrison pit. agst, Thos. Stoner Adm, of Mudgett's estate dismissed, 

Jno. Drayton Attorney of Coll. Swan pit. agst. Tho. Stoner Adm. of Mud- 
gett deft, non-suit granted agst. pit* for not proving suit. 

Judgmt. confessed by Elias Osborne as Marrying the Adm. of Phillip 
Limbrey for 990 lbs. tob. & csk out of Limbrey's estate 

Judgmt. confessed by Tho. Stoner Adm of Mudgett to Ann Price Admx of 
Rich. Price for 600 lbs, tob.. 

Non-suit granted Rich Hill pit. agst. Edw. Norwood deft for non- 
appearance . 

Wm. Sikes pit. agst. Thos. Cotton deft, referred to next court. 

Jno. Weaver agst. Mr. Rich Hill referred to next court. 

Mr. Wm. Irby agst. Jno. Hix for debt, 1000 lbs. tob. due by bill sd. 
Irby having contracted to perform a cure on Hix and wife* The deft, 
claims that the cure not made but pit. asserts the deft, would not be 
"Reeltd" by him nor follow directions. The court finds for the pit. 
but will not issue execution until 10 Oct. next when the cure must 
have been effected. 

P. 3^6 

Rich. Wathen agst. Mary Rose referred to next court. 

The suit of Rolfe Pool agst. Geo. Wood is dismissed from which pit. 
appeals to Gen'l Court. Security given. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Roger Potter pit. agst. Mr. Anth. Haviland deft, 
for 500 lbs. tob., due by bill shown by pit's atty. Mr. Elias Osborne. 


p. 3i+6 cont. 

The suit of Mr. Peter ffield pit. agst. Rebecca Giles deft, for scandal- 

the petition being lost the court allows it presented to next court. 

Rich. Hill has judgmt. renewed agst. Coll. Epps then sherr. for 1200 
lbs. tob. cost for non-appearance of Jas. Thrall. 

p. 3V7 

Thoso Goodgame pit. agst. Roger Reese deft, for taking the pit's boat 

and the pit. asks for a jury. 

Win. Hunt; Robt. Boiling: Robt. Netherland:Geo. Woodliffe: Jno . Harrison; 

Jno. Hood; Jno. Weaver: Jno. Black: Jonas Liscum: Gewat,(?) Dixon: Hen. 


Verdict: Not finding the boat belongs to Gcodgama, there is no cause 

for action. Non-suit granted. 

Dan. Higdon has non-suit agst. | Lt, ■ no cause for action, 

Jno. Jone deft, has non-suit agst. Thos. Goodgame pit. No cause for 

The suit of Robt. Dennis pit. agst. Jno. baritei- aert. is dismissed as 
not worth the court's time. 

Rich. Wathen has judgmt. agst. Ker. Davis for I4.OO lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. renewed agst. Rebecca Giles granted to Mr. Jno. Coggens in June 
for 200 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Hoskins pit. agst. Coll. Place deft, referred to next court. The 
sherr. having effects in his hands is too keep enough to equal 8jj5 lbs. 
tob. . 

Capt. Thos. Lucy & Mr. Robt. Netherland are discharged as security for 
the estate of Jno. Harwood's orphan and Jno. Black gives security. 

P. 3^8 

Judgmt. granted ffrs. Ledbeater pit. agst. Thos. Clark deft for I4.OO lbs. 

tob. • 

5 Dec. I678 Pres. Justices as yeaterday. 

The case of Thos. Clark pit. agst. ffra. Ledbeator deft, is referred to 
next court. 

Mr. Jno. Coggan pit. agst. Rebecca Giles deft., the deft, not appearing 
a non-suit is granted 

Mr. Jno. Drayton pit. agst. Mr. Robt. Jones deft, is dismissed. 

-8 3 - 

p. 3I4.8 cont. 

6 Dec. 1678 - Present same justices. 

To Maj. Stith 2 tithables over charges last year at Mr. Place 392 

To Maj. Stith 2 insolvents Melten & Decent -~ ._— 392 

To Maj. Stith k insolvents of Thos. Kill --- ■ 326 

The shed of Tobb. to Maj. Stith being burnt at Widd. Wood's 

House — --■ ■ — — - — --• —————-. 392 

To Maj. Stith for Jno. Ensull — --»»__-.-__.-.-_ — -- . 196 

To Maj. Stith as coroner --• — -~ ■--■ 133 

To Maj. Stith an attorney being sued, to town about Mr. Bird's 

salary --- ,_-__ . „_-„-_„,. ..__ — , — , [|_00 

To Maj. Stith 2 days juryman & 2 days going & coming 2i|0 

P. 3*4-9 

To too much brought over (IBal. fwd.?) «-.-- ~---- — . — , . 2/4.71 

To Mr. ffields as juryman in Criminal Court 3 days — 12i\.0 

To 2 days going & coming oc writing notes 

To Mr. Tho , 3att as juryman in Crim. Ct. 3 days — — ■ II4.O 

and 2 days going & coming 

To Mr. Grendon for salary due as Burgess not raised last year 531 

To Mr. Grendon for assignment from Mered„ Davis — 300 

To Mr. Grendon as Coroner on Cuthbert Williams ■ 133 

To Mr. Grendon as Corner on servt. of Mr. Blayton' s 133 

To Jno. Hardeway for his horse imprest 2 days ■ — 130 

To Mr. Grendon for summoning a jury of inquest on Cuth. Williams 72 

To Mr. Drayton for 2 men guarding prisoner by night i+O 

To summoning 2 men ■ --■ — ■- ■ 20 

To several other charges for prisoners as Par. allowed 2150 

To 2 Coroner's fees & burying 2 corpse 300 

To Mr. Drayton for boat & hands imprest to fetch Bonner English lj.0 
To Capt. Wyett for casks for his tobb. not raised last year 

for Burgess salary ■ — 800 

To Capt. Wyett as juryman --■ lif-0 

To Maj. Poythres for 2 coroner's fees — • 200 

To Jno. Smith as per account --■ ■ 872 

To Mered Davis as per warrant. Assigned to Mr. Drayton 600 

To Mr. Blayton for juryman at towne 300 

To Mr. Blayton 1 coroner's fee on Mr. Harrell's man not 

allowe to last year • 500 

To Mr. Blayton salary as Burgess June Assembly one-half being 

paid last year ■ — ■ — 1650 

To Lt, Col. Clarke for sevl. imsolvents as per account 2396 

To Lt. Coll. Clarke for casks for tobb. raised for Mr. Bird 

in his hands --■ _______ . 270 

To Mich. Talbott for l± insolvents assigned Lt. Coll. Clarke 70^4- 

To Mr. Sykes for 5 days as juryman 2\\.0 

To Jno. Threeweeks for 5 days imprest at 15 pr. diem 75 


p. 314.9 cont. 

To Capt. Lucy as per acct. ±004 

To ffra. Hill for taking the murder ■ 200 

To Edw. Gilley 

To Thos. Huckebie for 2 yrs storage & for casks not allowed 

last year ^200 

To Thos. Huckabee as per acct 775 

To Thos. Huckabee' s wife for sweeping court house 200 

To Thos. King as per account 80 

To Ed. Jordan for fething boards & the rest ll+OO 

Certificate to the Assembly 25,14-32 

To so much brought over -• ,_--.——. .-- ^^,43^ 

To Wm. Hoskins as per acct. assigned to Coll. Clarke ■ 1,568 

To Mr. Shipley for attending court --■ — — — ■ 500 

To Wm. Archer -__----. .—.————- -- 1,000 

To Robt. Netherlands acct. 100 

To Mr. Osborne — ■ ■-— — 

To Jno. Hobbs towards his loss by fire ■ 1,000 

To Mrs. Mallare > 550 

To Henry Rogers ■ — ■ — 2bl|. 


To cask & salary 6,11l2 

Ordered that Maj. Jno. Stith collect the south side of Westmoreland 
Par., Mr. Grendon & Mr. Sykes security. 

Ordered that Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clarke collect the Par. of Weyanoke, 
Maj. Stith & Capt. Dan'l Lewelling security. 

Ordered that Jno. Smith collect Martin's Brandon & Merchant's Hope 
with Lt. Coll. Clarke & Henry Batte security. 

Ord. that Maj. Pra. Poythres collect Jordan's Par. with Thos. Blayton 
& Coll. Jno. Epps security. 

Ord. that Capt. Henry Batte collect Appamattocks with Maj. Stith & 
Mr. Robt. Boiling security. 

Maj. Jno. Stith for Westover Par. pm north side. 

To 127 levies at $1% lbs. per head 651+0-s 

per cask & sallery jrj„ 


Ordered that he pay the person hereunder "mensoned". 


p. 350 cont. 

To his own dues — -■ --------- — . . ._-. — ,__„ . . 21+71 

Jodell (?) Grendon 1079 

Jotten (?) Rogs (?) —■ . 21+0 

James Sykes _______--. . 21+0 

Tho. King — - — -__ _ — . - — ___- . . 80 

Jno. Threeweeks — .. . . - 75 

Jno. Hardeway ■-- . . 30 

Tho. Huckebee . . . . 999 

Jno. Smith collector at Martin's Brandon: 

93 levies at 51% per head . i+787 

Pd. per cask & sallery (?) ■ , — 956 


Ord. that he pay the sd. persons following: 

To his own dues ■ — — 872 

To Capt. Wyett -- 92+0 

To Wm. Archer 1000 

To Elias Osborne 300 

To Mr. Thos. Blayton — . _--,_- — . 731 

Jno. Smith Collector of Merchant's Hope: 

To 101 levies at 5l^ lbs. per head . 5201 

For cask & sallary (?) 101+0 

Ordered that he pay to sd. per. foil. 

Jno. Blayton . — . . — 929 

Thos. Huckabee -• — — 3217 


due to Ball. . . . — 15 


To Coll. Dan. Clark as Collector of Weyanoke Par. 

To 197 levies at Slh per head 7055^ 

To which in his hands to be pd. Coll Clarke ■ ■ 21+30 


For cask & sallery ■ ■ ■■ . ___- ______ ll+lQ 

That he pay the sd. pers. foil. 

To his own dues — . > . . 2396 

To Mich. Talbott . . .-- 78I+ 

To Fra. Hill & Ed. Gilley 1+00 

To Edwd. Jordan 11+00 

To Mr. Hoakins l£60 

To Mr. Shipley . . . . 500 

To Mr. Nath. Edland 927 



p. 350 cont. 

Maj. Pra. Poythres, Collector at Jordan 4 s 

To 93 at 5li§ per head -- ._— - — _ _ — __- 14.789 

for cask & salary -• ■ ---■ — •— -- 956 


Ord. that he pay the per. foil. 

To own dues .-_-_. — .— , „ 266 

To Mr. Petr. Field —p.— . _ 1000 

To Mr. Drayton ■ -. . 2562 


Capt. Hen. Batt, Collector at Appamatock 

To 109 levies at 5±k per head 5613 

To cask & salary »- .-. .. ,_~_. . 1122 


To own dues . . _-_...> li^.0 

To Mr. ffield .. — — . 24 

To Mr. Blayton ■ 800 

To Joe Hobbs 73 

To Capt. Lucy ■ — .... ^ 188J4. 

To Jno. Huckabee . . l^Sk 

To Mr. Davis ■ — . 600 


p. 351 

At a Court at We stover 
17 Feb. 1678/9 

Present: Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke: Lt. Coll. Tho. Grendon: Maj. Jno. Stith: 
Mr. Thos. Blayton: Mr. Hen. Batt. 

Mrs. Sarah Bland proves her letter of atty. from her husband, Mr. Jno. 
Bland of London. 

Lt. Coll. Thos. Grendon showing his account of L9/10 for law and record 
books ordered from London as per contract to be reimbursed in tobacco 
at 8 shillings per hundred, it is ordered that Lt. Coll. Grendon be 
repaid at the next levy. 

Admin, on the estates of Charles and Tho. Dunnington is granted to Mr. 
Jno. Hodges in right of his wife he giving security. Lt. Coll. Dan. 
Clarke to appraise same and report. 

Admin, granted to Jno. Howell on the estate of his father, Jno. Howell, 
dec 'd. . 

Upon petition of Maj. Jno. Stith it is ordered that he take into his 
custody and tuition, Dan'l Warriner, one of the orphans of Rich. Handson 
dec'd., also estate, giving security. 


p. 352 

Maj. Jno. Stith guardien of Sam'i. Eal, orphan, has run away with Jonas 
Liscum. Therefore, Maj. Stith prays the court to return him. Liscum 
and the boy being in court he asks to stay with Liscum. Liscum to 
appear at next court. 

The last will of Jno. Willson being proved, a probate is granted to 
Mr. Rich. Moseley. 

Mr. Jas. Wallis presents to the court an inventory of the 2 orphans of 
Caser Wallpoll asking that same be recorded. Granted. 

Upon the l±th Oct. 1675 admin, on the estate of Thos. Bond was granted 
Jno. Harrison for the use of wife and children of Bond. The Adm. was 
to give an inventory, Mr. Jas. Bisse, Mr. Thos. Blayton & Mr. Wm. Duke 
were to value & appraise sd. estate, which was done. The Adm. not 
bringing the inventory and appraisal to Court, is ordered that said 
Harrison appear at next court with the documents. 

Writ of arrest ordered for Jno. Harrison in an action brought by Jno. 
f frost to answer to the court. 

p. 353 

Probate granted on the will of Elizabeth Shipdome, mother of Eliz. 
Moseby and Jno. Reakes, it being proved by the oath of Miles Hobson and 
sd. son & daughter giving security. 

Jno. Snudge servt. to Hen Blanks is judged to be 11 years old. 

Jno. Vandevan servt. to Peter Reed is judged to be 11 years old. 

Mary Wesson servt. to Coll. Dan. Clarke, showing her indenture was for 
li years and he tries to detain her 5 years, and Coll. Clarke claiming 
no indenture as he bought her for 5 years, her indenture is invalid 
an she to serve 5 years. 

Coll. Edw. Hill pit. agst. Mr. Jno. Bland deft, referred to the next 
Gen. Court, Madam Sarah Bland wife & atty. confessing judgmt. to Coll. 
Hill in double the sum of the debt to have the suit heard then. 

Jno. Hardeway & Jno. Ekoll in behalf of the orphans of Thos. Harris, 
dec'd., agst. Mr. Jno. Bland for 700 lbs. tob. owed for an ox which 
debt Mrs. Sarah Bland confesses to Maj. Jno. Stith, Guardian. 

Probate granted on the will of Jno. Parker to Ann relict & extrx., 
proved by Elias Osborne & Math. Ballance, she giving security. 

p. 35U 

Coll. Edw. Hill being a creditor to Mr. Bland asks to be excused as 

judge in any case agst. Mr. Bland. 


P. 35k 

Madam Sarah Bland declares Mr. Rich. Clarke her atty., which is recorded. 

All actions agst. Mr. Jno. Bland are referred to the next court. 

Win. Humphreys deed to Morris ffloyd acknowledged and ordered recorded. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Jas. Bisse pit. agst. Eusebius King deft, for 2I4.O 
lbs. tob. due. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton sherr. for neglecting to attend court is fined 1000 
lbs. tob. . 

Abra. Odium and his wife showing tnat Jno. Peterson lately dec'd, 
declared that Odium should have management & tuition of his children 
and their estates, he asks admin, be granted him on Peterson's estate, 
he giving good security that the mill & plantation be property managed 
Odium to bring in a inventory. 

Judgmt. granted Thos. Bodmill pit. agst, Wm. Theoball deft, for 1 
shilling ster. being due upon balance of acct.. 

The case of Wm. Irby pit. agst. Rich. Bradford deft, for a cure & other 
physic. This the deft, denies as pit. was paid a hog & 19 lbs. of bacon, 
Case dismissed. 

P. 355 

17 Feb. 1678/9 

Jas. Hall asks that his earmark be recorded. 

Judgmt. granted Mr. Benj. Harrison assignee of Dan'l Roome for 1307 
lbs. tob. agst. Maj. Jno. Stith. Security for Herman Bosman. 

Ordered Jno. Smith to take custody of Jas. Rigley's estate, give in- 
ventory at next court and it to remain in his custody unless no better 
right of admin, be shown, it will be granted Smith. 

Coll. Edw. Hill has informed this court that he has heard that Capt. 
Grantham has told some of the Council that Coll. Hill has threatened 
and terrified some of the "eminentest" people of the county and threat- 
ened them with how severe My Lord Culpepper would be when he came and 
that sd. G-rantham would inform Lord Culpepper of it. Coll. Hill 
denies the report and asks each of the members to please give him 
vindication and declare that they have not heard him make such a threat, 

Martha Cordell being of age discharges her guardian Jno. Hamelett of 
the estate due her. 

p. 356 

Thos. Stanly has certificate granted to the Assembly for /4J4. days attend- 
ing the prisoner, as by order of Gen'l Court. 

18th Feb. 1678/9 

Pres: Coll. Edw. Hill: Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clarke; Maj. Jno. Stith: Lt. Coll. 
Thos. Grendon: Mr. Thos. Blayton: Mr. Bernd. Sikess Maj. Fra. Poythress 
Mr. Hen. Batt. 

Attachmt. granted Cell. Edw. Hill agst. the estate of Isaac Bates. 

Coll. Edw. Hill agst. Morris Burcher, the deft, not appearing order is 
granted agst. the sherr.. 

Elias Osborne, atty. of Gapt„ Wm. KawiinLOn, conisscies judgmt. to Coll. 
Edw. Hill for Shh lbs. tob.. 

Mary Home being poor asKs that she may bind out her crild to such person 
as will take them. Granted. (Is this Archer's mistake? Ed.) 

Henry Preston confesses jud^mx.. to Con, Daw, HjlIj. for 1075 lbs. tob.. 

Judgmt. awarded Wm. Hoaitins pit. agst* Jno. Harison, deft., for 1^.65 lbs. 
tob. assigned to Coll. Dan. Clarke. 

Ordered Mr. Thos. Blayton or Capt. Nieh. wyett take custody of the estate 
of Eliz. Barnard, pay debts, and sell remainder at public ourcry. 

Anth. Prior agst. Jno. Turner about a servt. man; snowing an order 
passed agst. Coll. Jno. Epps then sherr. for 2000 lbs. tob.. Prior 
affirmed that he never had a legal trial and proving that the servt. 
served the time agreed then no execution is to be issued until the 
case can be investigated. 

P- 357 

Thos. Stoner, Adm. of Sarah Mudyett, confesses to Jno. Tirrey for 261 

lbs. tob. . 

Coll. Edw. Hill affirming that Tho. Chappell brought in a wolf's head. 
Referred to county levy. 

Mr. Jas. Wallis confessed judgmt. to double the sum which Jno. Turner 
has agst. Anthony Frior so Prior or his attorney shall appear at the 
next court, to show reason agst. the judgmt. 

Saml. Vokes confesses judgmt. to Jno. Smith for 25 prs. shoes, 2/3 of 
good Virginia shoes, ffrench fall mens and the rest women's falls & 
men's plaine. 

Non-suit granted Rich. Hill deft. agst. Jno. Weaver pit. no cause of 
action, Sarah Parker having been summoned. 


p. 357 cont. 

Hester ffoster, pit., and Edw. Jordan, deft., Roland Place acted as 

admr. of Hester Sharpe's estate before Hester ffoster was appointed 

admx., at which time sd. Place legally sold cattle and hogs to Jordan. 


Prom which last claim Ma j . Stith, atty. for Hester ffoster, appeals to 
next Gen'l. Court. Mr, Blayton security for pit. and Mr. Sherwood & 
Mr. Crabbe for Jordan. 

P. 358 

Mrs. Eliz. Tatum admx. of Nevet Wheeler's estate, pit. agst. Rich. Hill* 
deft, is referred to the next court so Mi 5 . Blayton can take the oath 
of Morrice Bourcher who it* sick, 

Mrs. Eliz. Drayton, pit., agst* Wm. Hunt, deft., non-suit granted deft.. 

Coll. Thos. Swan pit. agst. Thos„ Stoner adm, of Sarah Mudgett's estate, 
deft.. Non-suit granted. 

Jno. Harrison pit. agst. l'uos. Stoner, uaia, of Sarah Mudgett est xe, 
deft., dismissed. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton pit* agst. Ralph Pool deft.. The deft, has non-suit. 

Coll. Thos. Swan pit. agst. Ralph Pool deft., the deft, has non-suit. 

Upon the Clerk's motion, the court thinks fit to depute Mr. Jno. Stith, 
Jr. as "living" convenient to keep an office" to enter necessary papers 
on ohe north side of the James. 

Upon motion of the Clerk showing that different litigants brought friv- 
olous and troublesome actions which are of small or no importance except 
to vent spleen depress small estates and waste time of the officers 
and court, by such malicious suits they become considerably in the 
Clerk's debt and cannot pay; therefore, the Court leaves to the Clerk's 
discretion which suits shall be entered and what made a matter of record. 
(I have no doubt that this is true but to leave the discretion to a 
political appointee forced by the governor could also allow someone to 
"vent spleen". Ed.) 

P. 359 

Admin, on the estate of Pra. West is granted Edw. Robinson being sec- 
urity for the orphan's estate. Mr. Batte is empowered to take invent- 
ory and report. 

Jervis Dix security for the above admin, being a considerable creditor 
to it. 

Rich. Wathen pit. agst. Mary Ludford deft, about the Estate of Morris 
Rose. Capt. Bisse & Capt. Wyett, to audit the account, determine it 
and report. 


p. 359 cont. 

Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke certifying that when he was sherr. he served an 
attachint. obtained by Mr. Peter Field agst. the estate of Tobias Holford 
for I4.9I4. lbs. tob. upon the estate, proof shown so granted. 

Win. Wathen, the 19th Nov. 1677, had attachint. for 1517 lbs. tob. agst. 
Wm. Ludford's estate. It was executed upon 7 hoggs, judgmt. is granted. 

Jno. Tate in Nov. 1677 had attachint. agst. Wm. Ludford for 330 lbs. tob. 
which was served. The debt appears due, judgmt. granted 

p. 360 

Thos. Bottom pit. agst. Ralph Pool deft, in an obligation signed by 
Pool & sealed - the penalty for non-performance bieng L50. The pit. 
contracted to work for sd. Pool as a shoemaker in Virginia for l± years 
the deft, paying lj.50 lbs. tob. per year for support of plt.'s wife 
and children in England. The deft, having served almost his time 
faithfully and to his master's great profit , has received nothing and 
his wife & children are in great want, and he prays judgmt. for the 
same agst. deft.. Mr. Elias Osborne, atty. for deft, prays it be 
referred to a jury. Mr. Jno, Blayton & Mr. Elias Osborne being ac- 
quainted with the deft.'s handwriting were asked if the contract was 
in pool's hand and said it was, as did others. The jury returned a 
verdict for the pit.. Jas. Minge foreman, Judgmt, is avjarded the pit. 
agst. the deft, for L70 pit .-"-appeals to Gen'l Court. * (I think deft, 
is meant here. See also below. Ed. ) 

Mr. Elias Osborne enters security for the deft., to prosecute the appeal, 

The case of Greene agst. Hamblin referred to next court. 

Roger Poynton pit. agst. Wm. Crabbe, deft., non-suit. 

p. 361 

Wm. Crabb attorney of Roland Place, Esq. agst. Thos. Booth deft, the 

deft, not appearing order agst. the sherr. 

Chas. Dias pit agst. Herman Bossman deft., the deft, not appearing 
judgmt. agst. the sherr.. 

Chas. Dias pit. agst. Michael ffletcher deft., the deft, not appearing 
order agst. the sherr.. 

Roland Place Esq. has judgmt. awarded agst. Jno. ffrancis for II38 lbs. 
tob. by bill. 

Judgmt. granted Roland Place Esq. agst. Wm. Crosse deft, for 915 lbs. 
tob. by bill. 



p. 36I cont. 

In the suit of Mr. Blades pit. agst. Capt. Jno. Rudds deft., non-suit 

granted deft. 

Row. Place Esq. pit. agst. Coll. Jno. Epps deft, referred to next court, 

Row. Place Esq. agst. Jas. Gunn deft., he not appearing order agst. the 

Row. Place Esq. pit. agst. Marmaduke Browne, deft, he not appearing 
judgmt. agst. the sherr.. 

Row. Place pit. agst. Thos. Murrell deft, dismissed. 

Judgmt. granted Ro\«» rxact h^sl. Jno. Ward deft, for 1730 lbs. tob. 
by bill. 

Judgmt. granted Row. Place agst. Jno. Threewwkes for 735 lbs. tob. 
by bill. 

Judgmt. granted Row. Place agc-c Jonas Lxscum for- li.30 lbs. tob.. 

Row. Place pit. agst. Robt. Bevis deitj deft, not appearing order* is 
granted agst. the sherr-.. Attachmt. granted the sherr.. 

p. 362 

Row. Place Esq. agst. Robt. f flint deft., he not appearing judgmt. is 

granted agst. the sherr.. Attachment granted the sherr.. 

Roland Place pit. agst. Jno. Baxter deft, the deft, not appearing judgmt 
granted agst. the sherr.. Attachmt. granted the sherr.. 

Steven Hamelin pit. agst. Capt. Nich. Wyett deft., the deft, not appear- 
ing judgmt. is granted the pit. if he not appeal* in next court. 

Jno. Cogan, Sr., June last obtained judgmt. agst. Jno. Loeman for 1000 
lbs. tob. now brings action agst. the deft, to see why the judgmt. 
should not be renewed. No reason. Granted. 

Jno. Cogan, Sr. order agst. Wm. Gardner for 5 days as witness in Gardner 
and Short. Granted. 

Jervis Dix & Tho. Thrower referred to next court. 

Jno. Smith gave testimony in case of Dix & Thrower. 

Jno. Higdledy and his wife have judgmt. for 3 days as witness in case 
of Dix and Thrower. 

Row. Place, Esq. pit. agst. Wm. Lambson deft., the deft, not appearing 
judgmt. is granted agst. the sherr.. 


p. 362 cont. 

Judgmt. granted Capt. Nich. Wyatt pit. agst. the estate of Sarah 

Mudgett for 589 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Hidgledey confesses judgmt. to Mrs. Mary Horner Extrx for Mr. 
Har. Horner for 200 lbs. tob.. 

p. 363 

In the case of Mr. Peter ffields pit. agst. Mrs. Rebecca Giles, deft., 
being for slandering the plt.'s wife, a jury is requested. Verdict 
for the pit.. 1000 lbs. tob. damage agst. the deft.. Jas. Minge, 
foreman. The deft, having nothing to say, judgmt D is awarded. But 
Mr. Wm. Randolph atty. for the pit. spates that if Mrs. Giles will 
acknowledge her statements were false and untrue, that she is sorry 
for the wrong and ask pardon and in the future "will fairely decently 
and well behave herself", he will remit the penalty . This, Mrs. Giles 
does, praying pardon and forgiveness. Dsft. discharged* 

Francis Hill in prison under execution and information agst, him* shall 
be brought to court to answer. 

p. 3^ 

Jno. Smith informs the court that Hen. Burton & Ed. Gilley several times 

have entertained & dealt with Indians. The defts. plead not guilty & 

put themselves on the country. A jury impannelled Jas. Minge foreman. 

Verdict: "not guilty". The defts. pray "non sute" agst. the informer. 


Pra. Hill prays order agst. Jno. Smith for 3 days attendance as witness 
in Burton agst. Smith. Granted. 

Ed. Phillips informs that Pra. Hill has stolen a hog from him and offers 
proof, Hill pleads not guilty and asks a jury. Verdict not guilty. The 
deft, prays non-suit. Granted. 

Ralph Pool vs. Ann Price referred to next court. 

Hen. Burton having given a heifer to his God-daughter Issabella, the 
daughter of Wm. Minthan, which heifer is in possession of Fra. Hill 
who married the relict of Minthen, donor Burton asks security that 
Isabella shall have sd. gift when she comB of age. Edw. Gilley, Jr. 

P. 365 

Mrs. Eliz. Mallory, admx of Gapt. Thos. Mallory exhibited the acct. of 

debt paid. Being all paid, prays a quietus. Granted. 


p. 365 cont. 

Eusebias King pit. agst. Dan"!. Malorie deft, and deft, not appearing 

attachmt. is granted the pit.. 

Judgmt. granted Jno. Williams agst. Alex. Davis deft, for L|.00 lbs. 
tob, by bill. 

Mr. Wm. Theoballs agst. Nath. Gowre referred to next court. 

Mr. Thos. Elayton to take the deposition of Morrice Boucher in the 
case of Mrs. Eliz. Tatum admx. of Nevet Wheeler agst. Mr. Rich Hill. 

Rich. Kennon Atty. of Edw. Branch pit. vs. Jno. Higgledey deft., non- 
suit is granted deft.. 

Attachmt. granted Eusebias King agst. Kich. Wythers estate for I4.OO lbs. 
tob. . 

Mrs. Eliz. Tatum agst. Wm. Hunt deft., the deft* riot appearing judgmt. 
granted agst. the sherr. for 2+00 lbs. tob.. 

Alex Davison has order for 3 days pay as witness in case of Mrs. Drayton 
agst. Wm. Hunt. 

Jno. Mathews has order for 3 days pay as witness, case of Gil ley and 

Jno. Hix has order for 3 days pay as witness, case of Gilley and Mason. 

Geo. Butler has order for 3 days pay as witness, case of Hill and Phillips 

p. 366 

Wm. Jones pit. agst. Jno. Bowles, deft, the deft, not appearing attach- 
ment granted agst. the deft.. 

Wm. Clark pit. agst. Coll. Edw. Hill deft., referred to next court. 

Mr. Elias Osborne attorney of Jno. Harrison confirms judgmt. for 3^0 
lbs. tob. to Mr. Jno. Drayton. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton, Sherr. being fined by the court, same is remitted. 

Coll. Jno. Epps vs. Mr. Jas. Biss referred to next court. 

Morrice Bourcher has attachment granted agst. the estate of Thos. Sharpe 
for 850 lbs. tob.. 

Thos. King, pit. vs. Jno. Baxter, deft., the deft, not appearing, 
judgmt. granted agst. the sherr.. 

Sarah Crews has order for 1 day's attendance. 


p. 366 cont. 

Thos. King vs. Ed. ffernehead, deft., the deft, not appearing, attachmt, 

is granted agst. deft, for 222 lbs. tob.. 

Tho. Walter had order for ij. days' pay as witness, case of Mason vs. 
Gilley & one of Smith. 

Ed. Gilley order for 2 days' pay in case of Jas. Morgan. 

Po 367 

At a Court at Westover 
3 April 1679 

Press Coll. Edw. Hill; Lt. Coll. Clarke; Lt, Coll. Grenden: Maj. Stith; 
Capt. Lewellin. 

Coll. Edw. Hill "Obteyning" attachmt. agst. Morris Bourcher, which not 
being served Coll. Hill prays to be renewed. Granted. 

Mr. Chas. Dyes pit. vs. Marshall ffletcher left., the Sherr. not taking 
security a judgmt. was granted agst. the Sherr. for 14.81; lbs, tob.. 

Rowl. Place Esq. pit. vs. Coll. Jno. Epps deft., the pit. obtaining 
order agst. the Sherr. last court for 2000 lbs. tob. for non-appearance 
of deft., he now appearing and not the pit., the deft, prays a non- 
suit. Granted. 

Rowl. Place Esq. vs. Marmaduke Browne, deft., the pit. having an order 
at last court for 1200 lbs. tob. agst. the Sherr., the deft, now app- 
earing & not the pit., non-suit granted. 

Rowl. Place Esq. pit. vs. Jno. Baxter, deft., the pit. as above judgmt. 
for llj.00 lbs. tob. agst. the Sherr. as above a non-suit is granted. 

Rowl. Place Esq., pit. vs. Wm. Lambson, deft.. Judgmt. agst. Sherr. 
for I7U4- lbs. tob. - as above non-suit. 

p. 368 

Rowl. Place Esq. pit. vs. Jas. Gun, deft. - 2l±t\.0 lbs. tob. as above - 
non-suit. (This is not fair. The poor pit. has to take time to come 
to court until the deft, chooses to do so. Poor Rowland] What a 
calamity for one day's absence - all to do again next court. Ed.) 

Coll. Jno. Epps pit. vs. Mr. Jas. Biss deft, referred to next court. 

Mrs. Eliz. Tatum Admx. of Nevet Wheeler's estate, pit., vs. Wm. Hunt, 
Judgmt. granted for ij.00 lbs. tob. & csk. . 


p. 368 cont. 

Mrs, Eliz Tatum Admx. of Nevet Wheeler pit. vs. Mr. Rich. Hill deft., 
the deft, not appearing judgmt. granted pit., if no appearance at next 
court o 

Eusebius King pit. vs. Rich. Wythers, Deft., judgmt. granted at last 
court on non-appearance of deft, which pit. prays confirmed. Granted. 

Eusebius King, pit., vs. Dan'l Malone deft., judgmt. being granted at 
last court on non-appearance which pit. prays be confirmed. Granted. 

Wm. Theoballs, pit., vs. Rich. Goure, deft.. The pit. charges that 
he had 2 cattle stray, unknown what became of them. The pit. bought 
them of the deft, for a price including money. The deft, claims they 
came home, were carefully fed all winter but pit. never demanded same. 
The winter worsening they were sold under value, the pit. bargaining 
over drink. Deft, prays a jury. Verdict, "Find for the pit." Jno. 
Coggan, Foreman. 

Jurys Mr. Jno. Coggan; Mr. Jas. Wallace: Mr. Wm. Hunt: Mr. Rich. Moseby: 
Mr. Jno. Smiths Mr. Steph. Hamlin: Capt. Jno. Hamlin: Mr. Job. Turner: 
Mr. Jas. Blaymores Chris. Hudson: Mr. Jas. Mumford: Mr. Jervis Dix. 

Mereday Davis, pit. vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland, wife & Atty. of Mr. Jno. 

Bland, deft., the pit. sues for 15,000 lbs. tob. for 12 months work as 

smith, being employed by Mr. Giles Bland, dec'd., son & atty. of Mr. 

Jno. Bland. Mrs. Bland asks a demurrer but Mr. Giles Bland not filing 

papers as required by act, demurrer denied & trial ordered deft, exhibits 

contract. Referred to a jury who found for the pit., that it was a 


Jury: Mr. Rich. Dod, foreman: Mr. Jas. Wallace: Mr. Rich. Moseby: 

Mr. Wm. Hunts Mr. Jno. Smiths Mr. Steph. Hamlin: Capt. Jno. Hamlins 

Mr. Jno. Turners Mr. Jas. Blaymore ; Mr. Chris. Hudson: Mr. Jas. Mumford: 

Mr. Jervis Dix. 

Several members of the court and others declaring that several articles 

had been paid for, referred to next court and inquiry ordered. 

Thos. Green vs. Jno. Hamlin referred to next court. 

Fra. Whittingham confesses judgmt. to Coll. Edw. Hill for 395 lbs. tob.. 

p. 371 

Robt. Bonn confesses judgmt. to Coll. Edw. Hill for 315 lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Robt. Boiling & Wm. Pride to appraise the estate of Jno. Peterson, 
dec'd., they & the Adm. appear at next court. 

Judgmt. to Rowl. Place, Esq., pit., vs. Robt. Rivers, deft., for 1300 
lbs. tob. & ij. bu. Indian corn due. 

Robt. Hughes, Sr., pit., vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., non-suit granted 
for non-appearance of pit. 


p. 371 cont. 

Coll. Thos. Grendon, pit,, vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., referred to • 

next court . 

Adam Tapl#y, pit., vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., non-suit granted, the 
pit. not appearing. 

Mrs. Sarah Bland, wife & Atty. of Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., has non- 
suit vs. ffra. Hill, pit.. No cause of action. 

Jas. Tubb, pit., vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., referred to next court. 

Admin, granted Jno. Smith on the estate of Jas. Rigley. Jno. Weaver 
& Hen. Preston, Security. 

p. 372 & 373 

Mr. Thos. Cocke, pit., vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., for ±3>k-k lbs. tob. 
contracted by Mr. Giles Bland for provisions & necessaries for the use 
of both plantations of Mr. Jno. Bland then managed by Mr. Giles Bland 
and proved by due bill. Mrs. Sarah Bland, wife & atty. of Mr. Jno. 
Bland pleads that sd. bill is owed by estate of Giles Bland as it is 
in his hand. Mrs. Bland then prays a demurrer based on Magna Chart a 
and various of the common laws of England in effect in the Colonies 
( and went into Giles Bland's offices & duties for three full pages 
but the Justices were not hodwinked. Ed.) Found for the pit.. 
Judgmt. granted for above sum. 

P. 371; 

Jno. Carter, an orphan, is bound to Thos. Stoner. 

Ord. that Wm„ Grigg & Wm. Gowre appraise and give inventory of the es- 
tate of Jno. Howell, dec"d„. 

Hen. Rogers vs. Jno. Bland, dismissed. 

Jas. Munford confesses judgmt. to Wm. Crabb, atty. of Rowl. Place, 
Esq. for 503 lbs. tob. & csk. . 

Mrs. Sarah Bland, atty. of Jno. Bland, deft., has non-suit vs. Jno. 
Pleasants for non-appearance. 

Wm. Theoball atty. of Mr. Jno. Pot. pit. vs. Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., 
action not proved, non-suit granted. 

Ordered Jno Smith have keeping of the orphan Jas. Barret and as Jas. 
Rigley gave him 2 cows sd. Smith is to have charge & give security. 

Judgmt. granted Mrs. Eliz. Drayton agst. Wm. Hunt for i;3^. lbs. tob.. 


p. 37k cont. 

Maj. Poythress declares that he imprest a cow valued at /j.50 lbs. tob. 

from Joan Hughson for use of soldiers. Certificate granted to the 


Po 375 

Court - April 1679 

Pres: Lt. Coll. Clark: Lt. Coll. Grendon: Ma j . Stith: Capt. Wyatt. 

Marshall Talbot confesses judgmt. to Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clarke for 371 
lbs. tob. & c*sk. on acct. of Sherr. fees due from Jno. Niblett. 

Thos. Patison has certified that he brought home a runaway servt. of 
Gapt. Jno. Hamlin's. 

Capt„ Jno. Hamlin, pit. vs. Mr. Blayton, deft., the deft, writes that 
he is ill and asks a postponement. Granted. 

Jas Gunn pit. vs. Mr. Blayton, deft., the deft, being ill prays as 
above. Granted. 

Robt. Abernathy, pit. vs. Jno. Coggan, deft., referred to next court. 

Joshua Mecham confesses judgmt. to Job. Rutland for 639 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. ffrost by Mr. Sherwood his atty. vs. Jno. Harrison, deft.. Non- 
suit granted, absence of pit.. 

Maj. Poythress vs. Wm, Hoskins, dismissed. 

Attachmt. granted Coll. Thos. Swan agst. the estate of Ralph Pool, 
deft., for 2000 lbs. tob. for non-appearance of deft.. 

p. 376 

Mich. Talbot, pit., vs. Jno. Harrison, Adm. of Webb's estate, deft.. 

Judgmt for 37I4- lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Hunt, pit. vs. Wm. Crabb, Atty. for Rowl. Place, Esq.. Pit. 
claims he rented a shallop to the deft. for 1 hhd. tob. and swears on 
the Holy Evangel. The deft, denys same but judgmt. granted pit.. 

Jethrow Barker, orphan, complains of abuse by his mother-in-law 
(step-mother) & prays that he may choose his guardian, he being of age 
to do so. He chooses Wm. Sanders. Approved. 


p. 376 conto 

Thos. Wappoll (servt. boy to Mrs, Barker) complains of abuses 01 his 
mistress , which seem trivial. She complaining that servt. is insolent 
& idle and has twice run away, and this proved, order Wappoll to the 
whipping post for 30 lashes on his bare back, but Wappoll begging pardon 
on his knees and promising good behavior and Capt. Wyatt interceding, 
the punishment is suspended during good behavior, but on infringment 
Capt. Wyatt is to have him punished. 

Jno. Case being indebted to Jno. Neblett for 301; lbs. tob. gave his 
note to Michael Talbot for same. Soon after Neblett died having rem- 
oved from the county. Talbot was granted an attachmt. issued by Capt. 
Nich. Wyatt on tobacco in the hands of Robt. Spire. Judgmt. granted. 

Thos. King, pit., vs. Edw. Pernehead, deft., for 222 lbs. tob. awarded 
at last court agst. the deft, not appearing. The attachmt. secured 
k bbls of corn in the hands of Robt. Bevis. Deft, not appearing now., 
seizure confirmed and awarded pit.. 

Walter Varnham, pit. vs. Mrs. Lydia Nowell, deft., Elias Osborne atty. 
for deft, asks referral to the next court. Granted. 

Mr. Cocke, Atty. of the pit., prays to present the witnesses summoned 
for the pit. and who are sworn. Granted, and the depositions taken 
in writing. 

Thos. Huckabee, employed to tend the prisoner Robt. Jones and promised 
satisfaction, asks same. Referred to the fall. 

Jas! 7 Laneker, pit. vs. Zach. Ellis, deft., the deft, not appearing att- 
achmt. is granted agst. the sherr.. The Sherr. says he has security 
& a bond but has forgotten who he is and asks attachmt. agst. tne 
security's estate. Granted. (II) 

ffra. Slead, a servt. boy of Coll. Hill, judged 10 years old. 
Jos. Carter, orphan, ordered bound to Win. Archer. 

Nathaniel Jordan, pit. has judgmt. agst. Willkox deft, for 8^8 lbs. 
tob. for 51 days work. 

Wm. Archer, pit. agst. Wm. Gardner, deft., the deft, not appearing, 
pit. has order agst. the Sherr. for I4.OO lbs. tob.. 

Eusebius King pit. vs. Ed. Robinson, Adm of ffrancis West's estate, 
deft., the pit. has judgmt. of 800 lbs. tob... 


p. 378 cont. 

Wm. Jones & wife have order for I4. days pay as witnesses in ffields 

vs. Giles. 

Ann Price pit. vs. Ralph Poole deft., the pit not appearing a non- 
suit granted. 

Jno„ Pott, deft. p being sued by Wm. Crabb atty. of Ro. Place, Esq., 
plt.j, & pit. not appearing non-suit is granted. 

Wm. Clanthorne complains that he has a small estate now in the hands 
of his nother- in-law about which he has several times petitioned the 
court and since she is likely to embezzle it and has given no inventory 
nor security, he now petitions that such may be so he can have his 

right. The court orders the sd. Spencer, late wife of Wm. 

Clathorn, to appear and answer the complaint. 

P. 379 

At a court on l± Feb. I678/9 Mrs. Sarah Bland, wife and Atty for Mr. 

Jno. Bland of London Kerch, did have judgmt. agst. Mr. Bland for 700 

lbs. tob. for an ox bought by Giles Bland son & Atty for Mr. Jno. Bland 

for use on his father's plantations. To be brief, Mrs. Bland as usual 

tried to get out of paying the debt by appeal to the Gen'l. Court 

but the Justices refused to grant sd. appeal. Pit. Jno. Hardeway. 

On k April 1679 Judgmt. for I3I4.5 lbs. tob. to Mr. Thos. Cocke agst. 
Mrs. Sarah Bland etc. as above and appeal was denied. The following 
day Mrs. Bland again appealed through her Att., Mr. Rich. Clark, as 
above different Justices sitting. Appeal refused. (Evidently the 
Justices did not care for her wordy and time-consuming tactics to avoid 
debt. ) 

Court adjourned until 3 June 1679. 

p. 380 

At a Court at Westover 

18 Feb. 1679 

Press Lt. Coll. Clarke: Lt. Coll. Grendon: Mr. Bar. Sykes; Ma j . Poythres: 
Maj. Stiths Mr. Blaytons Mr. Hen. Batt. 

By mutual agreement Mr. Jas. Minge & Wm„ Archer argue their right as 
Clerk of Charles Co. Court before the court. Sd. Archer exhibits a 
certificate in writing by the Deputy Governor stating that Jas. Minge 
has tried to usurp the office of Clerk and to oust sd. Archer and sd. 
Deputy Gov. declares Mr. Minge not capable of being Clerk but he desires 
sd. Archer to be Clerk until further Orders. 

1 Jan. I678 Signeds Hen. Chitcheley 

Rec'd by Coll. Hill & the other 


Hen. Hartwell, Clk. 


p. 380 cont. 

After reading the above, the court humbly accedes but asks that Mr. 
Minge ' s incapacity be explained and that it will be further tried on 
the 3 April at the next court . 

Coll. Edw. Hill discharges Thos. Stoner from a judgmt. agst. him as 
Adm. of Sarah Mudgett for 829 lbs. tob„ since he has receipt. 

P. 381 

At a Court at West over 
3 June 1679 

Press Lt. Coll. Clarke: Lt . Coll. Grendons Maj . Stith; Mr. Drayton; 
Capt. Wyett; Capt. Batt. 

Rich. Wythres confesses Judgmt. to Eusebius King for I4.OO lbs. tob. 
by bill. 

Dan'l Malone confesses Judgmt. to Eusebius King for I4.23 lbs. tob.. 

Admin, granted Ellin Rogers on the estate of Hen. Rogers, her dec'd. 
husband. Coll. Grendon & Maj. Stith securities, Christ. Batte & Jno. 
Hardeway to take inventory & appraise. 

The last will of Hen. Preston dec'd. was proved. There being numerous 
debts and several large legacies the court wishes to consider the desires 
of the dec'd but also pay the debts. Ordered that Mr. Jno. Goode, 
Mr. Hen. Gerrard, Mr. Thos. Stoner make an inventory and appraise 

Admin, granted Ralph Pool on the estate of Morris Bourcher, dec'd., he 
being the greatest debtor. Capt. Nich. Wyatt & Elias Osborne, security. 

Capt. Nich. Wyatt is to take the oath of the now wife of Michael 
Talbott and late wife of Jno. Niblett dec'd. to her inventory of 
Niblett's estate. 

p. 382 

Grendall Delahay having died intestate, left little estate and in- 
debted to Wm. Hopkins for 522 lbs. tob. ordered that Wm. Cox appraise 
sd. estate and report. 

Mr. Wm. Sherwood, Atty. of Jas. Jefrey Extr. of the will of Rich. 
Bennett, Esq., pit., brings action vs. Wm. Crabbe, Atty of Coll. St. 
Leger Codd as marrying the Extrx. of Thos. Bland, Esq., deft., shows 
that the sd. Bennett had judgmt. agst. Anna Bland, Extrx. of sd. Thos, 
Bland for U\.25/7/5 in June 1672, was afterward revived in 1671}- & not 
having been paid the sd. pit., it is revived again and deft, showing 
no reason to contrary, judgmt. awarded pit.. 


p. 382 cont. 

Several persons having pretended and desired the admin, of the estate 
of Jas. Mason lately dying intestate, some near relations, others pre- 
tending the dec'd's wish, & others creditors, the court wishing to be 
fair orders Coll, Sdw Hill, High Sherr., to take possession of the 
plantation & personal property of sd. Mason from possession of Mathew 
Tyler & Ed. Lowe and that the personal estate be sold at outcry and 
security taken for things sold, that bills and inventory be returned 
to next court so that bills to be paid can be decided and remainder 
shall belong to Mary, the dau. of Mary Gilley who was the wife of sd. 
Mason dec'd.. Court to consider security for same to benefit the 

P. 383 

Coll. Wm Browne, Adm. with will annex, to Mr. Rich. V.'olbeck agst. Wm. 
Crabb, Atty of Rowl. Place, Esq., deft., the pit. exhibits a bond of 
L25 made to Wolbeck and in the hand of sd. Rowl. Place and asks judgmt. 
on the same. 

Mr. Wm. Sherwood, Atty of Rowl. Place, offers an account and offers 
further discount by Wolbeck' s hand if the court will refer the case 
to the next court, but the pit. says the deft, should have been prepared 
and the discount without date. The pit. also wishes to see an account 
book of sd. Place, it being at Westmoreland, but deft, refused, so pit. 
wants judgmt. now. Judgmt. granted for L25 execution at next court. 

On the petition of Dr. Geo. Lee, Atty. of Anth. Pryor who alleged 
Pryor was never arrested for Jno. Turner, Turner could not obtain an 
order agst. the Sherr. Maj. Stith swears that he saw Coll. Jno. Epps 
arrest Pryor at the suit Turner in Mr. Place's hall. Wm. Hunt, deft., 
became security. The Court confirms the order agst. Coll. Epps then 
Sherr . . 

Wm. Irby, pit, agst. Christopher Hudson, deft, referred to next court. 

p. 38I+- 

Walter Varnham, pit, against Lydia Nowell, deft., declares that last 
Novermber the deft, did take up and brand with her mark a young horse 
belonging to him, and she admits selling same. He asks return of the 
horse. Deft, claims she has divers marks and had a young horse ex- 
actly like plto's. She demands proof they were the same. Pit. has 
I4. witnesses but deft, not satisfied. She asks a jury. 
Capt. Jno. Hamlin, foreman? Mr. Jno. Hodgess Mr. Jos. Westbrooks Mr.' 
Mark Mansfields Mr. Hercules ffloods Mr. ffra. Ledbeaters Mr. Ed. 
Burchetts Mr. Jno. Woodleys Mr. Abra. Odum: Mr. Wm. Hunts Mr. Wm. 
Hopkins % Mr. Jno. Smith. Verdict 50 lbs. of tob. to the pit.. 

Wm. Archer has judgmt. agst. Wm. Gardner for I4.OO lbs. tob. and judgmt, 
agst. the Sherr. void. 


p. 38I4. cont. 

Ordered that Ed. Gilley, Sr. be fined for not answering summons for 


p. 385 

Mr. Paul Williams ordered to be summoned to next court to answer an 

information of Coll. Edw. Hill. 

Jno. Head has order for 3 days pay as witness in case of Gilley & Hind. 

Ann Harris showing that she was charged at the death of the mother of 
two orphan girls to take them, one she kept but gave Dorothy Turner to 
Mary Mason s wife of James Mason. Mary having died, she is concerned 
with the future of Dorothy and asks the court to return her to sd. 
petitioner's care. Granted. 

Nich. Mosier summoned to next court to give account of the orphans' 
estate in his hands. 

Mich. Talbott powr. of Atty. to Wm. Randolph to prosecute Jno. Harrison, 
Adm. of Webb's estate. 

Dr. Geo. Lee 9 Atty of Coll. Thos. Swan, renews attachmt. agst. Ralph 
Poole for 2000 lbs. tob. on the Sherr. returned at February Court. 

June Jlth, 1679 
Press Lt. Coll. Clarke: Maj. Jno. Stitht Mr. Drayton; Capt. Batt. 

p. 386 

Mrs. Eliz. Tatum, Admx. of est. of Nevet Wheeler, dec'd., pit., vs. 
Mr. Rich Hill, deft., the deft, proves his denial by oath of Morris 
Bourcher and his own oath which overbalances pit.. Suit dismissed. 

Mrs. Eliz. Tatum, Adm. of the estate of Nevet Wheeler, is ordered to 
bring in an account and inventory to the next court also an inventory 
of Percifall Barton's. 

Rowl. Places, pit., has judgmt. agst. Jas. Gunn, deft., for 2006 lbs. 
tob; by bill. 

Wm. Theoball, pit., vs. Jno. Marshall, deft., the deft, has non-suit. 

Wm. Lambson has judgmt. agst. Jas. Gun for lj.00 lbs. tob. due. 

Wm. Theoballs.. Atty. of Jos. Potts, pit., vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland, Atty. 
etc., deft.. Non-suit. 

Mrs. Sarah Bland, etc., has a non-suit agst. Wm. Theoballs pretended 
Attorney of ffran. Thomson, his power not being good. 


p c 386 conto 

Mr. Henry Baker's pwr. of Atty. to Mr. Randolph is ordered recorded. 

Thos. Stanley confesses judgmt. to Euse. King for I4.OO lbs. tob. due. 

Edw. Gilley, Sr. upon address and submission to the court is discharged 
the fine for not attending the jury. 

Mr. Hen. Baker, possessing the estate of Win. Baker vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland, 
etc. referred to the next court. 

p. 387 

Morgan McKinney's will proved by ? A probate to be granted to Eliz., 

relict & Extrx. . 

ffra. Hill, Adm. and marrying the relict of Minshan vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland 
Atty of Mr. Jno. Bland, etc., claiming ll^OO lbs. tob., referred to next 

Walter Hunt having left the county, and in debt to Maj. Jno. Stith for 
208 lbs. tob., a judgmt. and attachmt. is granted by Lt . Coll. Grendon 
upon what is left, paid Maj. Stith. 

Attachmt. granted Mr. Drayton vs. Rich. Spencer. 

Jno. Weavour, late of Mart on Brandon, has departed this country indebted 
to several persons. Wm. Harrison having an attachmt. of Capt. Wyatt 
secured several hogs, a horse & land but Jno. Smith and Wm. Archer 
claimed levies and there are Clark's sherr. fees and to be paid first. 
The remainder to be paid to Harrison towards debt of 877 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Jones confesses judgmt. to Mr. Drayton for 2025 lbs. tob. due. 

Ed. G-illey has judgmt. for 1; days as witness in the case of Hill and 

Jonas Liscum has judgmt. for 1 day as witness in the case of Hill and 

p. 388 

Jonas Liscum has order for 2 days as witness in the case of Davis and 


Jno. Worsman Atty. of Rich. Kosman, pit. vs. Sam'l Russell, deft., who 
owed pit. 2051+ lbs. tob., 1600 lbs. paid on acct. leaves a debt of kSk 
lbs. tob.. Judgmt. granted 


Meriday^avis, pit. vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland, atty of Mr. Jno. Bland, deft., 
o-dered that Davis have all debts that were contracted for Smith's work 
with Mr. Giles Bland and now unpaid as in Sykes account book and Mrs. 
Bland be discharged from further expense each bearing their own costs. 

Jas. Gun has non-suit vs. Robt. Griffin. 

Wm. Crabb Atty. of Coll. St. Ledger Codd, pit. vs. Dan'l Snoch, deft., 
for kl6 lbs. tob. and 2 bbls. of corn. The deft, shows 1 hhd.of tob. 
seized for debt and allowed to rot. Considering this, judgmt is for 
86 lbs. tob. and 2 bbls. corn. Execution after 10th October. 

The case of Rich. Auborne pit. vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland, etc., deft, is 
referred to the next court. 

Capt. Jno. Hamlin, pit., has judgmt. agst. Mr. Thos. Blayton, deft., 
for 350 lbs. tob. referred from last court. Deft, again not appearing, 
the ease proved, judgmnt. granted. 

Pra. Epps vs. Pra. Ledbeator referred to next court. 

Jas. Tubb vs. Mrs. Sarah Bland referred to next court. 

Eusebius King pit. vs. ffra. Ledbeator deft., the {". prays a Jjjgjt. 

granted be removed but some part being paid it is renewed for 1071 lbs. 
tob. & 166 lb. of pork. 

Fra. Ledbeator, pit., vs. Wm. Dobson deft., judgmt. is granted the pit. 
for 1250 lbs. tob. 

Thos. Bird pit. vs. Capt. Wm. Rawlinson, deft., about a mare for which 

the pit. says he has paid. Deft, pleads performance of contract which 

is presented to a jury. Verdict 11*00 lbs. tob. to pit.. Jno. Hamelin, 


Jas. Gun renews a judgmt. agst. Mr. Thos Blayton for 370 lbs. tob.. 

Coll! Wm. Bird, Commander of the garrison at the head of the James River 
complains that he is empowered to procure or impress a boat «£«" 
for their use but can find none in Henrico County so he prays that the 
Charles City Court will order the Sherr. to impress such a boat or Iiatt 
alledging that there are a number of flatts tied up in the creeks. The 
court orders the Sherr to impress such a boat or flatt with oars and 
send it up to the garrison by the 15th of June. 


p. 390 cont. 

Wxn Harrison vs. Tho. Wallis. Judgmt. agst. the Sherr. Mr. Drayton, who 

desires attachmt. agst. the estate of Wallis. Grantedo 

Ed. Robinson p plt.j, Adm. of Pra West vs. Ro:;er 0' Brian about 2 cows 
taken by force. It so appearing it is ordered that the deft, make 
delivery of the cows to the pit.. 

Ord. that Ed. Robinson appear at next court and give security for the 
extate of ffra. West orphan or the estate be taken from him. 

Wm. Hoskins, pit., vs. Edw. Robinson, Adm. of ffra. West, deft.. 
Judgmt. granted pit. for [(.00 lbs. tob.. 

Isaac Goleson pit. vs. Robt. Tucker deft, judgmt. granted the pit.. 

P. 391 

Abra. Odum confesses judgmt. as Adm. to Jno. Peterson to Wm. Hoskins 

for 31I4. lbs. tob.. 

Order that Rich. Spencer as marrying the relict of Clanthorne appear 
at next court to answer the complaint of Wm. Clanthorne orphan. 

Jos. Mattox as marrying the relict of Wm. Bond has judgmt. agst. Abra. 

Odum Adm. of Peterson for one good ox cart with wheels well wrought 

and new kh ft. high,, well "tard" (tired) with iron hoops about the rims. 

Wm. Gower vs. Wm. Tibball referred to next court. 

In answer to Eliz. Epps, wife of Thos. Epps dec'd., ordered that she 
keep the estate until next court, the Sherr. to take claims. 

Vaughn vs. Higdon Ord. vs. the Sherr., Mr. Drayton. 

Capt. Nich. Wyett vs. Est. of Jas. Thompson sues for 500 lbs. tob. 
for corner's fees. 

Jervis Dix, 63 years old & poor, petitions for freedom from levies. 

Wm. Hinds has order for 1 day as witness in case of Robinson and 1 Brian. 

Jno. Word has order for 1 day as above. 

Jno. Hodges has attachmt. agst. the Est. of Robt. Moore. Examined by 
Coll. Clark, Maj. Stith, Capt. Wyatt. June 1679 

Court adjourned until 3rd of August. 


p. 392 

At a Court at Westover 

Ij. Aug. 1679 

Presents Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke; Lt . Coll. Thos. Grendon; Mr. Jno. 
Drayton; Capt. Antho. Wyetts Mr. Hen Batt. 

The will of Henry Rogers being proved probate is granted Ellen, the 
widow & relict. Ordered the funeral charges be allowed sd. Ellen. 

An agreement between Hercules f flood & Jas. Warebrook, notarized by 
Geo. Doupeny on behalf of Warebrook and by f flood in court xs 

The will of Edw. Wyett, proved by Elias Osborne & Robt. Lurman a 
probate is granted Capt. Nich. Wyett, Exetr.. 

Jos. Bradley appears & acknowledges he has received his share of his 
father's estate & discharges Chris. Hudson, Adm. of Cuthbert Williams 

est. of all due except 50 lbs. tob. to sd. Bradley for repairing a 
flocc bed tick. 

The bill of Dr. Irby for liOO lbs. tob. for administering physic to the 
orphan Martha Clark wounded by a murder, the court considering allows 
him 200 lbs. tob. to be paid from the estate of Cuthbert Williams by 
the Adm. 

The inventory of Henry Prestcn's estate to be recorded. 

Admin, granted to Mary Saunders the relict of Wm. Saunders, dec'd.. 
Mr. Jos. Wallis & Mr Tho. Douglis security. Sampson Ellis & Roger 
Tilman to appraise estate. 

Ordered that Capt. Hen. Batt take into custody the estate of Hen. 
Hammisp same to be sold at outcry and an inventory and all records 
with security be returned at next court. 

Rich. Awberne, pit. vs. Jno. Bland, deft., for a debt of Mr. ?j le * , 
Bland as atty for the deft., deft, questioning the bill the pit. asKs 
referral to next court and authority to take depositions out ol tne 
county. Granted. 

Mr. Fra. Epps pit. vs. Pra. Ledbeater, deft., he not appearing and no 
security, judgmnt. agst. Sherr. for k-9k lbs. tob.. 


Po 2,9k 

At the last court Wm. Harrison, Jr., pit., sued Thos. Wallis, deft., 
for 3i|.0 lbs. tob. by bill assigned by Jno. Weavour. Deft, not app- 
earing & Jno. Smith then under Sherr. not having taken bond, judgmt. 
was granted agst. the Sherr.. Now judgmt. is confirmed. 

Capt. Dan'l. Llewellin has published at this court door that he has 
a stray bald=faced grey mare, 5 or 6 years old, unbranded & unknown. 

Maj. Jno. Stith & Mr. Jas. Bisse to settle and take account of the 
estate of Edw. Capell in the hands of Nich. Mosier. Report to next 
Orphan's Court. 

The will of Ralph Rachell proved by Hen. Harmond; probate granted 
the relict, security given. 

Mr. Jno. Everitt sub-sherr. took no security when arresting the deft 
He again appearing judgmt. granted agst. the sub-Sherr.. He taking 
out execution agst. estate of Theoball judgmt. is awarded Everitt. 

P. 395 

Wm. Simons, marrying Eliz. Manfull, relict of Thos. Manfill, dec'd., 
sues for Admin, of the Estate. James Marshall also requests the 
admin.. Both order to appear at next court. 

Judgmt. granted Capt. Jas. Biss, pit., vs. Thos. Boydnell, deft., as 
Adm. of Rich. Smith, dec'd., for 1300 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Morning, pit., has judgmt. agst. Rich. Jones & Jno. Rix, Extrs. 
of Hen Preston, for 53& lbs. tob.. 

Dr. Geo. Lee, atty. for Mr. Anth. Pryor, pit., vs. Jno. Turner, deft., 
being in Chancery is referred to the next court but Turner having a 
judgmt. agst. Coll. Epps, it is ordered not to be executed until Pryor 1 s 
case is settled. 

Mr. Bern. Sikes, pit., vs. Thos. Blanks as marrying the relict of 
Jeffrey Mumford being a matter of dispute is referred to next court. 
The papers examined & audited by Coll. Thos. Grendon and Maj. Jno. 
Stith to audit and balance papers to determine dispute. 

p. 396 

Wm. Irby, pit., vs. Jno. Williamson, left.. Pit. shows a bill for 7&5 
lbs. tob. but deft, shows one for 33j lbs.. Pit. having no itemized 
account, the court calls the account balanced. 

Mr. Geo. Lee, Atty. of Mr. Anth. Prior, pit., vs. Mr. Wm. Hunt, Extr. 
of his father, Mr. Wm. Hunt, dec'd, for £7/9/9 due pit. for goods left 
with sd. Hunt dec'd. as per account dated 167U- & asks judgmt. The deft, 
replies that pit. was in country and made no demand in his father's 
life. Account not on the books, also outdated. Dismissal granted. 


p. 396 cont. 

Court adjourned an hour. 
(These coffee breaks are a nuisance. Where the roll of Justices is 
the same I delate them but here Mr. G-rendon has left. Ed.) 

Capt. Jas. Biss proved there is due him from Jas. Mason's estate 2087 
lbs. tob. . 

Nich. Gill proves his claims in pork agst. the estate of Jas. Mason, 
dec'd., valued at 1220 lbs. tob.. 

Coll. Dan. Clark proves his due from Mason's estate for 920 lbs. tob. 
and fees due Mr. Minge for I4.3 lbs. tob.. Granted. 

Mr. Wm. Hunt proves claims for 3318 lbs. tob. from Jas. Mason's estate. 

Capt. Wm. Randolph proves his claims agst. Jas. Mason's estate for 14-00 
lbs . tob. , 

Jas. Hubson proves his claim agst. Jas. Mason's estate for i+00 lbs. 
tob. for 2 months service. 

Mr. Rich. Ligon claims from Mason's estate 32/j. lbs. tob. which will be 
allowed if he proves by oath it is due. (Is this all that was necessary 
to prove a debt against an estate? 3000 lbs. tob. owed by Mason. Ed.) 

Mr„ Bern. Sikes proved claims agst. Jas. Mason's estate for 3OI4.5 lbs. 
tob. . 

Mr. Thos. Murphy proved claims agst. Mason's est. for 6/4.2 lbs. tob.. 

Thos. Bodynell proved claims for II4.07 lbs. tob. agst. Mason's estate. 

Mr. Chas. Whitehead atty. of Mr. Jno. Ford proved his claim to 1200 
lbs. tob. assigned by Mr. Thos. Cocke for 2 bills made to Mr. Ford for 
1175 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Tucker by account of fees claims ij.75 lbs. tob. which the court 
allows . 

Wm. Vaughn pit. vs. Dan. Higdon deft.. The pit. at last court obtained 
an order agst. the Sherr. for non-appearance of deft. & pit. not now 
appearing a non-suit is granted. 

p. 398 

Lt. Coll. Wm. Browne, Adm. of Rich Welbeck, obtained judgmt. agst. 
Row. Place for L25 but Mr. Wm. Sherwood alleged he had accounts for 
discount and asked referral. The attorney now having no discount, 
judgmt. is confirmed to pit.. 


p„ 398 conto 

Augo 5, 1679 

Court Sitts; Lt. Coll. Dan, Clark; Coll Thos. Grendons Mr. Jno. Drayton; 
Capt. Wyetts Maj. Stittu 

Math. Tyler presenting a claim agst. Jas. Mason's estate is referred to 
next court. 

Wm. Hoskins has an account agst. the estate of Gundoll Delahay for 53& 
lbs. tob„. Proved, judgmt. granted. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton and Jno. Smith being Sherr. last year have judgmt. 
agato the est. of Mason for 125 lbs. tob. for fees. 

Judgmt o granted Capt. Wm. Randolph, pit., vs. Win. Pride, deft., for 
220 lbs. tob. for Clerk's fees; as Extr. of Mr. Henry Isom, 235 lbs. 

Thos. Stoner has non-suit vs. Mr. Jno. Drayton, Atty. of Coll. Thos. 

P. 399 

Wm. Hoskins* petition declaring that Jno. Standley left the county in 
debt to him li|.65 lbs. tob.. For his attachmt. executed agst. the estate, 
there is a mare & tobacco in Coll. Dan. Clark's hands. Ordered this be 
appraised, Hoskins paid and surplusage reported. 

Mr„ Wm. Hunt, Extr. of his father's estate pit. sues Mrs. Eliz. Tatum 
for 753 lbs. tob. due for goods delivered to Robt. Denny for her use 
as by books of his dec'd. father but Elias Osborne says some of the 
articles were not for her and issues articles in discount to sd. father 
and not paid. The pit. shows same to be allowed on account - but same 
not appearing and the deft.'s articles seeming dear, Mr. Thos, Blayton 
& Wm„ Archer are to examine accounts and report. 

Capt. Wm. Randolph, Extr. of Mr. Hen. Isum assignee of the Adminis- 
trator of Henry & Jno. Richards, pit. vs. Jno. Howell, Adm. of his 
father Jno. Howell dec'd., deft., the deft, not appearing the pit. has 
judgmt. agst. the Sherr. for 3&5 1 DS » tob.. 

. Mr. Euse. King, pit., vs. Abra. Odum Adm. of Jno. Peterson, the deft, 
not appearing, judgmt. granted agst. the sherr. for 2217 lbs. tob. 
The sherr. asks attachmt. agst. est. of Abra. Odum. 

p. lj.00 

Jos. Coulson, pit., vs. Robt. Tucker, deft.. The pit. not appearing 

non-suit is granted. 


p. iiOO cont. „ „ . . _. 

Mr Robt. Boiling pit. vs. Abra. Odum Adm. of Jno. Peterson deft.. 
.The deft, not appearing the pit. prays judgmt. agst. the sherr. for 
800 lbs. tob. & csk.. Granted. 

Jas. watkins, pit. vs. Hen Harmond, deft., as marrying the relict of 
Jno. Ludwell dee»d. which Ludwell was possessed with an estate ol 
Thos. Stevens dec'd. for the use of Sarah daughter of Stevens. Harmond 
has given no account to the court. Sarah of age to choose her guardian 
and Wat kins a near relative petitions the court that Sarah may have the 
liberty and that Harmond shall be ordered to give a true account. Delt 
pleads that the pit. had him arrested in Surry Co. for the same cause 
and the Sherr. there had the estate in his custody. The Surry action 
will fall by that brought in Charles City Co. so he prays a certificate 
to the Surry Court. Referred to next Orphan's Court. Certificate 
issued to the Justices of Surry. 

Ordered that Rich Wethcube is summoned to the next court to answer Jno. 
Marshall's information that he does not use scales, weights nor stm- 
yards in his mill according to law. 

Mr. Jno. Terry pit. vs. Jno. Rix & Rich. Jones defts. Extra, of Hen. 
PrestSn. Judgmt. was granted agst. the defts. for 1200 lbs. tob. for 
medicine & attendance on sd. Preston. 

Mr. Rich. Hill atty of Wm. Read and Thos. Meriwether vs. Rich. J°™s 
and Jno. Rix Extrs. of Hen. Preston dec'd.. Pit. has judgmt. for 550 
lbs. tob. by bill. 

Mr. Jno. Good pit. has judgmt. agst. Rich. Jones & Jno. Rix Extrs. of 
Hne. Preston for I676 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Smith Adm. of Jas. Rigley has judgmt. for balance of account agst. 
Rich Jones & Jno. Rix Extrs. of Hen. Preston dec'd. who married the 
Extrx. of Thos. Stevenson for 860 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Rix & Rich Jones Extrs. of Hen Preston vs. Ralph Pool referred to 
next court. 

Rich. Spencer summoned to give an account of the estate of the orphan 
of Clouthorne in his care. Disregarding it, the Sherr. was ordered to 
arrest him but Spencer absented himself. The Sherr. is ordered to 
take all Spencer's estate into custody. 

Q' ''* 7 ^ 


p. 14.02 conto 

Jas. Tubb. pit. sueing in Dec. 1677/78, Jno. Bland of London deft, for 
1000 lbs. tob. due for goods as well as debt of Mr. Jos. Potts account 
acknowledged & underwritten by Mr. Giles Bland which action at request 
of defto's attorneys here has been from court to court until arrival of 
Mrs. Sarah Bland it was referred to this court when Mr. Rich. Clark, 
deft's attorney, pleads that Mr. Giles Bland was def t ' s limited atty. 
only having power to sue & take into possession but no recoveries. 
Sd. Giles was in his Majesty's employment and not that of his father 
and the action brought should be agst. the estate of Mr. Giles Bland 
and not the deft.. The pit shows Giles was in possession of a plant- 
ation and servants of the deft., the debts were made in the exercise 
of his duties there and prays judgmt.. Awarded 1000 lbs. tob. and 
all costs. Deft, appeals to next Gen'l. Court. (People are proud 
of the Blandsi Ed. ) 

Mr. Henry Baker in possession of the est. of Mr. Wm. Baker dec'd. pit. 
through his atty. Mr. Wm. Randolph sues Mr. Jno. Bland of London deft, 
for 1176 lbs. tob. by bill, sold to Mr. Giles Bland for the use of the 
plantation of the deft.. Judgmt. granted to pit.. 

p. M)3 

Pra, Hill Adm. and as marrying the relict of Wm. Minchen dec'd., pit. 
vs. Mr. Jno. Bland deft, for llj.00 lbs. tob. for work done to deft's. 
mill which being proved judgmt. is awarded the pit.. 

p. kok 

Jas. Gunn pit. vs. Wm. Lambson deft., the same be referred to Mr. 
Silvester Stokes & Andrew Crews and if any difference the court 
appoints Jno. Turner to be umpire to decide same. 

Court adjourned to the 3rd. Oct. 1679 

(Memo Morris Caihahop & Jno. Lott servts. to Coll. Hill, adjudged as 
Ord. in Orphan's Book. Sept. l£, 1679) 

At a Court at Westover 
15 October 1679 

Press Lt. Coll. Dan. Clarke: Lt. Coll. Thos. Grendons Maj. Jno. 
Stiths Mr. Jno. h*. ayton. 

Rich. Wythers confesses judgmt. to Wm. Randolph for I4.23 lbs. tob.. 

Robt. Netherland pit. vs. Adam Ivey deft., attachmt. granted agst. the 
deft's estate. 

Susanna Barnes, servt. to Jno. Baxter, confesses that she had a bastard 
child. Ordered to serve 2 years more. 


IkAn. w^'will, granted to VM. Gardner in right of his wife on the 
esta?e of Marshall ffletcher with security. 

Peeple appraise it. Capt. Wyett to swear appraisers. 

Ordered that creditors of the. est ate of Her u Cha^is be referred to the 

next Court, Capt. Batt not being now in health. 

r~„ in< ihq tob. to be paid out of the county 
Edw. Redich has an order for 105 lbs. toD. x,o u« y 
levy for the country's business. 

Isaac Cowlson has Mr. Wm. Randolph recorded as his attorney. 
Admin, is granted Hercules flood ft Jas. Westbrook on the estate of 
ThoSo Mansull, dec'd.. 

but is allowed only 806 lbs. tob.. 

„Se a? WO lbs. too. judgmt. granted HosKins. 

Jn o. Rooaes * Rich. Jonas M rs of Hen Preston pit vs .^alph Pool._ 
deft, sueing last court agst. Poole as M»- « deft- objeote d that 

for 493 lbs. tob. by bill. Mr. °£°°?™£ was y paid . Referred to next 
SSt g-SLyriS-no-SS^ "-before C P apt. Wyatt. 

Sr.^no. Hedges has attach-t. renewed agst. Capt. Robt Morris for 
i;360 lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Anth. Wyatt showing that Thos Epps Jr ^^Singl Z^ 
f^ToSTioTll^LrlZ abo^e ^sTn'cluded in any way in Epps 

estate. Granted. 

for that which is his due. Granted. 


p. 14.06 cont. 

Mr. Wm. Randolph Extr. of Capt. Hen Isham assignee of the Adms. of 
Henry & Jno. Richards dec'd pit. has judgmt. agst. Jno. Howell Adm. 
of his father Jno. Howell dec'd. for 365 lbs. tob.. 

Admin, granted Jno. Galloes on the estate of Mathew Rushing as marry- 
ing the relict. 

Judgmt o awarded Mr. Eusebius King agst. Abr. Odium Adm. of Jno. 
Peterson I696 lbs. tob. by bill. 

Coll. ThoSo Grendon has judgmt, agst. Abra. Odium Adm. of Peterson 
for 790 lbs. tob. due by bill. 

p. i*.07 

Jno. Baxter has judgmt. agst. Wm. Crabb atty. of Coll. St. Ledger 
Ccdd as marrying the relict of Theo. Bland for 301+2 lbs. tob. to 
balance of acct. but Mr. Crabb has Jno. Baxter's bill for 2000 lbs. 
tob. and asks it may be deducted. Baxter consenting, judgmt for 
10ij.2 lbs. tob.. 

Admin, granted Jno. Hardeway on the estate of Ebbett Harris dec'd.. 

Coll. Edw. Hill assignee of Edw. Sanderson has order agst. Mason's 
estate for 300 lbs. tob.. 

The claims agst. the estate of Mason are now looked into by the court. 
Ordered that Coll. Hill be empowered to sue and to receive debts due 
the est ate j, he to pay all debts, deducting 10$ for fees. (Did others 
think as I? Ed. ) 

Edw. New & Rich. Guy to be committed to prison until they give security 
for good behavior and pay 1 hhd. of tob. fine. Remitted on promise of 
good behavior. 

p. I4.O8 

Dan'l Snook has testified by several witnesses that he said of Ben. 
Pasnoej, rebellj, he wished that thei e were 1000 such in Virginia. The 
Court were about to committ him to prison but he acknowledged his 
fault and asked forgiveness which is allowed, Jno. Tate & Thos. Stoner 
security of 20,000 lbs. tob.. 

Capt. Wyett renewed the order agst. the estate of Phil. Lymbrey for 
600 lbs. tob. 16 Sept. I678. Court states Elias Osborne should pay it, 

Geo. Downing has order for 200 lbs. tob. & csk. agst. the estate of 
Hen. Chammo. 


p. l\.08 cont. 

Court for Charles City County 
16 Oct. 1679 

Mr. Rich. Clark having taken a bill of Rich. Wathen for his Atty. 
fees, court grants an attachmt. agst. Win. Archer. 

Judgmt awarded Math. Tyler for work on the estate of Jas. Mason for 
2000 lbs. tob. . 

Mrs. Eliz. Drayton summoned to next court to give security for the 
estate of Jno. Drayton dec'd. 

The information agst. Rich. Wathen by Mr. Jno. Marshall is referred 
to next court. 

p. lj.09 

Win. Archer pit. vs. Rich. Wathen deft., the pit. sent 17 bu. wheat to 
deft.'s mill and only received 13 back mixed with corn and damaged. 
Pleads Act of Assembly. The deft.'s atty. Mr. Rich. Clark claims 32nd 
Act, mandatory to file a day ahead of court. Dan. Clarke's deputy, 
declares the petition was filed 2 days before Court. A jury ordered. 
Mr. Sam'l. Smith, foreman: Allen Jenkins: Rich. Dodd: Jno. Galloes: 
Jno. Baxter: Jno. Barboe: Jas. Wallace: Rich. Moseby: Edw. Gilley,Sr.: 
Robt. Tucker: Syl. Stoakes: Jno. Turner. Verdict: We find the meal 
abused. Award pit. 1000 lbs. tob. by Act. Ordered that the jury be 
paid by the Sherr.. 

p. i+10 

Judgmt. awarded Coll. Thos. Swan pit. assignee of Rich. Hill, assignee 
of Robt. Boiling vs. Ralph Poole deft, for 2000 lbs. tob. which deft, 

Wm. Harrison pit vs. Wm. Wilkins deft, non-suit: no cause for action. 

Capt. N. Wyett vs. Wm. Crabbe Atty. of Rowl. Place deft., the pit. not 
appearing, deft, consents to referral to next court. 

Wm. Dare by his Atty. Thos. Huckabee has judgmt. agst. theSherr. for 
non-appearance of Jno. Kenner for lj.00 lbs. tob.. 

Jno. Black, Atty of Thos. Pluckrose confesses judgmt. to Wm. Randolph, 
Atty. of Thos. Moore, Assignee of Antho. Haviland for 2000 tob.. 

Isaac Coulson vs. Robt. Tucker referred to next court. 


foj/fr ,(/7< * 

p. ij.10 cont, 

Mr, Rich Kill had judgmt. agst , Coll, Jno Epps Sherr, in Dec, 1675 
for non-appearance of Jas* Thrall for debt of 1200 lbs, tob, which 
was confirmed in Feb* Court. Pit.- sued several times to renew judgmt, 
it not having been paid, Collo Epps dying pit, sued John Epps, Jr. 
Adm. in 0ct 9 1679 . Judgmt and execution confirmed, 

p. ij.ll 

Thos. Dougliss has order agst. the Sherr, for non-appearance of Jas, 

Liscuin for 250 lbs, tob, & csk. 

Jno, Barloe pit, vs, Abra. Odum Adm. of Peterson deft, non-suit. Pit, 
did not prove his point, 

Eliz Rachell Extrx, of Ralph Hatchett vs. Jno. Rix & Rich. Jones Extrs, 
of Henry Preston. Order agst, the Sherr, for 350 lbs=, tob., 

Mr, Jno Epps has non-suit agst, Jno. Harrison. No cause of action. 

At Feb, 6th e Court, Capt, Nich, Wyett and Capt. Jas, Biss were to audit 
the account of Mary Ludford and Rich. Watheu who neglected it, Capt, 
Wyett and Wm. Harrison are ordered make the audit*. Rich. Wathen to 
deliver a copy of the order to Mary Ludford if she appear not at next 
court, auditors make no report due to her fault, judgmt will be for the 

Court adjourned 1 hour. 
All Justices as before except Capt. Llewellin. 

p. 2|.12 

Jno. Turner pit, vs. Jno. Epps Adm. of Coll. Jno. Epps dec'd, by a 
writ j to show why judgmt. granted Feb. 8, 1677 to the pit. for 2000 
lbs. tob. for default of sd. Coll. Epps having not taken bond in an 
action agst. Autho. Pryor in I676, Coll. Epps then Sherr. and having 
been divers times referred at request of Dr. Geo. Lee, atty for Autho. 
pryor and twice argued & confirmed in Coll. Epps lifetime judgmt. is 
again granted the pit for 2000 lbs. tob. from which Dr. Lee makes appeal 
to next Gen'l Court which is not reasonable & denied since Execution 
has been ordered. 

The action of Dr. Geo. Lee Atty, of Autho. Pryor pit vs, Jno. Turner, 
defto, in Chancery non-suit granted, no cause for action seen. 

Wm. Crabb Atty, of Rowl, Place vs, Jas. Gunn for 2 steers & I4.O8 lbs. 
tob. due by contract, viz. that the pit, should acquit the deft, from 
a lease of Place's land. The deft, denies lease as he has no copy 
and pit has rented part of land to Jer, VJoodall. Ord, deft, to pay 
arrears of rent. Leases recorded at deft's. expense. Pit. & deft, to 
pay own costs. 



p. 14.13 

Mr. Bern Sykes assignee of Mr. Jno. Drayton pit. vs. Joshua Mecham 
deft.. The pit. has judgmt. agst. the deft, for I698 lbs. tob due 
by judgmt. to Mr. Jno. Drayton 16th Aug. 1678 for II+89 lbs. tob & 
for 259 tob. fees & levys. Judgmt. awarded for 1200 lbs. tob. pi Us 
cos and expenses. (This was 2 items but from notes on side as to 
execution seems to be the same. Ed.) 

Judgmt. awarded Mr. Sykes vs. the estate of Alex, fflowler in the hands 
of Mr. Rich. Moseby for 68l lbs. tob. for funeral of Ann ffowler. 

Capt. Dan'l Llewellin has published that a small stray unmarked black 
bull is in his pasture. 

Confirmed judgmt. of Pra. Epps agst. Jno. Smith sub-Sherr. for non- 
appearance of Pra. Ledbeater, but no execution until after next court. 
Attachmt. granted the sub-Sherr. agst. Jno. Smith. 

Ed. Jordan, Wm. Cross & Eliz. Marshall, one day as witness vs. Wni. Crab 
Atty of Rowl. Place. 

Wm. Archer pit. has judgmt. agst. Rich. Smith for 2Ii|)|, lbs. tob. being 
confessed by Mr. Wm. Randolph, Atty for sd. Smith. 

Wm. Archer pit. & Mer. Davis deft.. He not appearing, judgmt agst. 
Sherr . . 

Attachmt. granted Jas. Gunn pit. vs. the est. of Wm. Lambson deft.. 

Jno. Baxter vs. Mr. Jno. Terry is referred, deft, being sick. 

Jno. Drayton Atty. of Coll. Thos. Swan vs. Thos. Stoner Adm. to Sarah 
Mudgett referred to next court. 

p. klk 

Jno. Baxter pit. vs. Wm. Crabb Atty. of Rowl. Place deft, referred to 
a Jury. (Names omitted by clerk. Evidently about a stray cow. Ed.) 
Verdict: We find for the pit plus cost that Esq. Place did not cry her 
according to law & she had a calf which is to be returned with the cow. 

Ord. that Jno. Baxter be employed to mend the steps to the courthouse. 

Mr. Rich Auborne pit. vs. Mr. Jno. Bland referred to next court. 

Court adjourned to 3rd. of Dec. 1679 


p. 14-15. 

At a Court at Westover 

3rd of Dec. 1679 

Present:Lt. Coll. Dan'l Clarke: Lt. Coll. Thos. Grendon: Capt. Wyett: 
Capt. Batt. 

Verbal will of Philip Owen is proved by the oaths of Philip Owen son of 
the dec «d and Eliz. Rawlins, (viz.) that after debts are paid the estate 
is to be divided between them. 

Henry Jones servt. of Jno. Lewis is assigned to Mr. Joseph Harwood for 
5 years Jones because of misdemeanors is due to serve longer. _ by 
agreement Lewis assigns him to Harwood and acquits him of some time. 

Tobacco in the hands of Lt. Coll. Clark in dispute between Mr. Wm. 
Hopkins & Ro. Place to remain in Coll. Clarke's hands until next court. 

Persons having small claims agst. the estate of Henry Chamins prove 
same before Capt. Hen Batt. 

Judgmt. to Mr. Rich Liggon agst. the estate of Jas. Mason for 321+ lbs. 
tob. . 

Ed. Gilley, Jr. having claims by right of his wife Mary by her father 
Roger Wamsley. It is ordered Gilley be allowed 200 lbs. tob. himself 
as they having received nothing. 

Christopher ffoster, Adm. of Jno Emerson by his Atty. Mr. Harrison have 
judgmt. from Elias Osborne Atty of Jno. Rix & Rich. Jones Extrs. ol 
Hen. Preston for 500 lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Jno. Drayton Atty. of Coll. Thos. Swan has judgmt. agst. Thos. 
Stoner Adm. of Sarah Mudgett for 700 lbs. tob.. 

The will of Thos. Gregory proved and probate granted to Joyce the wife 
& Extrx.. Mr. Jno. Turner & Hen. Blanks to take inventory and appraisal 
Extrx. to give security & Lt. Coll. Clarke to secure appraisers. 

Wm. Harrison Atty of Eliz Rachell Extrx. of Ralph Rachel has judgmt 
agst. Jno. Rix & Rich. Jones Extrs. of Hen. Preston for 350 lbs. tob.. 

Wm. Osborne Atty. of Jno. Rix & Rich. Jones Extrs. of Hen Preston con- 
fess judgmt. to Mr. Jas Minge for 1081+ lbs. tob.. 

Mr. Rich. Auborne pit. vs. Jno. Bland, referred to next court. 

Mr. Elias Osborne & Eliz. Shippley pits. vs. Mr. Wm. Dare is referred 
to next court. 


p. I4.I6 cont. 

Mr. Wm. Gowre confesses judgmt. before Lt . Coll. Thos. Grendon and 

Capt. Hen. Batt for lj.90 lbs. tob.. 

(This was another one hard to collect. All through 1680 Wm. Bishop 

was trying to execute the order as by the marginal notes. Ed.) 

p. kn 

Jno Peterson dec'd. estate consisting of a mill & other perishables 
which need care which Henry Odum Adm. is not giving. He cannot find 
security as Adm. so the court removes Odum & makes Mr. Hen. Batt. 
Adm.. But Mr. Batt objects that the mill is the largest estate and 
subject to attacks by Indians and by fire. If the court will remove 
liability in case of such fire or injury by Indians then he would accept 
adm. of estate & guardianship of the orphan. The court consents. Maj . 
Jno Stith security. Odum ordered to deliver the estate and if dilatory 
the Sherr. is to eject him. 

Henry Blanks non-suit agst. Mr. Sykes. 

Mr. Hen. Batt has certificate granted to the Assembly for rent of a 
house at 100 lbs. tob. per month for k months for use of Racengers. 

Isaac Couldon pit vs. Robt. Tucker deft., the court finding a nice 
point of law required refer it to the next Gen'l Court. 

p. I4.I8 

Robt. Netherland pit. vs. Adam Ivey deft. Pound that 50 acs. rented 
by Ivey from Jno. Ludwell belongs to the pit. having been bought by 
his father from Thos. Madder. The deft, is a trespasser. The Sherr. 
ordered to put Netherland in possession. 

Coll. Edw. Hill renews judgmt. agst. Mrs. Eliz. Tatum Admx. of Thos. 
Wynters for 787 lbs. tob.. 

Thos. Cotton has non-suit vs. Thos. Bodmill. 

Wm. Wilkins & Jno. Daniel pits, have order agst, Robt. Netherland for 
3 days as witness. 

Rich. Spencer to make speedy delivery of the estate of Wm. Clanthorne. 

Capt. Nich. Wyatt & Mr. Jno. Goode enter security for the estate of the 
orphan of Jno. Brock in Paul Williams hands. 

At the last court Capt. Nich. Wyatt *c Mr. Wm. Harrison were to audit 
and settle the account of Rich. Wathen pit. & Mary Redford deft.. Report: 
Deft, owed the pit. 771; lbs. tob.. Judgmt. awarded. Also found charges 
for Jno. Drinkwater & Abr. Heath for 1590 lbs. tob.. Deft, is ordered 
to next court to show why she should not be charged. 


P- ^ 19 m T ^ n1t vs Meriday Davis deft, for 500 lbs. 

Judgmt. awarded Win. Tucker pit. vs. nenaay 

tob. . 

Court adjourned to Dec. 11« 

At a Court at Westover 
11 Dec. 1679 

P res S Lt. 0011. D»'l I*"* "• C0U - Th °- Grend ° n: MSJ - Jn °' StUh: 
Capt. Nich. Wyett. 

creditor. He i-^-£«* *£ Jf^SE aood to take inventory * 

8.U 118X1 vvUi v * 

appraise the estate. 

. , „„„+- Tnn Bflokes & Rich. Jones Extrs . 

of&.'S.S.rSSt'S'S; SSt'l^^^'aid. No execution until 
next court. 

tob. . 

Ord that Rich. Wather he summoned to next court to answer complaint 

of Jno. Marshall, grand Juryman. 

fe.12. Hodges has attached good, held hy r «r . ^gooM^ 
co mo? r i^ bW B.caur. l or cfotTary '.videncellayton is ordered to appear 
and take oath before Capt. Nich. Wyett. 

Friday Davis atty. of Jonas Liscum confesses Judgmt. to Jno. Smith 
atty. of Thos. Douglas for 250 lbs. tob.. 

HOW. Beesley pit. vs. Wm L-*.» Jf^SoaSSf SfiuSK? "" 

deft, pay 2 shirts, one pair of shoes and stocicings 

Coll. trn'l Clarke pit. vs. Adam Ivey deft. - the deft, not appearing 
the pit. has Judgmt. agst. the sherr.. 

Warn ivey pit. vs. Rich Wathen deft, neither appearing suit dismissed. 
E11 a, Oshorne atty. of Jno : Rickes . Rich Jo njj Extrs of Henry Presto, 
confess Judgmt. to Capt. Nich. Wyett for 7»1 10s. 


p. l;20 conto 

Dr. Jno. Coggan pit. vs. Mr. Thos. Blayton Atty. of Mr. Sadler & 

Quiny., Deft, not appearing pit. has order agst. sherr.. 

Sdw. Norwood atty. of Wm. Norwoood has judgmt. agst. Nich. Pory for 
i^ij.0 lbs. tob, & csk. . 

p. lj-21 

Jno. Hix pit, vs. Dr. Wm. Irby deft for assault & battery is referred 

to a jury. Verdict for the pit: 1^00 lbs, tob.. Wm. Harrison, foreman. 

Judgmt. granted Lt . Coll. D a n'l Clark pit. vs. Dr. Jno. Terry deft, for 
266 lbs. tob. for levies 5c fees. 

An order in Oct. Court for Dr. Wm. Irby pit vs. Jno. Hix deft, for 
1000 lbs. tob. to pit. but no execution until Oct. 10th next. Mean- 
while Irby was to perfect the cure of Hix. Irby not treating Hix nor 
seeing him, the judgmt. is void. 

Jno. Cole servt, to Morris ffloyd ran away & took his master's property, 

ffloyd was put to trouble & expense. It is ordered Cole do serve his 

master 5 months beyond his indenture. The which servt. with above time, 
ffloyd assigns to Jno. Marshall. 

End of 1679 

(The above is a mistake as Great Britain did not change to Gregorian 
Calender until 1758° Ed.) 




ALBERRY, Emanuel 


ADDARUS, Christian 


ALDRIDGE, William 



Arthur (Archer), Capt. 

11, 13(3) 

42, 43(2), 44(2) 

, 46, 

53, 64, 

72, 73, 77, 78 



ALVERYEZ, Emanuel 


AMOS, John 

66, 67 


84, 86 





ARCHER, William 21, 


37, 48 

58, 66, 67, 68, 

72, 8C 

, 84(2), 

85, 99(2), 100, 102, 104, 110, 
115, 117(2), 120 
ATHORNE, Robert 

AUBORNE (Awberne) 


Richard 105, 107 
117, 118 


AVERY, William 

AWBERNE (see Auberne; Auborne) 

AYCOCK, Thomas 


BACON, ffrancis 

BAITES, Isaac 

BAKER, Henry, Mr. 104(2), 

William 104, 

B ALLAN CE, Mat hew 
BANKS, John 


(BARBEE?) 64(2), 

BARHAM, Capt. 

Justice Surry 
BARKER, Elizabeth 

(see Lymbrey) 

John 13(2), 26(2), 44, 71, 82 

Jethrow 98 

, Mrs. (This is not Sarah 

as she was dec'd on p. 26.) 

Sarah (see Taylor & Lucy) 
BARNES , Susanna 
BARNET, Elizabeth 8(2) 

James 8, 13 

















24, 30, 
94, 95 

BARTON, Percifall (and below') 

Peacable (see Personner) 

Personner (Peacable?) n 
BATES, Isaac 
BATT, Thomas 
BATTE, Christopher 

Henry, Capt. 33, 76, 77 73 
84, 86(2), 89, 90, 100^ 101 
103, 106(2), 113(2), 118(2)' 
BAXTER (BUXTER) , John 4, 
54(2), 63, 68, 92 
112, 114(2), 115, 
BAYLEY, Abraham 
BECK, Edward 
BEESLEY, Robert 

BENNETT, Richard, Esq. 
BERKELEY, Sir William (Gov.) 2 
BERNARD, William 
BEVIS, Robert 
BIRD, Thomas 

William, Coll. 
BISHOP, Elizabeth 


John #6, 16(2) 


Sarah (the younger) 








, 80 


49, 57 : 

57, 58. 




56, 83(2) 

28(2), 49, 


2, 8 
James, Mr., Maj . 15(3), 23, 43 
44, 53, 54(2) , 55, 58, 64(2), 
74, 77, 80, 87, 88, 90, 94, 
95, 108(2), 109, 116 
John, Mr. 

38, 60, 82(2) 

BLACK, John 

BLADES, Mr. (Samuel?) 

(see Blaydes) Samuel 36, 63 
71(3), 73 
BLAKE, George 
BLAND, Anna 




Giles 37, 53 

100, 105, 107 

John 36(3), 39 ; 

2, 3, 5, 
67, 96, 
41, 73, 77 


87(3), 88, 96(2), 97(10), 100, 
104, 105, 107, 112(3), 117, 118 
(P. 41 is listed here as the 
item referred to Bland's est.) 


BLAND (contd.) 

Sarah, Mrs. 86, 87(2), 88, 96 
97(3), 100(3), 103, 104(2), 
105(3), 112 


62, 101(2) 

14, 17, 20, 23, 27,31 






Thomas, Mr. 
BLANKS, Henry 

73, 87, 118, 119 
James , dec 'd 
BLAYDES, Samuel, Jr. (see Blades) 61 
BLAYMOUR, John 50, 66,96(2) 

BLAYTON, Thomas, Mr. 3(2), 5, 11(2) 
17, 18, 20(3), 26, 28, 31, 
41(2), 43(2), 46, 49, 50, 
61(3), 62, 64(2), 67, 70, 
73, 76(2), 78, 79(2), 80, 
81, 83(6), 84, 85(2), 86(2), 
87, 89(2), 90(2), 94, 98(2), 
100, 105(2), 110, 120, 121 
John, Mr. 
BODINALL (Bodynell), Thomas 24, 

80, 109 
B0DMILL, Thomas 88, 119 

BODY, John 7 6 

Thomas, Sr. 80 

BOLLING, Robert 2, 17, 18,25,32(2) 
34, 40, 47(2), 48(3), 49, 
59(2), 67, 77(2), 82, 84, 
96, 111, 115 


BOND, Thomas 

BONN, Robert 
BOOTHE, Mr. Thomas 

BOSEMAN, Herman 




69, 72 

2, 4, 45, 63,78 

80, 91 

, 29, 74, 77, 88 



BOTTOM, Thomas 
BOURCHER (see Burcher) 

BOWLES, John 94 

BOWMAN, John 49 
BOYDNELL, Thomas (see Bodinall) 108 

BRADFORD, Richard, Mr. 1, 74, 80, 88 

BRADLEY, Joseph 75 

Joseph 58,107 

BRANCH, Edward 94 

BRESFORD, Joseph 54 

BRIDGES, John 24 

BROCKE, John 25, 113, 119 

Justice Surry 











5, 6, 17, 43 

. 92, 




William, Maj . . 

, Lt. Coll. 



:KER, Mr.. 

, of London 


Maurice 1 
72(2), 74 
95, 101, 
(see Bourche 
Mauvis , Morr 
Mauvis (see 


BURGE, J in 


BURTON, Henry 

.7, 46, 48,56,63 
l, 90, 94(2), 

iorcher; also 

6, 1 

, 89 


r , 


Burcher, Maurice) 17 

23, 39, 50(2), 

23, 30, 34, 

12, 14, 17, 21, 
75, 93(2) 




BUTTLER, George 8, 94 

BUXTER, John (see Baxter) 

BYRD, John 25 

William, Capt . 31 

CABELL, Henry 50 

CALAHOP, Morris 112 

CALLAHAN, Manus 38 

CAP ELL, Edward 108 

CARLETON, M. (S) Mr. 38 

William 28, 30, 35, 37(3), 38 

42(2), 55 

CARLILE, Rich. 2 

CARTER, John 97 

Joseph 99 

CASE, John 99 

Margaret 25 

CHAMMIS, Henry 113, 114, 118 

(Chammo , Chamins) 


CHAPPELL, Sarah (see Chappie) 58(2) 
CHAPPLE, Thomas (Chappell) 23, 58, 89 

CHITCHELEY, Henry, Dep. Gov. 100 

CHRISTIAN, Thomas 68 (4), 73 


CHUEWYE. Ann 25 



CLAPHAM, John 2, 17 

CLAUTHORNE, Edward 74, 79 

(The C. Clouthorne on p. 79 

was a clerk's error as it was 

the same estate) 

William (Clouthorne) 100, 106 
111, 119 

CLARK, John 




Richard 39,73,88,100,112, 






CLARKE, Daniel, Lt. Coll. 4, 

14, 15 

17(2), 18(2), 20, 21, 23, 31 
38, 44, 53, 57, 59(2), 60, 61, 
62(2), 66, 67, 68(2), 69(2), 
70(2), 71(2), 72(2), 74, 76(3), 
78, 81(2), 83, 84(2), 85,86(2), 
87(2), 89(2), 91, 95, 98(2), 
100, 101, 103, 106, 107, 109, 
110(2), 112, 115, 118(2), 
120(2), 121 

CLOUGH, John 26 

COCKE, Richard, Mr. 33 

Thomas, Mr. 10(3), 12, 26, 43 
45(2), 53,62, 97, 99, 100, 109 

CODD, Col. St Ledger 10, 16, 62, 75 
101, 105, 114 

COGGAN, John, Mr., Dr. (Sr.) 2, 3(3) 
5, 6(2), 13, 18, 21, 23, 25, 
32, 36, 45(2), 47, 56(2), 
59(3), 61, 65, 69, 70, 72, 
74, 77, 80(2) , 82(2), 92(2), 
96(2), 98, 121 
John, Jr. 

COLE, Annie 


Mr. Edward 

COLEMAN, Robert Sr, 

COLTON, Thomas 
COOKE, William 
COOMES , Ephraim 
COOPER, James 
COPIT, Mary 
C0RBIN, Edward 



70, 72 





46, 60 



20(3), 35, 41 

80, 81, 119 








CORDER, James 

Redish & Banks (o 
COREBY, William 
CORSBY, William 
COULSON, Joseph 
COULSON (Cowls on) , I 
COX, William 
CRAB, William (Crabb 
61, 62, 65(2), 
75(2), 79, 90, 
98, 100, 101, 
114, 115, 116, 
CRABB, John 
CRESPE, Christopher 
CRESTWELL, Isiah (se 
CRESWILL, Isaac (see 
CREWS, Andrew, Mr. 

CROSSE, William 
CROSSWELL, Isaac (se 

DABSON, William 


DARE, William 72 


DAVIS, Alexander 


Francis, Mr. 


Meredith (Moryday, Mory, 
6, 17, 32(2), 37, 41, 
50, 53, 55, 56, 63(3) 
72, 76, 82, 83(2), 86 
105, 117, 120(2) 

Mory (Moreday, Meredith, 
DAVISON, Mr. Alexander 


DELAHAY, Grendall (Gundoll) 

f London?) 27, 35 
saac 113,115,119 
101, 113 
e) 11, 16, 24 
69(3), 74, 
91(2), 97, 
102, 105, 
117(3), 120 



e Creswill) 33 

Crosswell) 24,50 



29, 91, 117 


e Creswill) 17 





18, 23, 




, 115, 












, 68(6) 


, 96, 












DENNIS, Robert (Denny) 52, 71(2) 

72, 82, 110 
DEPONEE, Davis 49 

DIAS, Charles 91(2) 

DISON, Nicholas 48 

DIX, jarvis (Jervis) 37, 90, 92 

96(2), 106 
DIXON, Gewas(?) 82 

DOBSON, Isabella 50 

William 37, 105 

DODD, Richard 4,20, 26,41,77,96,115 
DOUGLAS, Thomas 49, 67,107,116, 120 
DOUPENY, George 106 

DOWNING, George 49, 114 

DRAITON, Mrs. Elizabeth 38, 90, 94 

(see Drayton) 97, 115 

DRANE, John 20, 27 

DRAYTON, John Jr. (Draiton) 2(2), 5 
6, 14, 17, 18(2), 33, 34, 
46, 50 
(One rather expected John Drayton 
Sr. to be the one whose widow 
Elizabeth asked admin, of his 
estate but it was John Jr. No 
husband's name was given in her 
first request (p. 38) on 4 Feb. 
1677/8; by 14 Feb. 1677/8 (p. 46) 
a stray horse was found in John 
Drayton, Jr.'s inventory. 16 Oct. 
1679 it was demanded that Mrs. 
Elizabeth Drayton give security 
on the estate of her dec'd husband 
John Drayton (p. 112).) 
John, Sr. (Justice, 1679 

_) (Draiton) 2, 3,4,5 
6(3), 7(2), 10, 13, 14, 15(2), 
17, 23(2), 25(2), 33, 34, 36, 
41, 43, 51, 54, 55, 56(3), 
57, 59, 63, 65, 69, 79, 80, 
81, 82, 86, 88, 90, 94(2), 
101, 103, 104(3), 106(2), 107, 
110, 112, 117(3), 118 
DREW, Mrs. Frances 1, 5, 9(7) 

24(3), 50 
William 61 

DRINKWATER, John 29, 46, 53, 119 
DROWNWELL, Margaret 25 

DUKE, Hannah, Mrs. 40 (2), 57, 59,71,76 
William, Mr. (Justice) 4,7(2), 10 
20, 21, 22, 23(2), 25, 28, 
30, 39, 40(2), 59, 71, 87 
DUNNINGTON, Charles 86 

Thomas 86 

DYAS, Charles (Dyes) 50, 95 

EALE, Samuel 

22, 86 

EDLAND, Nathani 




EDWARDS, William 

Court Clerk 



EKE, James 


EKLES, John 


EKOLL, John 


ELLIS, Sampson 

12, 14 


29, 99 

ELMEY, John 56, 58, 63, 65(2) 
(Elmoy, Elmly) 

EMERSON, John 118 

EMISON, Edward 32(2), 56 

ENGLISH, Bonner 83 

William 55, 69, 72, 74, 77(2) 

ENSALL, John (Ensull) 19, 45, 64, 83 

ENSULL (see Ensall) 

EPPES (Epes), Francis 15,105, 107,117 

EPPS, Elizabeth 106 

EPPS (Eppes) , John, Coll. 
(Justice, Sherr. 1675 d. 
before June 1679) 7(2), 18(2), 23 
30(3), 31(2), 32, 35, 36, 37, 
41(3), 42, 43, 45, 48, 51, 52, 
54, 57(2), 59, 60(2), 64, 69, 
72, 79, 80, 82, 84, 89, 94, 
95(2), 102, 108, 116(5) 

EPPES, John Jr. 116(3) 

Thomas, Jr. 22 

EPPS, Thomas 106,113 

ERBY (see Irby) 

ETHERIDGE, William 25 

EVERITT, John, Mr. 108 

(1679 subsherr) 

FARRAR, John 15 

FARREL, Dorothy 26 

Hubert, Capt. (ffarrell) 8,26, 59 

64, 66 

FARRER, William 15 
FASNOE, Benjamin 114 

FELLS, Joseph 69 

FERNEHEAD, Edward 95, 99 

FIELD, Mr. 1 , 83 

FIELDPETER, Mr. 1 , 2(2) , 6, 13 , 15 
22, 27, 31, 45, 51, 82, 86, 
91, 93 

FINCH, William 77 
FINLEY, John 11, 12(2) 

FISHER, John 73 

William, Mr., Capt. 45(2), 56 

67, 73 

FLENDLER (f f lendler) , Ann 74 


FLETCHER (ffletcher) , Al 




58, 60 


95, 113 



FLIMA, Robert, Sr. 

FLINT, Robert 

19, 92 

FLOOD, Hercules 102 

, 106, 113(2) 

FLORYDAY (ffloryday), Wi 

lliam 56 

FLOYD, Morris 

88, 121 

FOUER (ffouer) , Hosser 


FORD, John 


FOSTER, Christopher 

118, 120 


1, 1 

FOSTER (f foster), Henry 


FOSTER, Hester 1, 7, 


78, 90(3) 

FOWLER (f fowler), Alexan 



FOWLER, Richard 



FROST (ffrost) , John 

64, 98 


75, 87 


GAATTLEY, Nicholas, Capt. 59, 64 
GALLES (Gallows?), John 28 

GALLOWS (Galloes), John 21,69,73, 115 
GARDNER (Garner?), William 13, 53 

71(2), 80, 92, 99, 102, 113 
GARNER, William 1, 54 

GARTH, Roger 35 

GATLEY (Gattley), Sarah 35, 55 

59(3), 64, 66(2) 
GEE, Henry 34 

GERRARD, Thomas 101 

GIBBS, Matt. 113 

Thomas 66 

GIBSON, Edward 17 

Wm. 2 

GILES , Abraham 3 

Rebecca, Mrs. 54, 55, 81, 100, 32 
54, 55, 78, 81, 82(3), 93 
GILL, Nicholas 109 

GILLEY, Edward, Jr. 75(3), 77, 80 
81, 93, 113, 118 
Edward (Sr.) (Gelley) 26,64,68(2) 
69, 72(3), 73, 75, 77,79,81, 
84, 85, 93, 95, 103, 104,115 
Mary 102, 118 



GINSA, John (Ginnsa, Ginsey) 
GLADEN, Jonathan 
GOFFE, Capt. John 

Richard 14(3) 

GOIRE, Francisco Ferdinand 


GOODES , John 
GOODGAM, Thomas 
GOSKINS, William 
GOURC, Richard 
GOWER, William, Mr. 25 
42, 59, 97, 
GOWRE (see Gower) 

GOSSELING, Capt. Edward 
GRANDISON, Thomas, Mr. 

ioi, in, i 19 



40 ' 



GREEN, John 




Mr . Thomas 


2, 4, 7 

6, 17 

17, 22, 41, 













, 14 



, 66 


, 57 












GREMDON, Jodell(?) 

GRENDON, Thomas, Mr., Capt., 

Lt. Coll. 4, 10, 23(3), 25, 27(3) 
28, 30(2) , 31(2), 32, 35(2), 
36(2), 37, 38, 39, 40, 49, 
51(2) , 55, 57(3) , 58, 61(2), 
66, 67, 69, 76(2) 
83(5), 84, 86(2), 
98, 100(2), 101(2), 104 
108, 110, 112, 114, 117 






3, 6,12, 17, 20(4)! 3 

GRIGG, William 


GUN (Gunn) , James 

28, 31, 33, 35, 36(2), 41, 
47(2) , 63, 74, 92, 95, 98, 
103(2), 105(2), 112, 116, 117 

GUNTER, James 

GUY, Richard 

GWIN, Humphrey 

80, ot 

95, 97, 4 " 

28 25 

35, 41, 105 59 

48, 97 J 5 

3 ' 





HACKLEY, John 20(2) 

HALE, Samuel 37 

HALFORD, Ann (Hall ford) 19, 40 

HALL, James 88 
HALLFORD, Rob i as (Hal ford) 



GOODE, Peter (Good) 

58, 80, 120 


HAL TON, George 

HAMLETT, Jno. Coll. 53 

HAMLIN, Charles 

John 5,11,12,14,17,19,60(2) 
70, 96(3), 98(2), 102, 105(2) 

4, 9(2) 




58, 88 



HAMLIN (contd.) 

Stephen (Hamblin) 19, 62(3) 

79, 92, 96(2) 
Thomas 10, 1? 

HAMMIS , Henry 107 

HANEYLAND, Mr. Anthony 12(3), 13(2) 
HANSON, Richard 22, 48, 86 

HARDAWAY, John, Mr. (Hardeway) 2(2) 

4, 10(2), 58, 87 

HARDEWAY, John, Mr. 58, 85, 101, 114 

HARDING, John ^° 

HARKER, Mark 40 


HARMON, Henry, Mr. 2, 4, 15, 27 

49?, 74, 78, 79, 108, 111 

(The reference on 49 is placed 

here as he is only one denoted 

"Mr." so far.) 

HARREL, Mr. 83 



1, 10(2), 87 











Benjamin (Haryson) 

48, 51, 64 
78, 88 



John (Harryson) 12, 13(2), 20, 28 

43, 51, 54, 60, 66, 71, 75, 

80, 81, 82, 87(3), 89, 90, 

94, 98(2), 103, 116, 120 

Rebecca 22(3) 

Thomas 80 

Mr. William 2, 4, 5, 17,74,79(2) 

104,106,115, 116, 118,119,121 
William, Jr. 14, 19(2) , 108 
HARRYSON, John (see Harrison) 60 
HARTWELL, Henry (Council Clk.) 100 
HARWOOD, John 68 

HARWIAN, Henry 3 

HARWOOD, Joseph 118 

John 1, 13, 82 

HASKINS, William 34 

HATCHETT, Ralph 116 

HAVILAND, Arthur? 

(Havyland) (Anthony?) 30, 44, 52 

81, 115 
(This first name was abbreviated 
and as usual varied. I believe 
though it was Anthony and one man.) 

HEAD, John 
HEATH, Adam 


HEDGES, John, Mr. 
HELLER, Richard 
HERMAN, Henry 
HICKSON, Daniel 
HIGDON, Daniel 
HIGG0N, Thomas 
HILL, Charles 

Edward, Lt. Coll 



4, 119 








82, 106, 109 


39, 92, 93,94 


2, 3, 4(3), 6 

7(2), 10(3), 11(2), 12(3), 
14(2) , 15, 18, 20, 22, 23(2), 
25(4) , 26, 27(9) , 30, 31(3), 
32, 34, 35(3), 37, 38(2), 39(2) ; 
40(2), 43(5), 44(2), 45, 46(4), 
51(2), 52(3), 53, 54(2), 57(2), 
58, 64, 65(2) , 66, 67, 68(2), 
69, 72, 74, 76, 78(2), 87(2), 
88(3), 89(4), 92, 94, 95(2), 
99, 101, 102, 114(2), 119 
Francis 36(2), 68, 75, 77,80, 84 

85, 93(4), 97, 104, 112 
Isaac 33 

Jacob 71(2), 72, 74 

Nicholas 16 

Richard 3, 4, 11, 21(2), 28(2) 
45, 46(2), 47, 54, 56(2), 59, 
66, 79, 81(2) , 82, 89, 90, 
94, 96, 103, 111, 115, 116 
Thomas 10(2), 45, 53, 62(2) 
63(2), 69 
HILLMAN, John 39(2), 50, 67 

Samuel 67 

Thomas (Hilman) 39, 67(2) 

Samuel (Hillman) 39, 50 

HILLS, William 50 

HIND, William (Hinds) 68,72, 73,106 
HINDE, Walter (see Hines) 8, 24 
HINES, Walter (see Hinde) 22 

HIX, John 19, 20, 62(4), 81, 94 

118, 121(2) 
HOBB, Miles 70 

HOBBS, John 31, 44, 84, 86 

HOBSON, Miles 87 

HODGES, John, Mr. 2, 14, 40, 42, 46 

55, 58, 86, 102, 106, 120 
HOLLFORD, Tobias 19, 33, 91 

Anne 27 


36, 46 
72, 76 

HONE, Theopholis 

HOOD, John 
HOOPER, William 
HOPKINS, William 
HORN, Mary 
HORNE, Thomas 
HORNER, Maryet 
Har. (Harold?) 


HOSKINS, William, Mr. 62(3) 
85, 89, 98, 106(2), 110 
HOWARD, James 25, 35, 47 
HOWELL, John '23, 

HUBSON, James 
HUCKABIE (see Huckaby) 
HUCKABY, Thomas (Huckabie) 

44(2), 50, 54, 60(2), 72, 
84(3), 85(2), 86, 99, 1 
HUDSON, Christopher 
HUGHES, Robert 
HUME, William, Sr. , 
HUNS, William, Mr. 
HUNT, Walter 

William, Jr. 76 

97, 102(2), 108, 109, 
William 65, 90 



50, 72, 74, 82 


, 54, 57 

102, 118 



59, 93 



, 82, 84 


, 53, 59 

86, 110 



75, 96(2), 102, 107 


76, 82 


69, 104 

94(2), 95, 96(2) 


98, 108 

10, 40 

IRBY, William, Dr. (Erby) 25, 32, 46 
75, 80(2), 81, 88, 102, 107,' 
108, 121(2) 

IRELAND, Robert 
ISHAM, Henry, Capt 

(Isom, Isum) 
ISOM (see Isham) 
IVEY, Adam 28, 32, 45, 52, 61(2) 

5, 23(2), 45, 53 
110(2), 114 

66, 71, 112, 119, 120(2) 











4, 12 

JEFREY, James 








, 115 

JOAN (Jones?), Joh n 
JOHNS, William 
JOHNSON, Elizabeth 


Samue 1 

JONES, Davis 


John (J one) 

Mary A. 




64, 66 

!2, 33, 41 





108, 111(2), 113 
H8(3), 120(2) 

40, 100 
JONKINS, Henry (Jenkings?) 
JORDAN, Edward (Jourdan) 6, 31 
54,74,77,84, 85, 89(2), '117' 
George, Lt. Coll. 

(Justice Surry) 30 

Nathaniel 14, 33(3), 34, 44(3) 




JORDAN, William, Mr. 
JORDAN'S PAR. 13, 15(2) 
JOULES, Silvester 

54, 99 

2, 3, 4 

23, 84, 86 




KEARNEY, Barnaby 
KEGGON, Thomas 
KENNON, Richard 
KESLER, Thomas 

KING, Eusebius 11, 34, 35 j 55 

61, 69, 74, 77, 88, '94(2), 

99, 101(2), 104, 105, 110, 114 

John 25 

Thomas 71, 84, 85, 94, 95, 99 

KIRTLAND, Hugh ' 53 

KISLER, Michael (Kesler?) 60 

KOFLORD, Michael 50 


KOSMAN, Richard 104 

LAMBERT, William 
LAMBSON, William 

LAND, Curtis 

2, 25, 49 
4, 27, 92, 95 
103, 112, 117, 120 
17, 18, 20, 30, 73 
43, 60 
21, 28, 32 
LAURENCE, James (see Lawrence) 38 
LAURENCE, Mary 16 

LAWS, William 25 



(see Laurence) 

LEARE, Henry 

73, 80, 82(2), 
107, 117 

Henry, Jr. 

William (Ludford?) 
LEE, George, Mr. , Dr 

38(2), 45, 53, 54 

47, 60 

61(2), 69(2), 70 

102, 105(3), 


35, 46 


4(3), 5,28(2)? 

5(3), 39 

45(2), 46, 58, 79(2), 102, 
103, 108(2), 116(4) 

LEIGH, John 24(3) . 

LESARD, Henry 

LEWELLIN, Daniel, Capt. 7(2), 10. 
22, 23(2), 24, 29, 30, 36, 
37, 40, 43, 45, 48, 51, 52, 
57(2), 58(2), 61, 64, 84, 
95, 108, 117, 120 


LEWIS, John 


LIGGON , Mrs . Mary 




, 38 

Thomas, Coll. 





, 74 



, 80 

Richard, Mr. 


, 109, 


LILLY, Nicholas 




, 68 

LIMBREY, Elizabeth 




(Lymbrey, Lumbre 


John (Lymbrey) 



Phillip (see Lymbrey) 


, 50 

LISCUM, Jonas (see 




, 37 

78(2) , 80, 82 

, 87(3), 


104(2), 116, 








LOEMAN (see Lowman) 


LORD, Coleman 


LOTT, John 


LOW, Edward 




, 57 

LOWELL , Mr . 


LOWMAN, John (Loeman) 




, 45 



LUCY, Francis 


Capt. Robert 4 

■, 5, 



, 39 

48(2), 50, 52 

i, 62 

i, 64 

, 6! 


68, 70, 73, 78(2) 

, 82 

, 83, J 




, 48(2) 

LUDFORD, John 79 

William (Ledford) 28(2), 29, 34 

37, 64, 66, 67, 74, 91(2) 

Mary 90, 116(2) 

LUDSON, Thomas (see Lueson) 66 

Thomas 49(2) , 56 

LUDWELL, John 111(2) , 119 

Thomas, Seer. Rec . 13, 21, 22 

LUMBREY (see Lymbrey, Limbrey) 

LURMAN, Robert 107 

LUSCOMB, Jonas (see Liscum) 25, 27 

29, 35(3) 
LUTSON, Thomas 57 

LYMBREY, Phillip, Mr. (Limbrey) 1 
9(4), 10, 24(2), 26(3), 33, 
35,39,41,50,51, 58, 78, 114 

McKINNEY, Elizabeth 






MADDER, Thomas 


MADOX, Joseph 


MAINE, John 


MAJOR, John 




MALLORE, Mrs. (Mai lory 



MALLORY, Elizabeth, 

Mrs . 



Thomas, Capt. 7(3), 12 

, : 

14(2), 22 

23(2), 24(2), 



30(3), 31(2), 

35, 49 

, ( 


62(4), 93 

MALONE, Daniel 


, 96, 101 

MANFULL, Elizabeth 












MANSULL, Maxmilian 




MARABLE, George (see Marbl 



MARBLE, George (see 



3(2), 6 

11(2), 14, 17, 

, 28 

MARKEYS, Daniel (Markey) 




(see Barker & Taylor) 

Elizabeth 117 

James 108 

John 12 , 14 , 17 , 103 , 1 1 1 , 1 14 , 120 , 12 1 

MARTIN'S (Marcht) Brandon Par. 8 

12(2), 29, 84, 85, 104 


MARTIN, Henry 43(2), 54 

Richard 10 


James 5, 11, 20, 27, 64, 68(2) 
69, 75, 80, 81, 95, 102, 103, 
109(9), 110(2), 113, 115 

Mary 102, 103 

MATHEWS, John 94 

MATTOX, Joseph 106 

MAY, Henry 14, 27(2), 46,54, 56,63 
MAYE, John 33, 54, 56 

MAYER, James (see Mayo?) 43 

MAYO, James (Mayer?) 8, 43(?), 47 

Jane 60 

MAYS, James 71 

MAYTON, John 12, 14, 17, 18, 45 
MEACHAM, Elizabeth 67 

John 77 

Joshua (Doshua) 17, 54, 67(2) 
69, 98, 117 

Mary 67 

MECHING, Morgan 29 

MEERS, Richard 59 

MEKINNEY, Alice (McKinney?) 56 

Edward (see Milton) 38, 75 

William 15 


MERIWETHER, Thomas 111 


(Justice Surry) 39 

MILES, John 65 

MILTON, Edward (see Melton) 
MINCHIN, William 26(2), 30, 36, 112 
MINGE, Mr. 1 

James, Mr. 1, 4, 10(2) , 17, 18 
20(2), 22, 26(2), 31, 43, 53, 
58, 59, 71, 73, 74, 75, 78, 
79, 80, 91, 93(2), 100, 118 
MINSHAM, _ _ (Mintham?) 77, 104 
MINTHAN, Isabella 93 

William 93 

MOORE, Robert 106 

Thomas 115 

William 29 

MOREHAEN, John 62 

MORGAN, Thomas 14 

MORITON, Thomas 19 

MORNING, John 108 

MORRICE (see Morris) 

MORRIS, Robert, Capt. (Morrice) 28 
29, 30, 37, 38(2), 42(4), 55, 
113, 120 

MOSEBY, Elizabeth 87 

Mr. Richard 18(3), 30, 33, 34, 49 
50, 64,74,87,96(2) ,115,117 
MOSIER, Nicholas 35(2), 103, 108 
MUDGETT, Sarah 49, 65, 66, 89, 90 
93, 117, 118 
Thomas 6, 12, 18(3), 33(3), 34 
49, 59, 77, 78(4), 79, 81(3) 
MUMFORD, James 13, 96(2), 97 

Jeffery 6, 8, 50, 108 

Mary 50 

MURPHY, Thomas 109 

MURRELL, Thomas 92 

NEALE, Samuel 25 

NEBLETT (see Niblett) 
NEEDMORE, Joseph 80 

NETHERLAND, Robert 50, 53, 55, 68(2) 

70(3), 82(2), 84, 112, 

119(2), 120 
NEW, Edward 114 

NEWCOMB, Henry (Newcom) 11(3), 23(2) 

64, 65, 69(2), 77(2) 
NIBLETT, John (Neblett) 12, 41, 43(2) 

50, 71, 76, 78, 99, 101 

NORVELL, Lidia 5, 74, 77, 102 
NORWOOD, Edward 13, 45(2), 70 

33, 81 
William 121 

NOWELL, Mrs. Lillian 6, 11, 99 
NOWELL, Lydia, Mrs. 99 

(Lilliam? or Norvell?) 

O'BRIAN, Roger 106(2) 

OBRYAN, Mahone 40, 51(3), 52 

(The above named man _is the 

guardian of the orphans of 

Sam 1 1 Taylor.) 
ODIUM, William 41 

0DUM, Abraham (O'diurn) 65, 88, 102 
106(2), 110(2), 111, 114(2), 116 

Henry 119(2) 

OSBORNE, Elias 99, 101, 107, 110 
113, 114, 118(3), 120(2) 

Jane (Joane) (Lymbrey) 9(5), 52 

OUSBOWEN, Mr. (Osborne?) 44 

OWEN, Philip 118 

Philip, (younger) 118 


PACE, Mary 41, 58 

Mr. Richard (Pase) 12,14,31,41,49 





PARKS, Daniel 


PARSONS, Joseph 


PASE (see Pace) 

PATISON, Thomas 






PERKINS , Isaac 


PERRY, Mathew 






88, 96 

106(2), 110, 



116, 119 





Samuel 1, 10 . 

, 24, 


, 52 

, 53(2) 



36, 38 



, 69 

, 70(2) 



36, 38 

PLACE, Esyt(?) 


Rowland, Esq., Coll. 


, 6, 

24, 29 

35(2), 36(2), 43(2), 45(2), 
46(2), 50, 53, 54(7), 58, 60, 
63(3), 64, 65(2), 66, 69(3) , 
70(2), 75, 79, 82, 83, 90, 
91(3), 92(9), 95(5), 96, 97, 
98, 100, 102, 103, 109, 115, 
116, 117(2), 118, 120 
Thomas 50 

PLAT, Gilbert 14(2), 15, 27(2) 

38, 68(2) 
PLATT, Mr. 15(3) 

PLATTS, Richard 15 

(I think this is a clerk's error 
as Gilbert Piatt was first men- 
tioned - Ed.) 
PLEASANTS, John 15, 36, 40, 41, 97 


79, 115 



POOLE, Ralph (Rolfe) 


, 28, 33, 51 

56, 70(5), 80, 



91(2), 93, 98, 


101, 103, 

111, 113, 115 

PORTER, Thomas 

59, 60 

PORY, Nicholas 


POT, John, Mr. (Pott) 


97, 100 

POTTER, Robert 






POTTS, Joseph 

103, 112 

POWD, John 

2, 6 







!, Francis, Caf 

>t. 5 

, 7(2) 


18, 22, 


, 25, 27(2), 



31, 3S 

1, 48(2), 



67, 74, 

80, 83, 84(3) 

, 86, 





6, 12, 

14, 17, 



), Ann 




8, 17, 

18, 20(3), 34 




68, 70(2), 


89, 97, 


107, 108 

111(3), 113 

, 116, 



PRICE, Ann 8 


47, 56, 

71, 80 

81(2), 93, 




Richard 8 

; , 54, 

56, 60, 

71, 81 



14, 28(2), 79, 





PRYOR, Anthony (P 




102, 1 



PULEM, Richard 



5, 29 




QUETCH, Martin 

RACHELL, Elizabe 








RAINES, Richard 




William 12, 




, 27 

, 32 

34(2), 35, 





52, 55, 57 

, 6C 

I, 72 

, 73, 


103, 104, 




113, 114, 



RANGE, William 


RAWLINS, Elizabe 



RAWLINSON, William, 


. 56, 



RAYE, Susannah 


REA, Francis 


READ, Peter 






REDFORD, Johnson 






REDISH, Edward 



, 27 

, 33 





REED, Peter 


REESE, Roger 

6 ; 

, 82 

RICE, Roger 


RICHARDS , Edward 


, 25 ; 

, 33 


RICHARDS (contd.) 


RIGLEY, James 
RIVERS, Robert 
RIX, John (Reekes, Rickes) 

111(3), 116, 118(3) 
ROACH, John 
ROBINSON, Thomas 46, 63, 

Edward 90, 

ROC, Luke 
ROGERS, Ellin 

Henry 67, 84, 97 
ROGS(?) , Jotten(?) 
ROLLINSON, William (Capt.) 
ROOKS, John 
ROOME, Daniel 
ROSE, Mary 4(3) , 16(2), 

Morrill (Morris) 
ROSS, Edward 

ROSSER, Henry 

Michayell (Rosson) 
ROSSON, Michael 
ROUSE, Robert (see Rowse) 
ROWSE, Robert 

(I really think this is 
RUDDS, John, Capt. 
RUSHING, Mathew 
RUSSELL, Samuel 





88, 97(2) 



, 120(2) 



66, 73 


99, 106(4) 





, 101, 





24, 34 




28, 64 




















2, 17 


SADLER, Mr. John 


17(2), 20(2) 



SANDERS, William (see Saunders) 21 

77, 98, 107 
SANDERSON, Edward 114 

SANDS, William (see Sans) 38 
SANS, William (Sands) 24, 38 

SAUNDERS, Mary (see Sanders) 107 
SAVAGE, Sarah 4 

SCOT, Thomas 18 

SCOTT, John 52, 58 

SC0SEBEY(?), Richard, Mr. 


SHARD, John 

SHARP, Hester 

SHAW, John 
SHERWOOD, William, Mr. 5, 6 
31, 44, 90, 98, 101 
SHIPDOME, Elizabeth 
SHIPLEY, Elizabeth 




Walter, Mr. 



32, 42(2), 51 
84, 85 

SHORT, John 

Robert 1, 53, 54, 60, ,68, 

SIKES, William 

SIMMONS, Thomas 55 

SIMONS, William 
SLEAD, Francis 
SNOOK, Daniel 



John (Shoemaker) 10(2) 
27, 32, 34, 36(3), 
47, 48(3), 55, 57, 
78, 83, 84, 85(2), 
98, 93, 96(2), 97, 
108, 110, 111, 117 



71, 80 



, 56(3) 








38, 41, 
60, 66, 
88(2), 89, 
102, 104, 
11, 19, 24, 45(2) 
108, 117, 120 
Samuel 114 

William 53, 60 

SNUDGE, John 87 

SNEES , Grosvenor 37 

SNOCH, Daniel 105 

SOMAKER, James 5 

SORRELL, Rebecca, Mrs. 73 

SOUTH, Francis 8 

SPARK, Richard 55, 69 


(Widow of Edw. Clanthorne) 100 

Richard 78, 104, 106, 111, 119 

SPIRE, Robert 



STITH, Jeane 

25, 110 

89, 104, 113 



17, 20(2) 



STITH (contd.) 

John, Maj. 1(2), 2, 7(4), 10(2) 
12, 14, 18(2), 19, 22, 23(2), 
25(3), 27(2), 30, 31(3), 32(4), 
35(3), 36, 37(2), 38, 39, 40, 
41(2), 48(2), 50, 51, 52(2), 
54, 55(2), 56, 57(2), 58(2), 
59, 61, 62(3), 64, 66, 67, 68, 
69(3), 70(2), 72, 75, 76(2), 
78(2), 80, 81(2), 83(8), 84(2), 
86(2), 87(3), 88, 89, 90, 95, 
98, 100, 101(2), 102, 104(2), 
106, 108(2), 110, 112, 120 
John, Jr. 22(5) , 90 

Thomas , Maj . 61 

STOKES, Sylvanus, Mr. 

(Silvester?) 60(2), 81, 112, 115 

STONER, Thomas 40, 49, 58, 65, 77 

78(4), 79, 81(4), 89, 90(2), 

97, 101(2), 110, 114, 117, 118 

STRATTON, Edward 15 

STRONG, Joan 19(2) 

Thomas 19(2) 

William 77(2) 

STURDEVANT, John 61, 66 


SUMERS, James 59 

SWANN, Capt. (Justice Surry) 39 

Coll. Thomas 3, 5(2), 6, 17 
18(2), 32, 34, 39, 79, 81, 
90(2), 98, 103, 110, 115, 
117, 118 
SYKES, Bernard, Mr. 

(Barnard, Sikes) 4, 6, 14, 27(2) 
29, 36(2), 37, 38(3), 48, 
49(2), 51, 53, 55, 57(2), 
58, 62(2), 66, 67, 76, 78, 
80, 84, 89, 100, 108(2), 
116(2), 117(2) 
James 85 

TALBOT, Michael (Marshall?) 76, 78 
83, 85, 98(2), 99, 101, 103 ' 

TAPLEY, Adam 36, 53 54 97 

TATE, John 13(2), 20, 28, 43(2) 
45, 51, 66(2), 80,91,114,120 

TATEM, Mrs. Elizabeth (Tatum) 8 13 
32, 46(2), 47, 48, 50, 52, 
58, 59, 62, 65, 67, 71(2), 
72(2), 73(2), 77, 90, 94(2), 
95, 96, 103(2), 110, 119 

TATUM (see Tatem) 

TAYLOR, John Richard 





40, 51, 52 

Sarah (see Barker and Lucy) 

TERO 4? 

TERRINGHAM (see Turringham) 

TERRY, John, Dr. 3, 40, 45, 71, HI 

117, 121 
THEOBALDS, William 67, 74(2), 80 

88, 94, 96, 97,103(3), 108 
THOMAS, David (Thorns) 49(2) 58 
THOMKINS, William '31 

THOMPSON, James i 6 

William 47 

THOMSON, Francis 103 

James 30 

THRALE, Mr. James 

(Thrate?, Thrall?) 2, 33, 82 116 
THRATE, James 

(Thwait, Thrale?) 3(2) 58 
THREEWEEKS, John 83, 85' 92 

THROWER, Thomas ' 92 

THWAIT (see Thweet) 58 

TIBBALLS, William 77, i 6 

TILLMAN, Roger ' 10 7 

TIRREY, John 8 9 

TOMLINSON, William 55 

TOMPKINS, William 13 

TOWNER, James 74 

TRAYLOR, William 6 1 

TRUMPER, John 49 

TUBB, James, Dr. 53, 97, 105, 112 
TUCKER, Robert 106, 110, 115(2),' 119 
William 109 [ 120 

TURBYFIELD, John 20, 42(2), 65, 66 

TURNAGEN, Mary 49 

TURNER, Dorothy 103 

Joan 44 

John 10, 25, 32, 42, 44(2), 49 
50, 80, 81, 89(2), 96(2), 
108, 112, 115, 116(2), 118 
Mathew 34 

Thomas jq 


(Terringham, Torringham) 23, 54 
55, 80 
TYLER, Mathew 2, 61, 66, 102 

110, 115 




VANNHAM, Walter 15, 99, 102 

VARNHAM (see Vannham 
VAUGHN, William 33, 41, 49, 57, 59 

61, 106? 
VAUX, Walter 42 

VOKES, Samuel 89 

(Could this be Vaux?) 

WALKER, Nicholas 75 

WALLACE, James 45, 58, 63, 67, 7 7 

96(2), 115 
WALLIS, James 6, 14, 37, 81, 87, 89 

Joseph 107 

Thomas 106, 108 

WALLPOLE, Caser 87 

WALMSLEY, Mary 75 

Roger 75, 81, 118 

WALTER, Thomas 95 

WALTON, John 25 

John 25 

WAPPOLL, Thomas 99 

WARD, John 92 

WAREBROOK, James 106(2) 

WARRENOR, Daniel 49, 86 

WATERLAMD, Michael 57, 66 

WATHEN, Mr. Richard 

(Wolthen?, Woothen?) 2, 4(3), 28 
34, 37, 45, 46, 52(2), 53, 
61(2), 63, 73, 74, 81, 82, 
90, 91, 115(3), 116, 119, 120(2) 

William 91 

(The above is the clerk's error. 

Check p. 74 which shows Richard 

WATKINS, James 111 

Lewis 46, 60 

WAYNOKE PAR. 8, 15, 38, 84, 85 
WEAVER, Jane 21 

Jeeter 21 

John (Weevour) 16, 20(2), 78, 81 

89, 97, 104, 108 

WEBB, Charles 51, 103 

WEEKS, Elizabeth 40 

WELBECK, Richard 102, 109 

Nicholas 11 

WESSON, Mary 87 

WEST, Francis 90, 99, 105(3) 

WESTBROOK, John 102, 113(2) 


WESTOVER Par. 6, 10, 11, 15, 24(2) 

41, 84, 85 
WETHCUBE, Richard 111 

WHEELER, Hannah 

J ° hn 42(2) 

NeV ?;;,f \, 2 ' 3 ' 4 ' ll <2>, 12(2 
13(3), 16, 20, 21, 33(2) 45 

47, 50, 59, 62, 67(2) 72 ' 
73(2), 90, 94,95,96,103(2) 
WHIT, Henry 51 

John 20 

WHITE, William, Maj . 8, 50 55 

59(2), 64', 66(2) 
WHITEHEAD, Charles 109 

WHITINGTON, Frances 47 f 96 

WILCOX, Samuel ' 43 

WILKASON, William (see Wilkinson) 
WILKES, Francis 79 

WILKINS, William 19, 29, 31, 43, 53 
61(2), 63, 66, 70(3), 73(2)' 
74(2), 115, 119 

WILKINSON, (see Wilkason) 15(3) 

Hannah 49 

John 46 

William 28, 29, 78, 79(2) 

WILLCOCK, Samuel (Willkox) 33(3), 99 

WILLIAMS, Cuthbert (see Williamson) 

58, 75, 83, 107(2) 
(I am sure that this is a clerk's 
error for Williamson - Ed.) 
John 94 

Paul, Mr. 103, 119 

Saul, Mr. (Paul?) 113 

Richard 5, 15(2) 

WILLIAMSON, Cuthbert (see Williams) 

10, 31, 58 

John 108 

William 73 

WILLSON, John 33, 34, 49, 87 

WIND, Anthony 10 

WINKFIELD, Jarvis 37 

Robert 37 

William 23 

WINN, Robert (see Wynn) 26(2) 

WINTER, Thomas (Wynters) 8, 52, 119 

WITHERS, Richard (Wythres) 15, 94 

101, 112 
WITHS, ffrancis 68(3) 

WOOD, Abraham, Majr. Gen' 1 49, 64(2) 
66(2), 70, 77 
George 81 

Thomas 31 

the widdow 83 

WOODHALL, Jeramyah 

(Jeremiah) or Joe? 3, 116? 

WOODHOUSE, Hammon 8 

Rachell 8 


WOODLEY, John 102 

WOODLIEF, John 27(2), 39, 42, 57 
George 51, 70, 82 

WOODSON, John 61, 66, 67 

WORD, John 106 

WORSMAN, John 104 

WOTHEN, Richard (see Wathen) 61 

70, 71(2) 
WYATT, Anthony (Sr.) 10(2), 40, 42 
51, 52(2), 75, 113 
Nicholas, Mr., Capt. 4(2), 7(2) 
9(5), 11, 13, 24, 28, 30, 
31(4), 36(2), 39, 41, 42, 43, 
50, 60(2), 63(4), 64, 65, 66, 
67, 76, 78, 79(3), 80, 81, 
83(2), 85, 89, 90, 92, 93, 
98, 99, 101(2), 104, 106(2), 
107(2), 110, 114, 115, 117, 
119(2), 120(4) 
Richard, Mr. 49, 74 

WYETT, Edward (Wyatt?) 48, 107 
WYNN, Robert (see Winn) 26(2) 
WYTHRES (see Withers) 

YONG, Anne 25 

Dorrill 24, 25 

John 25 

Thomas 25